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Time To Myself


The first week of my book tour is done. 3 Events, 2 signings, and they get better each time. I am looking forward to my keynote session at U.S.C. on Thursday. I scoured the GAP and countless other stores in the Beverly Center and the Westside Pavillion today trying to find something to wear. I think this is going to be more difficult than I thought since I've cut my locks off, I have to go for a totally new image, so we'll see what happens between now and Thursday. And they don't make the cute clothes past a size 32 and I refuse to drop below a 38. There is nothing wrong with being a 40 in the waist. I look good. "Skinny bitches are evil."

I hope you all had a great weekend. I did. Saturday's event so topped my weekend. But I think it was today that put me in a place of reflection. For the first time in a month I've actually had time to spend time with myself, which is a great thing.

The weather today in Los Angeles was beautiful! The winds were high, the sun was out, the skylines of the city were clear, it was a nice 60 degrees. I washed my hair, rolled down the windows and bumped Ledisi's My Sensitivity on repeat. I was free.

Sometimes we get in these ruts where people just get on your last fuckin' nerves and everyone seems to know what's best for you, except you. Then the same people are so quick to judge you if you seemingly, subconsciously follow their broke advice...That's over and done. I am tired of these fake ass hoes tryin' to make me think I am crazy for saying and doing some of the things I do. (Am I venting, I sound a little heated)

Today my friend J.D. asked "What's your spring theme?" I don't have a theme, just a few rules that I know that I need to reinforce. This is what I came up when I had time to myself, while letting the wind blow through my hair, enjoying the scenery, not being boggled with inflicted pressures of trying to make it:

1. Live and Let go. The shit is old, drop it along with the people who created it.

2. Go with your first mind. You know how to handle your shit, you're the only one that is going to have to deal with the outcome.

3. Smile. Stop letting these people know what you're thinking and what you're going through.

4. Accept it. There is nothing like challenging an obstacle head on. The only thing you can do is jump over it and take it in stride.

5. Tell People How You Feel. Bad or good-let them know.

Thanks once again to Fred!


Anonymous said...

Can I get yo number you're cute!

Trent Jackson said...

1. I hope you are a fine ass man.
2. You better be fine sending anonymous messages like this.
3. Can you provide me with you DL#, SS#, DOB, Addresses for the last 10 years and your mothers maiden name, and your right index finger print.