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Okay Right.

I am up this early like 3 times a week, I'll be going to sleep after this. It is damn near 8 a.m. New York time. I have a few questions. (muthafuckas)

1. Why is that I am think about not being single anymore?
2. Is it okay for me to date a celebrity. I don't know how I feel that he asked me out.
3. Why is it that when you compliment people, they act all paranoid, like you really something from them? Bitch don't flatter yourself.
4. Why can't people take risks and be like me?
5. Wait do I really want people to be like me?
6. Am I the only one who thinks that relationships are overrated?
7. Are all black men burnt the fuck out?
8. I love black men regardless if they are burnt the fuck out. (that wasn't a question, but I'd thought I'd answer it though)
9. Why am I attracted to crazy men?
10. I wonder if M.C. is insane too? I'll see on Saturday.
11. Am I really ready for my event in 14 hours.
12. Why does it seem like there are more bottoms than tops?
13. I saw this fine ass dude in a Bronco II that I wanted to fuck on the spot, am I a hoe for thinking that and saying it out loud?
14. Why am I mad a sprint? My bill is paid in full, but them bitches still found a way to have my service fucked up at 1:30 this morning while I was out jogging. Do you know a white man could have swam ashore out of his submarine and sliced me like bacon?
15. Are yall feelin' my new haircut?
16. Am I too critical?
17. I am a cool muthafucka huh?
18. Did you know that I walk 4 miles a day now? I am going to be lookin crackish real quick.
19. Did i tell you that I don't want to be 5-10 165? I LOVE being 5-10 220.
20. Can someone please email Janet Jackson and tell her that if she does not do 'Because of Love' and 'You Want This' on her new tour I am going to call her and curse her out?
21. Can you do me a favor and call Faith Evans and tell her to stop getting high before she takes pictures?
22. Why is Wendy Williams the realest bitch on earth?
23. Do you know that I strive for individuality?


No4real4real said... about an introduction! I am across your blogg through a comment you left with SmilingDL. I was intrigued to see more of what you had to say. From what I read so far - interesting. Those questions are serious. I am new to blogging so I am wetting my feet right now. Thanks for allowing me to visit.

disgruntled said...

Answers for questions 1-7,9,11-13,14,16,17,22,23...I don't know. Maybe reading your page will help me figure some of those out. Thanks for shouting my page out in your previous post.

disgruntled said...
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Liza Valentino said...

Cute list. I ADORE "Because of Love", it never fails to put me in a good mood.

And HELL YES!!!@#2 You betta go for that shit!