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NO! For Real!

I have no intention of being Skinny…” were the words out of his mouth. That set me off, seeing that his chest is chiseled like a damn Stone Age rock! I mean what does he want to share clothes with me or something? In all of his conspicuous antipathy, I got a little out of him. He didn’t play into my style, and I think it was too late in the evening for me to switch reels and turn it into a 3 hour impromptu session like ShawnQT or Frank...This has been my shortest interview thus far. Not a good or a bad thing.

I insinuated that there was this beef between he and Valentino-Of-Ct. He strongly denies it but I still feel that there is something that is there, that we can’t see. I’ll leave it alone, he is now a friend of mine, not only cause he supports me, but he’s not afraid to talk about Fat people!

He’s just like the rest of us, human. Living in his twenties, defining who he is, wanting security, working towards the future, having fun, testing his limits with people…Underneath his golden brown complexion, low-cut Caesar with the almost deep waves, No4Real4Real keeps it all the way real. He’s a normal guy with a plan to make his mark on the next generation, no4real!

Trent: So how are things?

No4Real4Real: Yo! Man I am great right now, chilling at home on my new desktop

Trent: is it a dell?

No4Real4Real: well yes it is! You approve?

Trent: Oh so you got sucked in by that commercial too? I was going to buy one, but I decided to wait to buy my MAC. I am tired of PC’S but it’s cool…It is what it is.

No4Real4Real: hey my cousin got me the hook up! I ran with it!

Trent: the "hookup?" what does that mean? Is that the "negrodian" hookup or what?

No4Real4Real: naw, not really

Trent: Ya'll buy it on somebody’s profile? Or a check? Or did it fall off the back of the truck?

No4Real4Real: she got down on a deal that I missed by like two weeks - I was able to use her
order number and get the discount

Trent: oh okay, legitimate. I like that

No4Real4Real: that is how I do…

Trent: Okay so I interviewed Valentino of Ct last week, and you read the interview, what was your reaction to that?

No4Real4Real: it was cool for the most part. Although I found it to be a little long but it was entertaining none the less

Trent: so what’s the real beef why you guys don't like each other?

No4Real4Real: ROTF - V is a great guy. No beef

Trent: hmm. For some reason I believe there is this silent beef, but nonetheless I can't fault you guys for not playing into it with me. You said that you were going to get me in a comment, so what did you mean by that?

No4Real4Real: just in reference to how you tried to play into it. You attempt to make it out to be more than what it is. Like now

Trent: really? I am not the only one who feels like that...a lot of people asked about it off record.

No4Real4Real: really? Who else?

Trent: Non-Bloggers. My fans really

No4Real4Real: okay - that is understandable, but no beef.

Trent: They were so fascinated with him, and when I mentioned your name, he insinuated
something was there

No4Real4Real: we comment on one another’s blogs

Trent: that’s all

No4Real4Real: we are good

Trent: oh okay. That’s good. I like to see the neighboring children stick together.

No4Real4Real: that is only because we do know one another

Trent: yes

No4Real4Real: CT is only but so big believe that

Trent: okay.... gotcha. So are you out?

No4Real4Real: naw, not yet, but it is surely coming to that

Trent: Really? That’s look so comfortable in your sexuality.

No4Real4Real: I am but it for me and who I choose to share it with

Trent: gotcha. So how old are you?

No4Real4Real: a fresh 25 and loving it

Trent: nice and ripe, what does 25 feel like?

No4Real4Real: it is hot! I been waiting for this year for like...25 years. I came into this year knowing big things are to happen. I am just laying the groundwork.

Trent: okay, so laying the ground work...apartment, boyfriend, etc? Blooming friendship rings?

No4Real4Real: LOL, in a sense. I am taking this year to get to know me better. Exploring my spirituality

Trent: YES...and spirituality does that involve a bible?

No4Real4Real: that is what I am working. I haven't been the biggest fan of Christianity, not to say I didn't like, just know much. I tell people I am on a spiritual quest of some sorts

Trent: tell the blogdom who No4Real4Real is...

No4Real4Real: I tried that on my introduction. I am sure it will be just as difficult now

Trent: can I answer that for you?

No4Real4Real: please do

Trent: I think No4Real4Real is just a man trying to find his balance in the grind of life. Just like everyone else you're on a journey to find your limits, find what makes you happy, and experience life for what it is and grow from every trial.

No4Real4Real: that is hot - I will go with that, see that is why you are the writer

Trent: I guess! Have you bought my book?

No4Real4Real: sorry can't say that I have

Trent: are you gonna get it?

No4Real4Real: I would love an autographed complimentary copy…you know - another hook up!

Trent: Why do all the Negro’s want a hookup? Why can't we support each other?

No4Real4Real: you admired that in me earlier, but yes I can support.

Trent: NO! I liked the legitimacy of your hookup. Not the hookup per se...

No4Real4Real: I can respect that

Trent: But sure I can autograph it for you...So you're married right?

No4Real4Real: I am taken yes

Trent: how is that working out?

No4Real4Real: two months now…you need to read my blog…this weekend was a mess

Trent: I will do that...Is the mess over?

No4Real4Real: yes it is, just crazy how relationships can be. I am madly in love with him.

Trent: I just put you on my list of part two's in 6 months.... so we'll see if you feel that way right before Thanksgiving.... speaking of Thanksgiving, you know people always come out at the dinner table. Do you want to be dramatic like that or did you want to leave like a letter on the kitchen counter?

No4Real4Real: all I have to do is tell my mother and the moment I leave the house she will be on the horn

Trent: oh do you fear being Fat?

No4Real4Real: been there and done that, I will leave that up to the pros.

Trent: oh so you use to be fat?

No4Real4Real: yeah I used to call my tummy Chub Roc.

Trent: oh wow! So did you loose weight to be apart of skinny gay culture? Or what was the reason?

No4Real4Real: it all happened when I entered college. I told myself that freshman 15 would not get me. I couldn't afford it. So I took control from there, I am very content with my physique the way it is now…not a lot of people can say that. I have no intention on being skinny.

Trent: I am very confident in my fatness! Love every chamber in my stomach.

No4Real4Real: I like em' thick

Trent: hmm…so they say. How tall are you?

No4Real4Real: 5'9”

Trent: yes.... and how much do you tip the scale at

No4Real4Real: 170 lbs

Trent...moving right along. Skinny ass “I have no intention of being skinny!” The last time I checked that was skinny…anyway.

No4Real4Real: lol

Trent: So do you like sucking dick?

No4Real4Real: wow you go straight for the jugular, lets just say sexually I am very oral

Trent: do you spit or swallow.... or do you like facials?

No4Real4Real: ROTF - that all depends on my partner

Trent: okay, so with "Baby" does he give you facials?

No4Real4Real: Baby is wonderful - I love him a lot

Trent: okay. So you swallow.

No4Real4Real: what do you do?

Trent: I like facials personally. I really like it when a guy grabs the back of my neck and slaps me with his dick on my lips, while spilling on my face...yes...

No4Real4Real: alright - you better get it

Trent: so do you eat ass?

No4Real4Real: I am on a diet

Trent: what? LOL

No4Real4Real: LOL

Trent: What does that have to do with anything? Are you insecure?

No4Real4Real: never insecure, Baby said I am a bit too forward. So I am restraining myself for him.

Trent: Baby said…? What do you think? What's your sign?

No4Real4Real: The ruler - Capricorn

Trent: OH SHIT this interview is over

No4Real4Real: LOL

Trent: so January?

No4Real4Real: January 7th

Trent: oh hell

No4Real4Real: big things happened on that date

Trent: like what

No4Real4Real: my birth

Trent: please, what sign is baby?

No4Real4Real: Scorpio

Trent: oh.... that works well

Trent: You know. You have a wonderful fa├žade, I can so see through it though

No4Real4Real: can you? I was gonna say thank you…but damn...

Trent:'re clever. Meticulous, honest, rational, idealistic, and very intuitive.... refined, responsible

No4Real4Real: I am with this so far

Trent: But you’re concealing, skeptical, and detached too...malicious even if you're tempted. Overly reserved.... critical...

No4Real4Real: I can agree with most but I wouldn't call myself detached

Trent: hmm, I think so...I speak the truth

No4Real4Real: okay

Trent: LOL…so what is your perception of me

No4Real4Real: well...going by your blog I find you too be cool cat. You seem to enjoy the attention you receive from your blog, but think it is a bit of a front for you, perfect opportunity to reinvent they.

Trent: hmm.... I beg to differ

Trent: I've been like this since I was a child. So it's not a far fetch from who I am.... I like the attention. I mean I am a writer and a socialite.... it’s my job to like attention, that’s why I do what I do. But there is always need for reinvention, it’s what makes people like me more likeable. The ability to change and set trends.

