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Trent's Photos Of The Week

This is just simply an American Classic.
The Jackson's in all of their 80's garb.
A night out on the town at the Grammy's
Miss. LaToya makes the picture with a worked headband,
blue sequined dress with the accented lighting bold,
to highlight her flawless shoulder blade that compliments
nose job number 4. Workout LaToya.
Can't forget Janet standing off on the side laughing
at the other two out patients.

Am I the only person that thinks this picture is off...

Does anyone else find the humor in this photo. Can someone please explain why all of the Popes have this hand movement thing down packed? Can I wear all white and put on a tall at and go stand on Crenshaw and King with my hands raised like this and have people bow down to almighty Trent?

Coming UP....Conversations with Fred.


disgruntled said...

Someone might think you're about to surrender if you put your hands up wearing all white...

Condi looks like she's plotting something.

Miss Karmen August said...

Love the wear all white and go on crenshaw idea. You should do it! I'll make your robe!

Anonymous said...

u should put a pic of yourself next to the one of the Pope, you know, dressed in all white with your hands up the same way...with a big azz gold chain on...

Anonymous said...

too damn funny! put a smile on my face this morning- cracking the fuck up-- looks like the pope is saying bend down n suck this dick...