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My Discussion with the Black People.

To be a Black, gay, man in America.
To be a Black, gay, man in America.
To be.

The complexity of that sentence. That very sentence allowed me to complete my first book 'At This Moment.' In which I discuss some of the complexities of being Black and Gay in America.

Nevertheless, I had the distinct honor to sit on a panel last evening with the Reverend Russell Thornhill, of Unity Fellowship Church, and Ms. Amber Sharp a brilliant Filmmaker/Speaker, who is currently promoting her film, Triple Minority, about a black lesbian, who wants to reconcile her relationship with her parents.

The event hosted by, the University of Southern California, and the N.A.A.C.P. was a chance for African-American's to discuss, homophobia, gay marriage, and religion.

The forum went great. Everyone had great input, and voiced their opinions, and to say the least I felt that African-American's as a whole are progressing in dealing with this issue.

Speaking from my black experience, we are some of the most loving and accepting people around, but with that also comes the challenge of accepting things that aren't the norm, or what the BIBLE, deems to be immoral.

There wasn't any bickering or fights or high tension power line drama. The event went well, and opened the minds of some, and provided a stable medium for discussing issues that affect us all.

I only wish more heterosexual men would have been present to voice more of their homophobia. But all in due time. You have to crawl before you walk, right?

I sold a few books, made some new contacts, and enjoyed being myself in my natural element. It was positive and a few minds were changed...

Until later on today.

All the best, and don't be afraid to be who you are.

My Shot Outs of the day: Aerin Washington, Amber Sharp, Rev. Russ, Donna & Fransisca, Theo, Vince Smith, and SmilingOnThaDL


tara said...

glad it went well!!!

Frederick Smith said...

i'm glad to hear your panel went well. congrats.