No4Real4Real: I suppose but your blog give you a freedom that wouldn't express all the time. Take for instance your most recent blog, as forward as you are on your blog
I would have expected you to take charge and approach dude from the jump

Trent: no....see. It's not that simple. You have to feel people out...I know who’s attracted to me, and who's not

No4Real4Real: okay

Trent: and he wants to play games and all of that...but I usually don’t approach people because I don’t like dealing with rejection. I'd rather deal with something like deceit or something like that...

No4Real4Real: deceit? Do tell

Trent: like, my last boyfriend. Dumped me for a trans-sexual. He didn't tell me directly, I found out because I saw him out with the man in the skirt and combat boots. I am more prone to get over something like versus someone telling me I am not good enough for them.... because I think I am a good match for anyone

No4Real4Real: now that is too much - I won't even touch that one but I do hear you knowing you are a good match.

Trent: Truthfully, I still have my insecurities so I wouldn't want anyone bringing that up for me.... I don't like being in slumps at the hands others...

No4Real4Real: well who does?

Trent: some people do. Halle Berry, Whitney Houston. Then sometimes I am too much for
people. Men can't handle what I bring...having a man who is a self made hundred-thousandaire can be intimidating…

No4Real4Real: is it hard for you to find someone that can compliment you?

Trent: Well I am married to my work right now...

No4Real4Real: does it give you everything you want?

Trent: Yes, I am in control

No4Real4Real: now that is what’s up!

Trent: So what’s your 5-year plan?

No4Real4Real: within five years I want to complete a master degree, relocate to a city of my choosing out side the state of CT, own a home, and be on my way in pursuing my ultimate passion as an inspirational speaker

Trent: What would you speak about?

No4Real4Real: I want to speak to urban youth mainly, inspire them to think past the lid that is attached to their thought and look to achieve their dream as children we think and imagine the greatest things many times those dreams are forgotten or forced out of us there is more out there than our comfortable surrounding they need to seek those things out

Trent: I like that.... so where do you want to relocate?

No4Real4Real: I must live in NYC for a year or two, I love the island of Manhattan but long term I see the greater DC area, Chicago, or southern FL

Trent: okay.... what’s your favorite body part?

No4Real4Real: on others or me?

Trent: on you

No4Real4Real: my chest. I can look at my chest in a mirror for hours

Trent: yes, I see that from your neck shot on your blog

Trent: Any other questions or comments before we close?

No4Real4Real: sure...I must say this has been interesting I wasn't sure what to expect after reading your interview with V it was great being able to converse with you
I read your blog often

Trent: yes, finally...I read yours too...

No4Real4Real: thanks…now about your book

Trent: yes...

No4Real4Real: how do I go about receiving a signed copy?

Trent: You can go to my website: Read a little bit of it to see if you like it, if you do, order it, send me an email before you do...and I'll make sure its signed and some extras are in there for you.

No4Real4Real: well I am going to purchase this evening

Trent: okay, make sure you buy on PayPal not from Amazon. PayPal comes from my office

No4Real4Real: okay

Trent: You'll enjoy it. Download the excerpt on your new dell desktop

No4Real4Real: ok

Trent: It was fun

No4Real4Real: peace

Trent: ...And tell yo’ friends

No4Real4Real: of course

Coming up NEXT....FRANK LEON ROBERTS! You Do Not Want to miss this!


My Life In Pictures

People like, Frank & Rod, have these elaborate photo collages displaying these, skinny have naked men showing their penises advertising their tight rectum, lucious tongues and all that eye candy blah, blah blah.

Memorial day is set to remember those who have been killed purposely in combat at the hands of white men who send masses of young men and women to fight for reasons none other than population control.

My memorial day will be spent luxuriating on the past and remembering how the life of people that have been close to me past away. Remembering their life, their legacy, the good times...
Here are a few moments from my scrapbook that I'd thought I'd share.

Baby Trent @ 1o days old...

Me and my Favorite Uncle DuWayne when I was like months old or something of the sort.

Doesn't Everyone have the ghetto baby sink picture.

My First Birthday with my Cousin Marlon & Tamelah and my Cousin who I refer to as my sister, Tuesday who past away in January.


5th Grade, what is that like 1993?

My Jr. High School Graduation with My Uncle DuWayne,
My mom, Me, Tuesday and her mother, My Aunt Kay.

Who did I think I was in the 10th Grade? I had just got my
license and a BMW. You couldn't tell me shit!

My Senior Prom....My Fro was hot!

My High School year book pic. I was so glad to get outta there!

My High School Graduation. My Great Grandmother, My mom
My neighbor Hazel, My Grandmother & My Aunt.

My father, in which I'll be remembering today. He died when I was Six Years we look alike?

My 23rd Birthday party this past March. I didn't have on any makeup!
I feel so naked....
And This Fine Man is up next....


In The Mind Of Trent


So we met ShawnQT! Didn't we all enjoy luxuriating with him? I just luv our impromptu session of cock sucking chat!! Didn't we sound like bonafide fellatio Divo's? I love it and I meant every word I said! That was so fun...I love Shawn because he was so open about it! That's what I am talkin' about! Fuck these bitches and what they think about throwin' lips to a phat one! You betta suck that dick! Make yo' man happy, cause if you don't hell be at me or Shawn's house...and you know Shawn is into that threesome shit, so watch it. Just take notes from us!

Shot out to Will in Brooklyn (Where Brooklyn At?) Who bought my book today! Shout out to No4real4real whos interview is coming up on Monday, who also bought my book! East Coast represent!! Woo Woo!

Didn't I tell y'all hoes carrie was gonna win!!!! I knew what I was talkin' about! She let America have it when she came out and sang 'Alone' by heart. She was lookin' pushed with her hair weave all done up and what not....Anyway.

So I'm enjoying corporate America. It's two weeks in, and I've talked to the cute boy with the cornrows...he's interesting, but not interesting enough to give blog space to. How about that?

The Official "Trent Jackson Excursion Tour 2005" is officially on. If you want to luxuriate with me on Halloween for, 4 days and 3 nights on a Boat to Mexico, shout me a holla for the details, the all inclusive Trip is only 350.00! What a bargain! Get at'll be fun!

I am so very glad that you guys have been enjoying my crazy ass this week...When it's all said and done, I still want to be loved. I still hurt like everyone else. I dream of being successful and being able to bless others. I still long for the day when my family can be a real unit. I often think about being in love...I'm still a person. Behind my mask, all the garb, the insecurities, lies my heart, my purpose, my passion, my belief, my mission, my love...

Thank you to: Sol, Wil, Frank, Shawn, Gary, Tara, Lisa, Melissa, Fred, and No4real4real, for your continuous support, your kind words, your thoughtless actions, and your matchless concern-I appreciate that.

And to you, the blogdom, for keep me motivated to give you more! (Buy My Book Bitches!!!!)

I love what I do for you.

Coming up this week, No4real4real, Frank Roberts, My Sister, and whatever else comes up.




Nu Jerzeez Fynest...

In a world of insane, complex, insecure, characters all fighting to fit into the world, there is always one that person that makes up for all the negativity you experience from people. It's these very people that change your outlook on life and make a lasting impression on the way you act, think and feel about people.

He’s mellow. He’s refined, spiritual, smart, seductive, and sexy, he’s ShawnQT. And no Not QT because he’s a cute-tee, but because it’s a part of his name…reversed. In the 5’6” frame lives a quiet, artistic, expressive, humble, loving, very freaky, kid-at-heart, who is experiencing his adult swim with his husband, his family, and his day job as a graphic designer. Nestled in the complexities of New Jersey, lives a man of great, positive simplicity that takes life as it comes. He’s a cartoon buff, loves to draw, and loves to love…He’s imaginative, gives birth to creativity, has acute resoluteness, a great sense of bravery, good understanding and very inventive. But don’t offend him! He’s overemotional, argumentative and nervous all in one…you know I bring out the worst in people…but on the flipside I had a very relaxing conversation with my blog Friend, ShawnQT.

Trent: So when did you realize you were gay?

Shawn: when my best friend put his hands down my pants

Trent: WHAT? When was this?

Shawn: I was 16.

Trent: oh wow…you're so gay for that! So had you dated girls before?

Shawn: I had a girlfriend at the time; he had a girlfriend at the time.

Trent: So had you had thoughts before?

Shawn: I don't think so, but I as I look back, I think had a fascination for dick.

Trent: Damn I thought I was bold! A butch man talkin’ about he has a fascination for dick, wow! You suck dick?

Shawn: of course

Trent: oh wow…are you a bottom?

Shawn: I wouldn't say that.

Trent: Well, what do you call it?

Shawn: I am a very sensual, sexual, erotic, and spiritual being.

Trent: that's a bottoms answer...

Shawn: So would you answer that question in the same way?

Trent: NO! Well, yeah I would. Fuck you Shawn!

Shawn: LOL

Trent: we all know you have a crush on me!

Shawn: I think everyone has a crush on you. I have a beautiful boyfriend that I have a crush on.

Trent: Yes, I was getting to that. Tell me and the blogdom who you are. Who is ShawnQT and what is up with that name?

