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Today is a great day. I am so very, extremely happy that I have come in contact with so many, in my opinion prolific writers, storytellers, and personalities. We collectively, are on the definitive path to be the next James Baldwin's, the next Spike Lee's, etc. I am so overwhelmed at the level of talent that it is out there. I shouldn't be surprised, because we're black, and all we see on T.V. is athletes, and rappers. But we are a great group, a dynamic, strong group of leaders, I know and believe that.

Today I stumbled among a gem. He goes by the name of "Brutha-Free" and I suggest you read his blog, thoroughly, in it's entirety. This man is truly a talented brutha! So many great things come out of ATL, that's why I am so amped on moving there to be around people like this.

I can appreciate anyone who is as raw, uncut, candid, real, eloquent, entertaining, and talented as I am. So I suggest that you do not sleep on his entries any day! He's hot. And hopefully I can get a change to work with him soon. The realness he serves is priceless!!!

Fred Smith is another writer who is another talent in the community. Be sure to checkout his site! There is a link to his blog there as well. I met him at my book signing at Matais earlier this month. He is a warm spirit, and he's in L.A. with me. And I must say it is very rare to find a humble, supportive, real person on the west coast. Pick up his book in July!

SmilingOnThaDL is another blogger that is real. He talks about daily life in his blog-he's really entertaining, and it keeps me interested. My attention span is so freakin short-I'm surprised I pay attention. But it's other peoples experiences that keep me interested. Real life is so much better than fiction.

Rashid Darden out of D.C. is a writer and his soon to be published book Lazarus is apart of the growing renaissance of Black, Gay, writers. Make sure you check out his sight and support all the artists!!!! We are the next generation to change the way they think about us...

I am proud of my black men making changes around them! It is really great to see us, defying the stereotype, succeeding, being a collective unit in our communities, and giving birth to art and expression.

Simply Beautiful.

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plotty said...

as previously stated, i appreciate the shot-out and positive energy you are throwing my way. i do not take it for granted.