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The "How You Doin'" Theory

Why doesn't it ever fail me? If I see a gay man, whether or not he is masculine or like the queen above, he asks me "How You Doin'?" Like tonight, I was at the Chinese food joint with my family and on the way out of the restroom comes this gay man, we lock eyes for 10 seconds, which seemed like an hour and sure enough he asked me "How You Doin'?"

It's not just me that's aware of this either. It's everyone.

"How you doin'?" She asks in a deep voice with a pseudo-stereotypical, homo vibe twang thrown in the mix. When she says "How You doin'?" She's usually referring to ones sexual orientation as being gay... without technically saying it. Like she'll say Sean Combs, then right behind it she'll say "How You Doin'?"

She is Wendy Williams. The self proclaimed shock-jock-esque "Queen of Radio," that takes over New Yorks WBLS 107.5 airwaves from 2-7 P.M. Monday thru Friday and is syndicated throughout the country.

Her altar ego "Woody," is this over the top gay man who gives advice to other gay men alike (and to some women) who keeps it all the way real. Her no-holds bars dishing style wins people like me over and causes an uproar on the red carpet... I like her. Thoroughly enjoy her, maybe too much.

I too even find myself meeting gay men and I am opening up my mouth to say "How You Doin'?" in that Woody voice, and I even do it when I am greeting my other gay friends-instead of saying "what's your tea?" or the ever so queenish "Hay Girl..." "How You Doin'?" is so relevant and right...

Why do gay men ask this? I am puzzled.


Mikey said...

What the fuck is that thing?
I would never ask how he's doing!
But that is true. Gay dudes always ask how I'm doin

Miss Karmen August said...

She is a hot mess!

Miss Karmen August said...

Wait a minute! Isn't that the queen with the missing fingernail! She is truly a hot mess!

Josh said...

I hope thats not one of your friends...