Shawn: Without giving out my last name... my name is Shawn TaQuan

Trent: That rhymes

Shawn: So I shortened my middle name to TQ. So my screename was going to be ShawnTQ, then a friend of mine said, why not ShawnQT?

Trent: You have the Ghetto urban boy name. I like that. Shawn-TaQuan.... So who are you? What do you do? What are you likes? Sell yourself...why should we like you?

Shawn: I'm a black man that is experiencing life, as well as creating it. I’m Confident, insecure, Living in love, and dying in fear. I'm a Graphic Designer, and "Renaissance" comes to mind as I can go down the list of things I'm interested in, R&B Music, Poetry, Cartoons, Numerology, Hip Hop Dancing, Collecting Action Figures, creating art, cultivating minds, eating out, and uplifting humanity.

Trent: Damn, I’m in love! Can we get married? You never did tell me my numbers...

Shawn: What’s your birthday?

Trent: March 13th

Shawn: Your a 9, one of the strongest numbers

Trent: okay so tell me more...

Shawn: I kind of figured u was a 9...

Trent: oh PAHLEASE

Shawn: well a person with the destiny number of a 9 is strong in Humanitarian affairs, strong in most human qualities, and the ability to do anything he wishes... it is through your interactions that you will push forward the future of humankind.

Trent: yes, what’s your number?

Shawn: my number is a 3, it is a number of self-expression, creativity, action and motivation. My being can only express, me, tell stories, discover, see beauty in others, and make them realize there own self expression. Many 9's sometimes don't reach their potential because it is a lot of responsibility.

Trent: I love responsibility…

Shawn: 9's enjoy people, that's why they are humanitarians. So are you are compatible with many.

Trent: Yes I enjoy good people. Not stupid ass ones. I hate fake bitches...So how is married life?

Shawn: Wonderful, couldn't ask for anything more.

Trent: so how long have you and the lucky man been together.

Shawn: A Year and 9 months! My longest relationship, ever!

Trent: So what’s the best thing about a relationship?

Shawn: Well I can say for mine is that we are very much a like; we have a lot of similarities. We are both Artist, both kids a heart, and we are both going through our [adult swim] together.

Trent: So you having a lot of similarities and a lot in common that doesn't clash?

Shawn: how could it?

Trent: I mean being alike you could easily get on each other’s nerves… I couldn't be with anyone else like me

Shawn: That's because your "TRENT" LOL

Trent: Whatever. I mean I truly think opposites attract, you value each other for the difference

Shawn: I don't see how having similar "positive" qualities can get on each other nerves.

Trent: thank you for clarifying that.

Shawn: He is more BLUNT than I am. He's a SHARK; I'm a dolphin, LOL.

Trent: okay, gotcha. You are a very mild mannered calmed man. That’s cute. Very nice...

Shawn: I ain’t no punk though.

Trent: Oh...but you suck dick!

Shawn: isn't sucking dick good Trent?

Trent: yes, especially when they nut on your face!

Shawn: all in your nose and between your teeth...

Trent: HELL NO

Shawn: LOL

Trent: you are out of order!

Shawn: LOL

Trent: I love sucking dick though. It's truly an art, a craft even.

Shawn: especially when you hold the shaft and just slowly lick around the head of it.

Trent: and massage the balls with the other hand..

Shawn: then slowly move your lips around it, and it slides down your tongueas it slides…

Trent: run over the opening of the tip with your tongue and slowly deep throat it...pull it out and lick around the balls and the area between the sack and the asshole....

Shawn: and then he quenches as he wraps his legs around your head as he slowly slides his dick in and out of your mouth…

Trent: Yes...we should give a class on this

Shawn: It would truly be a nirvana experience, LOL

Trent: I'm serious, a pamphlet even!

Shawn: so what did u think about my blog [adult swim]?

Trent: Yes, I read it in its entirety. It wasn't that much. But it definitely takes on a different perspective from the other kids' blogs. You're actually talking about something meaningful, tasteful. You don't have photo collages, and skinny talk, and all of the stuff that homosexuals get caught up in. So I like it. Your mild and that works....

Shawn: thanks... its like my small lil’ space to get out what lil’ bit of me I can express. My space to complain or celebrate my adult life, it helps when other people can relate to me. I think your blog, borderlines on your persona, and the real Trent Jackson. It's interesting to see how it goes back and forth

Trent: You think so?

Shawn: Your blog is all about the persona!

Trent: Yes....

Shawn: I think the intimate moments on your blog are the ones people treasureand then we still love the loud, and expressive TRENT JACKSON, BIATCH

Trent: okay...So let me ask you this, do you think Gay relationships can last?

Shawn: That's a good question. I believe any relationship can last as long as there is a need for the other person in one's life... at times circumstances strengths or lessens the interactions of that relationship. I believe that if one creates a spiritual bond with the other, there will always be a space that will never go away.

Trent: love it! Why do you think Gay men base everything on image?Shawn: I think young people, gay or straight base everything on image.I don't see anything wrong with just depends on what type of images you are using to dictate your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Case in point... why do guys want "Thugs"

Trent: because they associate being a thug with masculinity and because of what TV and Beyonce and them have fed the impressionable minds.

Shawn: Thug Life was glorified by the likes of Tupac, Snoop Dogg, and 50 cent.Much like Cowboys, much like mob gangsters, leather dressed Bikers. These are what I call the Hyper-Masculine. These images are interesting and intriguing to some, even if they have connections of negativity to them.

Trent: Yes! You are so right on it…so what do you base your liking on someone on?

Shawn: Hmmm…the connection. There is an energy that exists when two people meet.

Trent: Yes...

Shawn: A Magnetic attraction.

Trent: Yes…

Shawn: I look for that.

Trent: So what you're saying is, it doesn't matter what they look like, how they act, what they have on...etc

Shawn: What I'm saying is, all those things do matter. If someone looks attractive physically, if how they carry themselves is honorable and respectable, if what they have on is comfortable and inviting, then that enhances the attraction.

Trent: You got any gay brothers?

Shawn: LOL, nah.

Trent: More of these homos need to think like you. Like you are such a calm person, I can't be loud with you and ask you questions like how big your penis is and things of that nature, because you're so nice and I respect you so I can't cross the line with you!

Shawn: It's because we share a similar spirits. You have so much potential to be such a wonderful and great person; this blog is a blessing, not only to others, but to yourself. You don't want to know my dick size you would "gag".

Trent: is it that big Shawn? (In My deep voice…)

Shawn: Trent, come on, what you think?

Trent: You're 5'6" and how much do you weigh?

Shawn: I'm 135lbs

Trent: WOW…you can fit everything in Banana Republic!

Shawn: LOL

Trent: So do you wear a magnum or magnum XL?

Shawn: I'm not really an intercourse type of guy all the time.

Trent: but if you were, what would it be?

Shawn: what brand?

Trent: You're being evasive!

Shawn: different brands have different sizes

Trent: Magnum or Magnum XL! It's not that hard Shawn, the black wrapper or the Gold one?

Shawn: sensitive fit? ribbed?

Trent: Fuck you

Shawn: LOL…I think most of the people want to know what Trent Jackson is packing?

Trent: For the record I do wear Magnum condoms for the width factor.... length wise they don’t really cut it...and fuck you bitches that think all fat boys have baby dicks.

Shawn: LOL, I guess your told them!

Trent: Yall like gettin' stretched? "How you doin'?"

Shawn: LOL

Trent: Well most short skinny men do have big dicks

Shawn: that can be true

Trent: Moving right along…Are you into threesomes?

Shawn: LOL, I have had a threesome before, yes.

Trent: Do you like to eat ass?

Shawn: yeah

Trent: spit or swallow?


Trent: lil' freak

Trent: So what’s your favorite dish?


Trent: fool that’s a side order

Shawn: its a dish for me

Trent: So can I come stay at your house when I come to New York?

Shawn: Sure, it’s still under renovation though…

Trent: Well when you finish, I can bring gifts!

Shawn: Just bring your book, I'll put it on my coffee table

Trent: I can come to New York to write...I always write better when I am in a new setting. Why haven't you bought my book yet?

Shawn: I'll get it.


Shawn: I always been asking my friends for some good gay literature.

Trent: I have hot sex scenes in my book! Several you can beat your dick off to..

Shawn: Do u masturbate to your own stories?

Trent: no, I have lived most of them.

Shawn: It's just like remembering your own experiences and jerking off right?

Trent: I usually masturbate to great sexual experiences of the past

Shawn: I feel u. do u talk about religion in your book?

Trent: yes

Shawn: are u apart of a religion?

Trent: my own. I believe in God, I believe in doing good to people. Treating people with respect and dignity. I don't do organized religion per se

Shawn: I believe that all of life is about energy... thoughts materialized into reality. Becoming physical. Creating and evolving into new energy.

Trent: mmhmmm...

