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Sy Smith & Joi...Not to be slept on

I am a sucker for good, real, music-just the way I enjoy the people I surround myself with. Last month I found out that Sy Smith, who is a local Los Angeles vocalist, who is in class by herself, was doing a show with Joi. Joi is the TRUTH! Joi is best known for her replacement of Dawn Robinson in Lucy Pearl, but the Kitty (Meow) has been in the game since 1993.

Both Sy and Joi, and independent artists, “Struggling artists,” as Sy stated during her set. Which I can relate to!! They are both dope so checkout their websites and buy their CD’S, support y'all artists! They give you more than these washed up mainstream folks.

They performed at Little Temple, this intimate venue in the Virgil Heights area of L.A. Me and my friend Nita went and enjoyed the show. When I told her Joi was going to be there she got hella excited, cause Joi don’t come out that much…and I had to hip her to Sy Smith because she is just this bomb, unique, individual artist who does her thing and puts out real music…

I came late…I got about 40 minutes of Sy’s set, which was amazing. I was in an excited blitz I can’t remember half of the songs she did, I was on one, drinking my “Elixir of Life” out of my IKEA purchased flask.

I’ve seen Sy three times, and she really gets in her music and interacts with the audience. It’s hard to explain, I mean she talks a bit during breaks, and she may even call the "Prince of Soul" himself, Rahsaan Patterson, to do a impromptu ad-lib session in the heat of the moment. But her charismatic draw, her unique style, the sincerity in her lyric, the energy from the crowd, and her passion for good music make her one of the best female vocalists of the decade, if not the generation. If you listen close you can catch her singing with the Ricky Minor Band every Tuesday night on American Idol…backing the contestants.

Joi is a true show Kitty. She comes out in these 5” psychedelic funk heels on, angel wings attached to her “B is for BIATCH,” shirt and her skintight jeans that almost accented her own coochie. She is the shit, or should I say Tennessee Slim Is The Bomb??!! Her backup Singer Keisha Jackson is so ridiculously talented it makes no sense. The girl is a modern day Chaka Khan with more than a twang of originality. And she had on these fierce red come fuck me heels that wanted to make me fuck her. Work out!

Although I was mad that Joi didn’t sing Techno Pimp or Lick, I was more than thoroughly pleased when she sang her new material, touched on some of her old stuff, and even worked in Prince’s “Darlin’ Nikki,” grindin’ down to the floor in the skin tight jeans, rubbin' on her titties, and showin' of that tatted six pack stomach of hers. Girl has body, she’s sexy, and she can HOLLLAA! Okay? She is a sick, slept on talent that needs to be showin’ these young hoes how to do something’, like Joi said herself “Ain’t nothin’ worse than a old hoe!” (and she ain’t talkin’ bout her self neither) Joi is a pure unadulterated, keep it real sista. She reminds you of a female Prince. Her rawness about sex, fuckin’, love, hurt, pain, life, and experience is a force truly to be experienced and to be reckoned with. If she is ever in your neck of the woods shout her a holler, because that is a show you don’t want to miss!

Sy and Joi are both in a class of their own. I truly challenge anyone who enjoys real Artistry to check them out! And tell ‘em I sent you! My Saturday night was made. I chilled with Nita, enjoyed a good show, sipped on my “Elixir of Life,” and met a cute boy. Life really is the business…

Shot Outs to: Miss Sy Smith. Thank you for being so genuine and letting me share a moment with you this evening! You are so real and sweet. You just exert this positive energy. Thank you for your interest in my work, I appreciate that! I can’t wait until we do it again. I have to get you one!! You always have my support-from one artist to the next.

The Fine ass man that was with Sy. I am really tacky, I forgot your name. I was caught up in staring at your fine ass so hard, when we shook hands I was lost. He is hot y’all, his aura was so positive and he had style, and class…really attractive traits to go along with an attractive face.

Joi . It was a pleasure meeting you (MEOW) I am glad we got a chance to laugh for a second. You really are a cool woman of class…I love it. Thank you for letting me have my groupie moment tonight. I appreciate that. I appreciate your music and the realness that you serve; cause bitches can’t do it like you. Enjoy my book honey the way I enjoy your music until the next chapter, keep servin’ these bitches!

Keisha Jackson. You are the TRUTH. Period. I am waiting for you to emerge.

Nita. It’s always fun when we get together! Love it, Love you.

Rahsaan, always a pleasure to be in your company and to see you in your element doing what you do…hurry up and do a show so I can thoroughly luxuriate already!

And to you, my blog readers. I do it for you.

Much Luv,
To Great Reading,
Yours truly,

Trent Jackson.


Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a ball!!!now you got me wanting her to drop the new cd in a hurry!!!

plotty said...

I love JOI..i've met her before..and she is a really down to earth sista..very approachable.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the love! Smooches... Sy

Diamond in the Sky said...

sy is okay and getting better... Finally she makes a bit more musical sense! Sounded like she was hurtin on the last album... A bit too much.Trent u crazy!

Trent Jackson said...

Um Diamond in the sky. Watch what you say. You're welcomed to have your own opinion about things, but respect for artistry, individuality, and difference. Sy is unique in her own rite and she doesn't sound like she ever hurts so get that together. Everyone grows creatively in their due time, but that doesn't mean that the work that she put out before the grow you noticed wasn't less than or better than what she is doing now.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! you let diamond in the sky have it honey pie! Let these hoes know what the deal is, bitch!

Anonymous said...

Hi Trent,
Would you know if Joi's Tennessee Slim is the Bomb album releases yet ??
It is June 13, 2005 now and still not yet released.....dont understand why.
Please help me and let me know where I can purchase it....She is the BOMB.
Thank you....S