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Untitled (I don't know what I'm thinking) Part Deux

I will not be made into a liar. It just won't happen. The truth will eventually prevail, and I will get an apology.

I bought a car on Monday and I have until this Monday to decide if I am going to keep it. I am not feeling the 290$ insurance rate a month, enough of the small talk.

Last night I accepted my calling to help our youth. I successfully completed my discussion with LifeWorks Mentoring. It was very interesting, but last night it was made really clear that our youth need a voice, a figure like me, who can go through a lot at a young age and still make it out okay. I am very glad that I was able to go and meet with them and have discussion. The youth were very interested and inquizzitive. And it made me realize a lot about myself.

Where is my momma? I usually see her around 9 a.m. I called her and she ain't called me back. I am a bit worried. If she's not here by 1 I am going on a search.

(Let The Random Thoughts Begin...)

Is there something wrong with datin' a white man? Especially in all of my blackness, would he find that intimidating? I mean I like to have racial talk. I am not racist, just aware of my Black experience, and what it means to me to be a Black man in the White world.

I knew Usher was gay, or at least had sex with men. The Pope is dead, and I am next in line, I'm tired of stupid boys. When will all of you realize that I am fire and desire, and the man of everyone's dreams? When I get my million dollar contract I am not gonna have time for any of ya'll. I love ghetto boys. Anyway. It's a great day, the weather is cute, orange is my favorite color, and I'm gorgeous. And I am so tired of Wendy Williams talkin about Whitney Houston. So what she mixes coke and meth together. Light skinned boys are overrated and I am tired of crushing on them, they have a complex. I am excited that my family is coming back together, and I do love my mother contrary to what I've been through with her. Run me my money when the sun goes down I will walk my 4 miles and I will drink water.

Peace and Blessings, until something else transpires today.
I pray for the insecure.

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disgruntled said...

"I love ghetto boys. Anyway. It's a great day, the weather is cute, orange is my favorite color, and I'm gorgeous."

LOL...okay for the random thoughts.