Shawn: You, me, all of us are just part of a bigger form of energy, GOD... all vibrating on different levels, positively and negatively, yet still vibrating as one. Who's your favorite Super Hero?

Trent: Um Wonder Woman

Shawn: LOL, why?

Trent: I don’t know. Maybe I am like Wonder Woman in my mind. I always liked women characters. Women raised me, so I gravitate and think like them

Shawn: I feel you.

Trent: like Jem was my favorite cartoon, next to the Jetsons and Scooby Doo

Shawn: I loved Jem, watched it all the time!

Trent: I want the DVD set

Shawn: My Boyfriend loves him some Jetsons he has the DVD. I wouldn't mind the Jem DVD set, don't tell no one though; damn this is an interview, LOL, and edit that out.

Trent: please you suck dick

Shawn: LOL

Trent: what are you craving right now...

Shawn: to dance my azz off.

Trent: oh wow

Trent: you can dance?

Shawn: of course, I was on 106 and Park

Trent: oh yes.... must tell story

Shawn: Well I'm a huge TLC Fan and T-Boz and Chili went on 106 and Park to premiere there new video for "Girl Talk" off there 3-D album. So 106 & Park called a couple of fans they knew to come through to the show, dressed up in your best TLC gear, and represent. They also wanted to do a dance contest. SO.... they needed a Guys and Girls group. So I was the leader of the Guys team, and we danced to "Creep.” I danced my AZZ OFF! I changed up the dance a little bit, I really felt like a Celebrity. Chilli said I put a little "twang" in it.

Trent: Hmm..."How You Doin'?"

Shawn: In the end, it was a tie, but it was the biggest honor for me to dance for the beautiful ladies of TLC.

Trent: send me a copy of that tape

Shawn: I will.

Trent: What would you want to be doing this very moment if you weren’t interviewing with me?

Shawn: Playing my Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith video game, eating, or talking to my boyfriend. When in all actuality, I should be at my apartment painting, LOL.

Trent: You're a busy man...who are you blog friends

Shawn: besides you?

Trent: Yes

Shawn: There are a lot of people blogs I enjoy, but I am good friends with Larry

Trent: what’s his address?

Shawn: The Larry Lyons Experience

Trent: that sounds like drama

Shawn: LOL

Trent: So do you know Frank Leon Roberts?

Shawn: yes I know of him from his blog. He's cool. He's actually going to be at Nuyorican Poets Cafe on June 25. Are you going to be there?

Trent: NO! I made a comment about that on his blog. I apparently didn't get that memo. So he better put me on the bill next year. And besides. I find him rather annoying!

Shawn: why do u find him annoying?

Trent: he runs his fuckin’ mouth way too much and he thinks he knows it all. Plus he's attractive. I think he and I would make a great couple…he’s so fascinating.

Shawn: LOL, you're funny!

Trent: I think it’s hot of him to be 22 and in PHD school. And he's a cute man. Very opinionated...I just don’t like the way he comes across

Shawn: yeah, actually Larry is 21 in his PHD as well, Intelligent and sexy is the new thing.Shawn: I have a PHD, LOL

Trent: And so do I. But I am going to Law School next...

Shawn: I don't think you caught that

Trent: Pretty Huge Dick

Shawn: LOL

Trent: So what’s your 5 year plan

Shawn: in the next five years...I want to have a beautiful apartment, a job a little bit higher paying job than the one I have now, a good car, you know the foundations of general living. I want to continue being spiritually sound, and evolve as a strong black man. I want be like Trent, and have a book. A poetry book though, with pictures, LOL.


Shawn: Have mind-blowing sex, and hopefully get over my obsession with French Fries.

Trent: I got that. So is your boyfriend apart of the equation in 5 years

Shawn: of course. Who are you going to interview next?

Trent: I want to interview Frank Leon Roberts…I think I am going to send that memo right now.

Shawn: be gentle with him

Trent: why, does he turn off easy?

Shawn: I don’t know, I guess we will find out

Trent: I love a challenge…what else are you itching to ask me

Shawn: hmmm, If you was invited to my [adult swim] pool party, what would you bring, and what would you wear?

Trent: I would bring my bag of tricks. I would wear a tank top and some boxer briefs and my Old Navy flip flops

Shawn: LOL, they are on sale u know

Trent: I got them at 2.99, I am surprised you didn’t ask me what is in m bag of tricks...

Shawn: that sounds like a whole other blog in itself!

Trent: You obviously got the memo! So how are you gonna end your night?

Shawn: call my boyfriend, watch some family guy with him, and fall asleep on the phone

Trent: You are tired for that

Shawn: say that again

Trent: You are tired for that and closing out my windows, this interview is done!

Coming up next: No4real4real & Frank Leon Roberts!


At This Moment, By: Trent Jackson

So finally I plug my book. I've never really gone into detail about my book, so this post is used to increase my sales and inform the blogdom that my writing and talent goes beyond this space.

If you like my blogs, then you'll love my book! Order it and support me in the advancement of...I am extremely proud of my work and I am glad that it has been successful thus far. I want everyone to read it...because it's good.

My blogger "friends" who haven't got the book order it! Or else! I won't call you out...

Summary of the book:

What if you, your son, grandchild, nephew, cousin, friend, father, or boyfriend were gay? In addition to being gay what if he were Black? Overweight? What if he was molested as a child? Have you ever wondered what it is like for him to deal with the contradiction of church and religion? Do you know his fight for acceptance not rejection of his family? Have you thought about what it is like for a young Black male, that doesn't fit the average stereotype of a 20 year old Black male living in Los Angeles trying to find a balance between the mold given to him versus the one he wants to create for himself? We've all heard the stories of men on the "DL." The stereotypical "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy," story, but we've never heard a story in this raw of a form.

Meet, Maverick Williams, A 20-year-old fictional character in Trent Jackson's debut novel, At This Moment. At This Moment allows the reader to have a rhetorical conversation with Maverick, whose coming of age story is one that examines several social issues and his personal experiences that are a running commentary on his and society's perceptions and stereotypes on homosexuality, race, family, relationships and other aspects of a maturing Black male. On Maverick's trek to find love, acceptance and coming to grips with his own sexuality, he almost never finds what matters the most in life.

Click --->here<--- to read an excerpt, click --->here<--- to purchase, if you've read the book, and sign my comment box.

Thanks to: Tara Carter, No4real4real, Fred Smith, Sy, Shirley, Lisa, Laura, Melissa, and anyone of my blog friends that I forgot that bought my book in support of me! I truly appreciate it?tomorrow my conversation with SHAWNQT.


Same Shit, Different Day...

Interesting day to say the least. Well I went on an adventure this morning...Ended up buying the homeless man breakfast, coming home on the train, this man got off the train, followed me up the stairs to the street level, and proceeded to ask me for my number. I don't know why I gave it to him, he's old and fat, and ugly. Well Anyway. Today was a sentimental day. I have a crush on Alvin, and I think he is absolutely gorgeous! I miss my sister who I'll blog all about in a special, Saturday Blog. I am content with life today, for I can smell the new beginning, and for the first time in a long time, seeing my self where I want to be professionally. I'm blessed. I'm loved and for the first time in my life, I feel it....

I got my exclusive interviews with ShawnQT, No4real4real, and I have meetings with SmilingOnThaDL, and Frank Leon Roberts! What an exciting week!!!

Why is Boyz In Tha Hood the best movie ever? Why can't Black people and fags seem to support each other? Why are I-pods great? Why is it that when we get in positions of power we dog out our own people? Why are we all the same?

Congratulations to Janet and Jermaine Dupri on their marriage! And Janet's new CD "revelation," due out in August, with her new video coming Next month! I'm so excited...Can I please get some "Because of Love," and "You Want This" on the tour please...Thanks.

tomorrow: At This Moment, By Trent Jackson, Thursday: ShawnQT, Friday: TBA


Sol Edler...

Last Wednesday, May 18th, 2005 was a very memorable night, no, and not because me and Reesey (And tell you friends...) got the ultimate diss either. It was because I thoroughly enjoyed the sounds of 'D.C.'s premiere Baritone Vocalist,' Sol Edler.

He came to Los Angeles, on a whirlwind, one night only engagement at Santa Monica's Temple Bar. Sol graced the dimly lit, standing room only venue with a smooth set that lasted about an hour, showcasing his debut album, Song of Solomon Book 1.

Song Of Solomon, an album that talks about every thing from being in love to enjoy being who you are and is the perfect CD for soothing before, during, or after your workday. It's the CD to pop in on your road trip. The CD boasts a couple of tracks you can do it to...but I encourage you to get the CD to find out which tracks those are.

Sol has a very relaxing voice. He isn't doing vocal acrobatics on every song, trying to win you over with some overproduced Neptune track either. He isn't boring you like Brian McKnight or moaning like Keith Sweat, he's singing-he's giving you something different on each track whether it's a cappella on "Here Am I," or doing an impromptu scat on "True Lies."

