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Saturday April 23, 2005

Today is a work day. I am completing my second stage play that is going to debut this fall. I just finished writing a treatment for a cable network (lets keep our fingers crossed) and I am getting over my writers block for my second book, Full Circle.

It's a chill day. I've been working on my issues with my family, working on my issues. Today is just another day in the process. I wrote an essay that I'll post later on this evening about my new mission. Today has been a better day than most.

Didn't make any social plans, I'm keeping my new image underwraps until I do a new photo shoot. I am still getting comfortable with it...

I'm good, today is a good day.

I do have one small problem. There is a guy that I use to talk to. That I really want to be cool with but we can't find that common ground. There isn't any reason why he and I can't be friends. It's just the fact the he lets other people influence his decision making and doesn't let his core experience with me be the deciding factor, which to me is really weak and stupid. He knows that I am a good person but he lets people who don't know shit about me tell him the opposite of what his experience is with me. Dumb ass.


SmilingOnThaDL said...

I'm glad that you are pushing forward.

About the dude, if your calling him dumb ass, weak and stupid, maybe you shouldn't be friends with him. Maybe you should just put friendship on the table and its up to him to make the next step. Good Luck with that! Keep us updated on the turnout.

Denise said...

a quick note to say I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog thus far. I look forward to your future postings.