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Untitled Part 4: The Random Thought Process

So I have a crush on this guy who lives all the way on the other coast. Keep in mind it's not any of you, so don't flatter yourself bitches! Well. He reads my blog, but he's not a blogger himself. I have to be ambiguous, cause he reads this. He just lives on the east coast. He's a normal guy...he's not into industry shit, which is a plus for me. He's not my "typical guy type," but then again I don't really have a type. The hit list was just more of a fantasy type thing...

So I haven't told him yet, however I've hinted, and so has he. I am really excited because I know he likes me and he's a really, really, really nice guy. And he doesn't smoke! YAY. Smokers suck and their kisses taste how the ashtray smells. He's very attractive, wait is he gay? or is he just a flirt. Damn I hate being gay sometimes. I mean he's supposed to be gay, how many straight men conjure and jujz it up with gay people? I hate having crushes, and going on dates. There is interval of time, where either party can't be vulnerable or really say what they are really feeling cause whoever buckles first is weak. Who made these damn rules? Imma play it by ear. But still. I think he is gorgeous. And he's a nice guy to lay up with at night. He's great to talk to-just a nice man. Very well groomed.

I'm tired!!!! I didn't tell yall the story about how I was in jail the other day for driving around with a suspended license. But that wasn't cute. I mentioned it, but I didn't elaborate. Good think I know people that work at the police station and the county jail before the big bus came.

Anyway I am going to write...and luxuriate. I'd just thought I'd check it. I am doing well. Thank you to all of the phenomenal people who sent me great advice and well wishes, thank you to everyone who signs my comment box, I like, need, and want validation.

Yours In Da Struggal,

Trent J.

I really didn't want to talk about this crush, I wanted to speak about something more relevant like voting that wannabe black man off of American Idol, and how I am about to launch two additional divisions to my empire. When I have it together I'll come up with it. Great. And fuck big dick light skinned dudes.


disgruntled said...

Just as long as it's not my internet baby daddy BRUTHAFREE, I don't give a damn. LMAO.

Let me stop before he gets a cyber restraining order against me.

Didn't bother to even watch AI last night. It will be on the news somewhere who got voted off.

Anonymous said...

damn i have missed alot and i have missed you dearly!!!

Trent Jackson said...

@Bite Me Real Hard. No it's not the lips. I only know what his lips look like. And You should pay close attention to the very last sentence in my post. The last time I checked he smoked and he is light. NEGATIVE

disgruntled said...

It was a joke. I read your page thoroughly ;-)