Like any other singer there are always comparisons. For instance in the first verse of "Crush," you can pick up on the influence of Luther, but Sol definitely catches you with his individuality and is effective incorporating his own style and, giving you his story through song.

He wrote 6 of the 11 songs that fuse, Gospel, Jazz, Blues, and R&B tracks that take you through a story of life. If you're into real, non-commercial music, then you should get Song of Solomon.

I have a few faves on the CD. 'Step further,' an acoustic track, with a semi-Spanish flair to it. Imagine a desert, a few cactus, blazing sun, an old roadster car...listen to the story of two friends-one of which wants to the friendship to another level...the backdrop for a lot of moments in our lives. 'True Lies,' a track with a standout Rhodes keyboard talks about a man wanting to redeem himself for whatever wrong he's done. 'Make Me Cry,' a soft, but lush ballad that tells the story of a person missing the one that they love-another standout track is 'Tonight,' a track with a blues feel to it and Sol's strong vocals add to the story of mending a broken heart.

Song of Solomon is a must have. It's a "play through CD." If I can listen to a CD and play it through that's something good!! This is definitely a feel good CD. I put the CD in over the weekend to write, and now that I have a CD that evokes my creative side, I'll be sure to put it in more often, in addition adding the CD to my I-pod collection...

Make sure you purchase Sol's CD and visit his website! We have to support our indie artists, and more important our community.

I think it's fair and safe to say that we should buckle our seat belts and watch Sol's meteoric rise to the helm of true artistry.

Me & Sol After his show last week...


Luxuriating In Pure Bliss And Confusion...For All Of The Right Reasons


I am so glad that everyone has enjoyed my conversation with Valentino! Isn't he fun? I am gonna get a part two in a few months...I love him! Don't' you? I need SHAWNQT to stand up and answer the call of the bird named Trent! I need your exclusive! Do you think we can send out some emails to SHAWNQT and ask him to grant me an exclusive?

I have a plan for a blog next week. I want you all to send me questions and post questions that you have for me and I'll answer them, "Just Ask Trent..." Great

Smiling on the DL...The Gay Wendy Williams, I gladly take the title of that. I will always model myself after someone who is successful, Syndicated, and Superb! So I thank you for that...And "How Are you doin'''?" I have to come and visit with you....Maybe I can get you to show your face.

I've got a secret! This is the first time I am revealing my new image! Tell me how you like it...I don't care if you don't! Fuck You I'll always look good!

Put That Where? Back There! F.Y.I. The ultimate diss was on Wednesday May 18, 2005 at 1:22 a.m., Club Metro, The Here Lounge, West Hollywood, Ca. Two of the foulest things in the whole entire quarter happened to me and Reesey. Reesey is my girl, and she hangs out with me at the club when I do go out, which is once every blue moon, cause I'm allergic to sugar, I can't do nothin''' sweet! Anyway...

1. "R.J." This Boy disguised as a presumed heterosexual was spotted grindin' all up on this brick faced Latin boy. Not just any grindin' either. The kind of grindin' that Tyrese was doin' in Baby Boy, when he was bonin' the shit out of his babies momma! Wait was that his babies momma or the jump off? Anyway, you get it...Yes grindin' like that! So me an Reesey are there luxuriating, looking at all of the atmosphere, the strippers on the pole, the boys in timbz and doo rags, lookin' like tops but knowin' damn well they are bottom screamin' bitches...And "R.J." walks by. And she starts freakin' out I think that's Ryan, I think that's Ryan. I was lookin', in all of my inebriation, and he kept catchin' me look at him! I was tryin' to figure out if it was him and why was he dancin' up on that ugly boy like that. Now granted Ryan is cute, but the issue at hand here is, why was he at Reesey's graduation party just the week before tryin' to mack her down and "Get To Know her!" All up in her house tryin' to be in her grill, like she really needs another fabulous gay man in her background! Or a presumed dick suckin' straight man tryin' to bring her down! She is on her way to Law School she don't need no shit like this in her realm!

Now I understand why he didn't call her. Asshole! I knew he was gay, because he kept speakin' the gay code language to me...I got the tea honey, but I was like no he is not all up in my face tryin' to have a three some with me and my best friend! UH! I told Reesey that I was tryin to get his tea. But you can't speak fag talk when people are drunk...So with all that being said, he walks past and Reesey asks him if he is who she thinks he is. This muthafucka had the smile of a nigga eatin' watermelon in a field! While massaging her hand talkin' about my name is "R.J." GIRL! PAHLEASE. You know damn well you're name is Ryan and you're a fag! I even had to say "You were only at her house a week's not like you don't remember!" Put that where? BACK THERE! LITERALLY! Reesey, FUCK HIS ASS. Gorgeous or not. He's a shallow dick breathed punk! There is always Kevin...

2. So why was I hot tamale for this guy. I usually don't approach men, because I am so not the outspoken type in the real world. But anyway I muster up enough nerve in all of my drunkenness to say hi and introduce myself, as my real self, not Trent (A few of you know what I mean...). This muthafucka told me his name was man-man! I was so like, no...Where is your government issued I.D. that says that? Show me and then we can resume this conversation in a normal conventional way. I walk off, but have this gut urge to talk to him again. By this time, the club is over, the lights slowly rise to the occasion, and the children scatter like roaches, to avoid having their flaws seen with the flourescent light. 10 seconds later all of the fags are loitering in the front of the location, with the law present just in case, someone comes out with a dagger or blade of some sort. Man-Man walks off with his New York step. Me and Reesey move him down, hop in the Jetta and hit the corner. We swoop up on him, I roll down the window, explain to him that I usually don't talk to people while clubbin' (out of their shadiness and paranoia) but there was something about him that I liked, his style, his body language, his facial hair, the way he spoke, his cockiness, his arrogance, his charm, his thickness, his lips...just as I began to hand him my card he stopped me and said "Here take my number instead, I don't want my wife to find your card..."

comin' up this week, My night with Sol Edler, An Update on Corporate America, The Answers to your Questions, My Book Tour, How I need you, And My Conversation with ___________.

I love what I do for you!



The Spaceship has landed...

He lures you in with his mysterious persona. A face covered by a red baseball cap that accent his slender, but well defined cheek bones. Words that are up front, close, and personal. He exudes confidence, charm, arrogance, and sensitivity all in one dose...

Valentino-Of-Ct blog is well on it's way to be one of the most popular in my galaxy because it's simple, concise, and it provokes you to think-something like my blog...He granted me the interview (and I was so glad he was so receptive), He is a piece of work. We talked about everything from Boys, Fags, Astrological Signs, Opinions, Stereotypes, Nemesis's, why skinny bitches are evil and his future plans!

He’s a very down to earth, but slightly conceited. Enough to be likeable, enough to annoy the hell out of you... This Scorpion will have you wanting for more…more than his blog! He’s a supporter of my blogdom, a member of the Trent Jackson Galaxy of Bloggers, and he’s the first blogger ever interviewed here on my show…What a privilege right? The interview was such like the bomb; It went past two's kinda long but, enjoy and send him some Luv!

Trent: So who is Valentino of Ct?

Valentino-Of-CT: Valentino of CT is a young black man, with a false reality, of old money.
Something like Will Smith's character in Six degrees of separation, hence: of CT

Trent: Hmm. That's very intricate, controversial even. I see you go for the shock value… Give me something simple to digest...I've got the basics the part that I need clarity on is the Will Smith part...refresher course please.

Valentino-Of-CT: Oh ok a regular black dude from the ghetto but has learned the pedigree of old money and people and uses that to his advantage. But it’s just my alter ego…

Trent: Hmm, interesting, you demonstrate a lot of that on your blog. You're very photogenic by the way and very old are you?

Valentino-Of-CT: thank you I’m 24.

Trent: hot. So what got you into blogging?

Valentino-Of-CT: I was reading so many! I like to write so why not use this as in outlet?

Trent: yes, yes, what is your day job?

Valentino-Of-CT: I'm an HIV prevention health educator

Trent: Oh okay, I see why you're such a "good boy" how did you get into that field?

Valentino-Of-CT: Well I kinda fell into it. I had a friend that was working in the field and he sort had me tagging along with him and got me part time jobs and lil’ volunteer things as a youth so that grew and grew until it happened into a full time job.

Trent: oh okay, the hookup. Are you degreed?

Valentino-Of-CT: no

Trent: So are you a top or bottom?

Valentino-Of-CT: That’s a difficult one.

Trent: LOL! Why because you don’t want to tell me or is it based on moods?

Valentino-Of-CT: I'm not entirely sexual active

Trent: and rightfully so…

Valentino-Of-CT: And never really have been in the anal sex area so top/ bottom

Trent: oh okay...It's not that interesting, anal sex.

Valentino-Of-CT: lol are u telling me or asking?

Trent: I am telling you!

Valentino-Of-CT: lol, oh ok well then why is it so desired and called upon?

Trent: by whom me?

Valentino-Of-CT: by this community.

