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Public Enemy Number One!!!!!

YOU'RE MY TARGET SCOTT! YOUR TIME IS OVER! I admit it. I am a hater. I hate Scott Savol! Got it.? Not only does he beat his baby's momma (who is black), he thinks he is black, and he needs to sit his ass down some damn where. Every time he sings he always acts like he's in some damn Baptist church. He can't sing. Now granted, Constantine was an okay singer, but Scott has to make a grand exit (Grand as in Pillsbury cinnamon rolls), and he deserved to leave before Nikko, Nadia, Anwar, and Constantine!! Any of you dumb ass people that thinks he's a good singer and thinks he deserves to have made it this far and Kiss My Fat Caramel Ass, and crash in a ditch while listening to Scott whale out his notes. VOTE HIS ASS OFF! He is so fuckin whack! URGH!!!!!!!!!! I am so mad that he is still on that damn show. When is it going to end? Somebody must put an end to this man! When is the time going to come when I can enjoy American Idol without this bitch in the fuckin way. I am mad. Really. OVAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! Damn if yall think he can sing, what would a good agent, pro tools, and auto tune do for me? Hmmm....I'm genius. I am gonna release a CD next! Show You Bitches what and American Idol is all about!

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Allen said...

You know Trent, I've been one of your followers for a while now. I think it is say to say that you are now certifiable. You are a certified crazy man! What will you come up with next, I'd love to see you in person and see how all of this comes together