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24 hours until my book discussion with LifeWorks mentoring. It's a group composed of gay youth ages 15-22. I think I am more excited about this event versus any other that I've done thus far because it's apart of my target group.

More importantly I think it's important for our gay youth to see a figure that is successful in their own right, so they too can know that they can make it, when the world doesn't accept you for who you are. So I am excited.

I'm working on some top secret events and projects

I'm putting together my second leg of my book tour which is going to start in August. Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, and NYC. Yes I've pushed my NYC date back after careful consideration. Too much shit went on at the last minute with you know what, and I wasn't trying to pull 1000.00 out of my hat at the last minute, unnecessarily. All things happen for a reason, so no shade on this side of the tree. It was a lazy day today. A phone interview, getting ready for my updates for WritingStar, reading Brutha-Free's Blog, and writing a new piece.

I know what I am going to wear tomorrow. I know what I am going to say. It's chill. I am off to my production facility, where I do all of my work, my updates for my websites, and put together my promotional stuff with my assistant Ashli. I'm off to work hard, so I can build a future for me and my sister. I want to have my shit together so when I meet that man, he'll be ready to take a chance on me.

Sometimes it's just better to take things slowly, and accept them for what they are. God doesn't allow you to do things when you aren't ready for them.

I need to have sex too.

Shout outs to: Aunt Jacky, Tara, Drea, Vince, Fred, BruthaFree, Blogger#031905 , and my readers worldwide.

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ShawnQt said...

I love attractive black gay intelligent men, I appreciate you! I will be coming to your blog more often! Check out my blog when you get a chance.