Trent: Well I can't answer for them. But I feel that the entire gay experience is based on image, body, which ultimately equals sex. Some people use sex as a validation method, instead of the emotional validation from relationships. I think anal sex should be meant for people in relationships if they so choose to do that...but there are those who use sex as expression and validation of worth. But when I mention it, it's really meant for fun, and apart of my outlandish Trent Jackson persona, and I have never engaged in anal sex simply because I am waiting for a relationship to do that...I am not into casual sex.

Valentino-Of-CT: oh ok I hear you. I have engaged in the past but not recently in years for the same reason.

Trent: So who are your blog friends?

Valentino-Of-CT: my blog friends? I can’t say that I have any

Trent: really?

Valentino-Of-CT: not that I know of I'm so virginal with this

Trent: I could have sworn that I saw your name mentioned somewhere on someone’s blog.

Valentino-Of-CT: really yours? lol

Trent: maybe I am just out if it...But you have a friend up in Ct with you, No4real4real is in Ct.

Valentino-Of-CT: yes, I know. We have mutual real life friends.

Trent: see I told you, you had blogger friends, and you see what name-dropping can do! Have you and No4real4real met before?

Valentino-Of-CT: lol, well...can I pass …lol

Trent: mmmmm hmmm, "How you doin'?" so do you guys get along oh okay? Or is there typical gay boy mess in the equation?

Valentino-Of-CT: no.

Trent: So do you enjoy my blog?

Valentino-Of-CT: I do. It’s hilarious, but enjoyable. Enjoyable, informative, deep…

Trent: okay, I thought I was being boring this week but I'll keep it coming!

Valentino-Of-CT: nah

Trent: You know Someone accused me of being Alex as a ploy to sell more books, how do you feel about that?

Valentino-Of-CT: I think it’s ridiculous. Would that really work? What would one have to do with the other?

Trent: Not on a blog, maybe if I were like really famous. I thought it was kinda cute. But it doesn't really matter, because I truly believe he's crazy.

Valentino-Of-CT: ok did u really throw mustard on him? I was trying to imagine that and almost died…

Trent: and I think that he's really straight to, trying to play both sides of the field, so there it is, yes, and some, he was being modest, but he didn't want to make himself look too bad so it is what it is, you know?

Valentino-Of-CT: yeah fools and their confusion

Trent: I think boys are stupid…so are you originally from Ct?

Valentino-Of-CT: yes, born and raised Trent: I just recently found out that black people lived there!

Valentino-Of-CT: lol, see there yes and we have ghettos too, some of the worst in the country!

Trent: I would love to come there and see that and snap pictures, get out and tour...I've never experienced that before…How was your upbringing?

Valentino-Of-CT: it was cool. No project life or anything like that, but still some typical black household shit…Turn off the T.V. when its lightning out

Trent: I like that.... when I hear Ct...I think of New England and trees and white people and things.... That’s really cool though...

Valentino-Of-CT: yeah everyone seems to think that.

Trent: so you're out...have you always known you were gay?

Valentino-Of-CT: no I always knew I was different but I didn’t realize what the difference was until my teenage years.

Trent: so you're completely gay, not bi?

Valentino-Of-CT: I'm gay. I enjoy women to look at…

Trent: yes!

Valentino-Of-CT: possibly to desire…

Trent: that’s as far as it goes…

Valentino-Of-CT: but there's no romantic connection.

Trent: yes!

Valentino-Of-CT: right.

Trent: love it.

Valentino-Of-CT: at least not yet.

Trent: so what’s your waist size?

Valentino-Of-CT: 30-32.

Trent: skinny bitch!

Valentino-Of-CT: lol

Trent: So will the blogdom ever get to see a bare photo of you, without glasses, without that red hat, looking straight into the camera saying "Hi world, How you doin'?"

Valentino-Of-CT: maybe…I didn’t want to just have a bare pic.

Trent: I think you like the elusive edge...which works for you.

Valentino-Of-CT: I felt the need to be original, yes.

Trent: what’s your sign?

Valentino-Of-CT: plus u know how the kids talk, Scorpio.

Trent: You and I are sexually compatible!

Valentino-Of-CT: you're a Pisces?

Trent: yes, how did you know? Well, among sex were compatible...that’s that fag mentality, I have it to…

Valentino-Of-CT: because I have been with maybe 3-4 Pisces based on that whole compatibility and am always approached by Pisces.

Trent: I ain’t approachin’ you! But do you think Pisces and the scorpion are compatible?

Valentino-Of-CT: I think so, but I think its shaky ground, if both aren’t careful about the other's feelings.

Trent: yes, have you had a lot of negative experiences within the community?Valentino-Of-

CT: not a lot, but some…

Trent: has that altered the way you feel about other homosexuals?

Valentino-Of-CT: nah it hasn’t. I still take everyone as they are but I do notice things beforehand, if its something I've seen before u know what I mean.

Trent: yes...So why do you think homosexuals base everything on image and sex?

Valentino-Of-CT: I think it’s because unlike heterosexuals, we don’t see anything other than that. Heteros have grown watching their parents,watching people on TV, and how they engage with each other. But the homosexual hasn’t seen anything like that, so what can they base being homosexual on but sex because u don’t see two guys on TV holding hands and being in love sharing a home with kids and bills

Trent: do you always see yourself doing the kind of work that you're doing now? Or do you aspire to be something else?

Valentino-Of-CT: I like the work that I do…but not as a job so I would always like to do it maybe as volunteer. I ultimately aspire to be a writer and I also have some interest in doing something in fashion possibly one in the same.

Trent: maybe we can do work together...I see you definitely being a fashionisto, your style is very unique, and I see that from your photos.

Valentino-Of-CT: really? Thanks!

Trent: yes.... there is something interesting about you, that’s why I had to speak with you...I am glad that you allowed me to get in your brain.

Valentino-Of-CT: its cool…I appreciate the interest.

Trent: how tall are you?

Valentino-Of-CT: 6'0

Trent: what 160?

Valentino-Of-CT: 155.

Trent: so typical.

Valentino-Of-CT: lol

Trent: It's all in fun! I love being FAT!

Valentino-Of-CT: lol

Trent: I do, and people think I am insecure about it.

Valentino-Of-CT: yeah, because they are.

Trent: yes...they are, not me. Fuck them

Valentino-Of-CT: I hear you. U like to make other people uncomfortable out of their fear?

Trent: No...I try to make people feel comfortable about having their thoughts. The thoughts that they are scared to verbalize.

Valentino-Of-CT: oh ok

Trent: It's normal, it's okay to have your likes and dislikes and talk about people it's normal! What I do have a problem with is people who try to make me feel uncomfortable for being who I am, that’s when I begin my fat man/skinny bitches are evil rant.

Valentino-Of-CT: lol

Trent: but I told everyone that I wasn't going to talk about it anymore, but I still found a way to slide in the blog...So what is up with you an the situation with the weekend "dog" trip

Valentino-Of-CT: Oh? The guy he's cool works for POCC, does sort of the same thing I do, but of course they have more money so they do more…

Trent: so what direction is the relationship going in?

Valentino-Of-CT: well, we've been trying to get together since last summer

Trent: so obviously there is something there.

Valentino-Of-CT: I'm a sucker for romance…

Trent: yes, so I am!

Valentino-Of-CT: and he has that capacity.

Trent: what's his sign?

Valentino-Of-CT: plus I like a masculine man confident in his sexuality, Sag

Trent: gotcha. What does he look like?

Valentino-Of-CT: He's a lil’ shorter than me works out bowlegged brown-skinned, cornrowed, wide eyes…stylish

Trent: too many conflicting things going on with that picture...let me get back to you on that...

Valentino-Of-CT: lol

Trent: So let me ask you. Why do all of the cute people hang together?

Valentino-Of-CT: I have no idea.

Trent: Well I am sure all of your friends are attractive.

Valentino-Of-CT: I don’t know if I hang with all cute people…well yeah I think like attracts like.

Trent: That’s so shallow! You have a fat boy in your crew?

Valentino-Of-CT: lol! Actually I do!

Trent: shut me down why don’t ya!

Valentino-Of-CT: lol

Trent: ...moving right along the token fat boy, is he dark skin, with rolls on the back of his neck?

Valentino-Of-CT: well since I don’t have many friends...he's not token. He's actually one of the closest and he's kind of a former fat boy as he's lost a ton of weight he's not skinny though.

Trent: he don't count! so when I come to the east coast, can we go on a date?

Valentino-Of-CT: sure! Are u paying? lol

Trent: (rolls my eyes) cute people always think their looks get them everywhere

Valentino-Of-CT: lol, I don’t!


Valentino-Of-CT: but someone once told me do I use it to get me places I thought that was the craziest thing.

Trent: Well you said you used it to get places, earlier…most skinny people are unintentionally aware of it.

Valentino-Of-CT: I think that’s a misconception.

Trent: well here is your op to clear it up!

