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Everything In It's Due Time

I am destined for great things. I know it. I've worked long, hard and dreamed of becoming successful. I've done that, but I'm no where near finished. At 20 I wrote my book. I took it a step further and took ownership of my work, formed my own publishing company and by the time I was 22, I had the ball rolling. I am proud of myself. I beat the media stereotype of what a Black male should be. I graduated high school, I didn't sell drugs, I wasn't apart of any gangs, and I was never apart of the 'system.' I'm not fortunate, it could have been me. I was focused. I accepted the God given challenge, and overcame the obstacles set before me so I could be the figure to motivate those who could not motivate themselves.

There is nothing wrong with wanting the best of life. There is nothing wrong with wearing multiple hats, being talented across the board, and expanding my mind to new and different things. There are so many things that I want to accomplish, that I will accomplish in my life. I will not let anyone stop me from achieving that. I'm already a writer/author. My next ventures will include that of Editor-In-Chief, Publicist, Singer, Entertainer, Actor, Teacher, Lawyer (yeah hoe, I am going to Law School, Fall 06) Is there anything I won't set out to do? Probably not. I am the multi-faceted, illustrious, suave, debonair, Trent Jackson...

Today as I laid across my couch, my mom came in and said, "Oh now you're starting a magazine? Lord please help my son and give him guidance!" Is my mom not burnt the fuck out? Now y'all know she'll be the first bitch in line with her hand out talkin' bout gimme. Like she was when she saw that royalty check. People like that have nothin' comin' from me, I don't give a fuck who you are. And trust she didn't get shit. I ain't spent it yet. I want I.R.S. and B of A to hurry up and clear me, so I can pay my auntie and my uncle, and go shop. But she still ain't gettin' nothin', she has to be taught a y'all readers don't go postin' no bullshit about how I should give my momma some loot. If yo momma was triflin' would you drop her some lira? Anyway...

There is nothing wrong with trying to do everything. Yes, I was sittin' up on the couch pushed, reading my how to do book. The same kind of book I read when I wanted to publish my book. I am working on a magazine. It's about time for a new, fresh magazine that caters to the non hip-hop oriented, young, smart, socialite, Black culture. I am going to create it. Watch me.

I am working on my new book, and a stage play at the moment. Then I'll move on. My whole premise is to change away the world views the Black experience, Black men, and Black homosexuals. I think that we need a voice to genuinely and vividly express the current issues and dilemmas that we experience. I elect myself. Anyone want to join me? It's getting lonely at the top already.

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