Valentino-Of-CT: I think attractive people are the most fragile people. Everyone else may think you're attractive, but u may not see what they see, because you most likely have had haters the majority of your life and didn't know why people were calling you ugly and all these things and once someone said..." you're cute” its like huh?

Trent: yes, I know about that too. I think the first time a guy was attracted to me and actually pursued me when I was 20 So I know how that feels, to feel ugly...and then someone tells you you're cute....

Valentino-Of-CT: yes

Trent: So, I am working on a magazine and I would love to hand you the fashion section!

Valentino-Of-CT: are you sure?

Trent: we can all come up on the come up together.

Valentino-Of-CT: that’s good stuff

Trent: You're such a controlling bitch and I love it. You agree to disagree, you have an opinion, you know you're cute, but you pretend to be modest, you despise haters and a few other things but I love the package!

Valentino-Of-CT: LMAO

Trent: the wrapping is nice and fresh too I mean well, it is what it is.

Valentino-Of-CT: thank you so much

Trent: You're such the asshole, game recognizes game...and we could get along very well, cause you and I are so much alike, and that could work either way

Valentino-Of-CT: kool

Trent: is it really?

Valentino-Of-CT: yes you are funny as hell

Trent: me?

Valentino-Of-CT: yes

Trent: I guess. I amuse myself, at times everyone doesn't get my humor it's too raw for their booty holes.

Valentino-Of-CT: lmao

Trent: So we've been talking for two hours and I have a few more questions Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What should we expect from you in the future? Can I get your number?

Valentino-Of-CT: I expect to be in ATL in five years with one book published, a Bachelors in English. I plan to have purchased a home or in the process of buying one. In the future you can expect more writing from me and something in the realm of fashion and more work in the LGBT community. How old are u?

Trent: I don’t answer age questions!

Valentino-Of-CT: mmmmm

Trent: How old do you think I am?

Valentino-Of-CT: I'm thinking you’re 23.

Trent: I think you read that somewhere I usually tell people I am 27, because if I tell them my real age they don't take me serious, but yes I am 23.

Valentino-Of-CT: that’s very impressive.

Trent: thank you...

Valentino-Of-CT: that’s so outstanding.

Trent: last question, is your dick big?

Valentino-Of-CT: is yours?

Trent: You were supposed to laugh!

Valentino-Of-CT: lol

Trent: you're whack.

Valentino-Of-CT: I read your interview with Fred or somebody

Trent: I interviewed Rashid, and Fred You're the first blogger. I want to interview ShawnQT next! He's very nice.

Valentino-Of-CT: yes he is

Trent: Oh so you know Shawn?

Valentino-Of-CT: only from his comments

Trent: whatever you're a liar! That’s the third lie

Valentino-Of-CT: lol

Trent: You'll see it in print. But I do love showing my dick, and I love my body, especially my pelvic area, and my ass!

Valentino-Of-CT: well that’s hot!

Trent: is it?

Valentino-Of-CT: yes!

Trent: I think I want to take nude pictures…

Valentino-Of-CT: u should.

Trent: I love my thighs too!

Valentino-Of-CT: kool.

Trent: People can take a lot from you, but they can never take your truth!

Valentino-Of-CT: I hear that…

Trent: So it's been great, and I am so glad that we've had this time together,Valentino.... I’m sure you'll be getting a lot of Traffic.

Valentino-Of-CT: yes, thanks to you

Trent: I thank you...and have your answering machine call mine....

Valentino-Of-CT: it was a pleasure!

Trent: yes it was, next time we have to do this over lattes!

Valentino-Of-CT: mmmmm I don’t like coffee

Trent: okay margaritas!

Re-Entering The Real Realm

I feel so out of touch, yet inclusive in the world! When I got back to my layer I had 70 unread emails! How about that for validation!

Today was my first day back in corporate negro America.

After a trimester of thoroughly luxuriating in the creative, pseudo-bohemian, lifestyle that enabled me to launch my book and proclaim my self made "renaissance man" status. I began to realize that this isn't for me. I hate working for other people, and me being use to working on my creative hybrid, I really can't cope in cubicles, office gossip, and white man, fuck-my-way to the top office politics.

I totally have gotten use to going to my own setup, emailing, faxing, and marketing my self all day and of course reading your blogs! And sharing my experiences with you, the readers.

Not to mention I hate having to prove myself all over. And having folks putting me on a glass slide to put me under that "Is he gay?" microscope. Oh PAHLEASE!

And what makes my re-entry back into the Black man's hell is that, there is this girl that likes me! She had already came to my cubicle 8 times and gave me compliments on my hair, my clothes, my lips, my eyes, and even followed me to the corporate coffee pot to bask in the glow of the mixing my instant hot corporate sponsored coco in with my freshly brewed Irish-cream-esque coffee. And then she goes, "I thought I was the only one that did that!" Then she wanted to ask me if I was married, had kids, all that talk. After I told her I felt marriage was a setup and a sham, and children were a curse she said, "I should steal your seed!" I was out done. I turned around in my corporate-air-pressurized swivel chair and went about my business. I think tomorrow I will tell her I am into sucking dick and having semen shot on my face while in the moment...Although I don't blame her for having a crush on me, because I am attractive, I am like find another victim who wants to be converted! Uh as if!

I was wondering if she could introduce me to the cutie in the red polo shirt that is the delivery boy or something of the sort. I am trying to figure out if he is Latin or a mix of both. Nice complexion, about 5-7" 165-170 thick in the right spots, with a perched edible booty....I could....Let me stop. He is hot and I will get that before the week is out!

I had fun especially on my 20 minute train ride to my pseudo-posh neighborhood where I can be with my familiar laptop that has been giving me grief that will soon be replaced by a MAC, my bed, my phone, and my blogdom...

But no the white girl didn't tell he fat black girl "If you're hungry, I have extra food," while she was standing at the vending machine.

All Negroes can not read lips. And then I walked in the bathroom, and I asked myself, "Damn what did he eat for lunch?"

Overall I miss my freedom! I think Vonzell should be the American Idol, but I think Carrie may win. Tonight Los Angeles has a new mayor, Antonio Villagarwhatever....Great. It's after 1 and I have to wake up in the morning now...

Tomorrow I am delivering the world exclusive interview with Valentino-Of-CT. Find out what makes him tick, Who his blog friends are, and his goals for the future, plus some dirt....You don't want to miss!


Pickin' My Own Damn Brain

It's so fuckin' amazing to me the shit you come up with when you are by yourself. Like I don't know why I was thinking about having sex in the bathtub like 5 seconds ago, or why people think all Black men have big dicks....anyway. Or like why the boys you like don't have any interest in you, or they have boyfriends, but you know if they weren't with the other dude, some how, some way the two of you would be together. Then you start thinkin' of crafty ways to break them up to live out your dream of living up on a castle with that dude, cooking him dinner, giving him a bath, then having wild circus sex. See this is bullshit. Anyway....
So I was thinking right. About a few things (as you can tell). And one of these things will be a recurring issue with me and my blog, so if you don’t like it, kiss my fat caramel ass!
I am so muthafuckin' tired of these crazy people going on television talkin’ about “I want a body like Janet Jackson!” Why can’t people just be them fucking selves? I AM SO EXTREMELY TIRED (I’m tired, but I deal with it) of society and these advertising people telling the whole United States that thin is cute, muscle is better, and being the opposite (fat) isn’t! I was so disturbed when that girl went on MTV and spent 7,000 to get skinny. Bitch you betta eat a burger and be glad you’re plump and love yourself for who you are.
Anyway, I won’t mention being fat anymore this week. I am irritated by all these people being pre-occupied with wanting to look like these skinny, anorexic looking bitches. I am gonna kick down the door and make it okay to be fat, then I am gonna get skinny and date only skinny people…(bad joke) but damn y’all be y’all fuckin’ selves! And don't be emailin' me talking about I am insecure, cause I have gotten those emails before, BITCHES!
Another thing I was thinking about was High School and how much I hated that shit. I am glad that shit is over and 5 years have gone by since I’ve had to set foot and be tortured for eight hours. I can’t wait to show up at the 10-year reunion and slay these bitches. Anyway…
I wasn’t exactly liked in high school. Can you imagine my mouth now, and put that in high school? I don’t know if I was worse then or worse now. Anywho, to say the least I never made friends with the straight boys because I was too secure in my being a homosexual and didn’t pretend to be straight to fit in. So of course I was the fabulous fag behind all of the glam girls at school. But there were 3 boys in particular that were straight that actually hung out with me and put their reputations on the line to be cool with me, because they saw me for what I was and not for what everyone else said about me. And when you’re a secure 14 year old and you have the smarts, charisma, talent, and the orations of an adult that can be a smidge intimidating, especially when you're getting into your own and trying to find your own aisle in the grocery store. But I excuse the haters because they all want to be cool with me now and it’s like 8 years too late.
Joshua Silverstien, who is the genius behind the cover of my book, was the very first to befriend the flamboyant, loud, young Trent some 9 years ago. That meant a lot to me. Especially since he was on the TOP 10 MOST POPULAR boys list, he was like number 1 or 2! He truly put his reputation on the line to make me feel comfortable and accepted...and he went out of his way to always speak to me in a crowded all (which meant everything in High School), kick it with me at lunch, and even handed me a 20 dollar bill for my birthday...and didn't care who saw. His kind words and his support in all of my creative works mean the world to me. In all of my years as a writer, I will never be able to form letters into words, to make sentences to form paragraphs that will express my unyielding gratitude to him----I think by far Josh has taught me one of life’s biggest lessons: accept people for who they are, not what others think of them.

J.A.M (we’ll call him) was the nicest kid to me. He had reservations, and rightfully so. We got tight my last year of high school, but that later fell through after this girl who had a crush on him circulated a malicious rumor that he was gay because he was friends with me. Which ultimately effected his relationships after high school. I am pissed off at that, because what she said never happened, and it cost me a real friend in the process. J and I had so much fun together. He was a joker like I was and he knew how to have fun-but he couldn’t be friends with me, since the question of the year for him was becoming “Are you gay?” Even 3 years after high school. He couldn’t handle that. But maybe in time I could have my friendship back with him.
J.G. was this fool who called me fag one time too many. It’s so funny how straight boys will never admit that they want to befriend the punk in high school, because we are the realest and coolest people in High School. We are the ones that have everything together, but we are just dealing with our rejection issues and our “Fitting in” issues but everything else is in tact. This man taunted me, but he was good friends with my arch-nemeses this other fag named Kasey who was the only Black tennis star at our school. I didn’t understand how he could be friends with that punk but wasn’t cool with me. But once J.G. met me, it was obvious who the cooler one was. We kicked it and he had been to my house a few times, he’s crazy (literally) but he’s cool though. Then the tennis star put an end that and told J.G. that told him how I planned to “turn him out” or something along those lines. Which is retarded because no one is gonna let you do anything they don’t want to do right? So there is no such thing…we’re not friends. But I did get a message through a mutual friend that he says hello, he asked about me, and congratulations on my book, he wants a copy. As for the Tennis star, he’s in a state mental health facility being treated for multiple personality disorder, how sad, but touching…
What was the purpose for this blog? Who knows? Crazy Day at the office. Working on my calendar for the year, working on my new book, and planning my “Summer Cool Down Barbeque.”
See that’s what I like about myself, I always plan events for the year. I am crazy, who and the hell has a “Summer Cool Down Barbeque?” and why name it that. Can you really cool down in the summer? The premise is, it actually takes place annually the second weekend in June before it’s officially summer, so it’s not that hot, and I like to set the tone for the rest of the summer barbeques by having mine before everyone else does. Taking the title of the best barbeque, I think I am feeling the luau theme this year…
The Sunday after Christmas I always have the “Annual Let’s Be Friends, After Christmas Sunday Brunch” And yes all of that is on the flyer. I’m insane, I know.

I've just added the 1st annual Trent Jackson Halloween Excursion Cruise 2005...Great, American Idol Tonight, Me on Ellen Tomorrow, and lets keep it up shall we?

P.S. I've just been granted an exclusive interview with Valentino-Of-CT! I'm so excited, stand by for that...

I love luxuriating with you!


Seductively Me...

My weekend was great. It was so fun spending time and being one with myself. I watched White Chicks, and I watched a lot of my home movies that I haven’t seen in a while. It was great to see what I was doing 4 years ago and how my life has just fallen into place. How I planned my life to become Trent Jackson and how he is slowly evolving into the persona and figure that I want him to be.

I think the highlight of my weekend was layin’ on my back with my legs cocked up watchin’ Desperate Housewives wishin that Shawn Wayans would paint my sugar walls white, with his thick juicy love, but instead I played with my mandingo, industrial strength, swivel head, multi-orgasmic, stroke me down baby 3500 model dildo that the homie, blogger#31905 sent me a few weeks back.

Last night I watched Tupac Resurrection on Showtime. Tupac was a great Black man. My appreciation and my fondness of him as a person didn’t grow on my until I watched his self-narrated documentary in it’s entirety. We have a lot in common. As far as our expression of life, as it is for us. Our narrative, our need, and want to better for our people and our lives. Our rawness, candidness, our openness, and willingness to let people experience life outside of their own for a moment. He’s brilliant. And his song of life inspires me to continue on to share my story.

Me and my mom have been bonding for the last few days-which is a good thing. Me and my mother have definitely had our differences. The normal teenage stuff, her dealing with my sexuality, her finally being comfortable and accepting it more and more everyday. Her learning who I am, my experience, who I want to become…normal conflict. But I am fortunate for the bond that is forever growing and strengthening.

As children we don’t recognize the sacrifices that our parents make and we don’t see the struggle that they go through to make their children happy. They try their dammed best to give us everything they didn’t have; and though not anywhere near perfect, we often blame them for things that they didn’t have power over. We never realize the cycles in our lives. The cycles that are parents our apart of, and if they aren’t smart enough to break the chains, they pass them on to their children; hence making the same mistakes that their parents made with them.

I always blamed my mother and family for not supporting me enough. The mental anguish that they put me through; calling me stupid, calling me fat, not listening to me, and hearing me strive for my creative expression. The things that hurt me and ultimately setup a crimson stain of insecurity that at 23, I am just now getting over.

I wrote my book as a way to get over my problems, my issues, that I recognize that we all as humans share. I put it out there on the line so people could learn and understand that they weren’t the only ones going through something. If you can read my story about how I was insecure, how I was molested for a year, how I lost my father and grandmother to murder, how I felt out of place, and how I made a mold to be content within myself, anyone can survive and be productive in their own rite. My book is and always will be very personal to me, it’s my story, it’s very revealing and it helped me heal who I am, and it has created the strong person that you all know as Trent Jackson.

As I begin my week, I am grateful. I am grateful that my family is getting stronger everyday. I am grateful that our past isn’t who we are as people today. It is just simply a reminder, a stepping-stone, a growth, a tenth of who we use to be. I am grateful and excited that I have a cousin who is getting ready to be released from jail. A relationship that I am looking forward to mending. I am grateful for my expression and art of life. For I never know what will happen, where my road will lead, where it will end. But with each experience, I learn something new everyday.

I enjoy life for all of its simplicities and complexities. I am just another person in the world interacting on a plane sharing my experience, learning from yours. Blessing others with my gifts.

I am grateful for all of you who show me support. Who stay interested and who are manifestations of this gift. Life is beautiful.
Learn how to accept life for what it is. Don’t let it get the best of you.


The Week In Review

Everybody knows, almost doesn’t count.

This will probably be one of the most interesting weeks in the second quarter. I say quarter because I run my own corporation, and I think in quarters all the time so please excuse me. Between Dave Chappelle checking in, and Alexander professing his love to me in front of the world, I don’t know which one of those fools is the craziest.

This is going to be a long blog, so get yourself some popcorn, buffalo wings, a blunt, whatever you do while you luxuriate, get it.

First things first, Shawn #1 is great. He’s a really nice guy. Although I have my reservations about him…LOL. Anyway.

There are some great blogs that you have to checkout, they’re really great, and they’ve visited my blogdom. First there is No4realNo4real, he’s a cutie, plus he’s really funny. I think that he is trying to take me from my self proclaimed thrown of “Blog Poster-Boy for Candidness” (thanks Chris E., whom I also adore…some days at least). Then we have Basquiat in Brooklyn, the 22-year-old man with the 5-year plan (soft core porn star...). He’s a PH.D. Student and he has a lot to say. Besides being 22, in a Doctorate program, he’s cute. I thought I was doing something at 22, I bet he is impressive on paper, just as he is on photo. Then we have Jason Cooper, the young romantic at heart, who is also a man with the plan. I am just very happy that there are so many YOUNG (a great thing, defining paths today, leading the future tomorrow) BLACK (defying the stereotypes) GAY (defying more stereotypes, thusly doing something positive and showing people you can be functional and out of the closet…) MEN (do I have to explain this?) doing positive things that will benefit the globe. These are blogs you have to read and check out, they are phenomenal fascinating people. I love them already! “And Tell Yo Friends”

East coast boys are so much better than the west coast boys, I’m movin’. Damn these piss colored cats in Honda Civics on 17’s or better yet assholes with Range Rovers….

Dave Chappelle. I guess he became Tyrone Biggams after all huh? No, but all shit aside, the pressure that comes a long with having the best selling DVD of all time has got to be great, along with 50 million dollars, plus residuals. I am glad that he recognized his need for help and didn’t go out like Whitney or many other of our people that kicked down doors and made it easier for the generations to follow.

Everybody knows, almost doesn’t count. This is the first and last time I will address, Mr. Alexander Jacobs and his blogdom of followers, whom of which were mine first.

While I am totally into the fact that Alex has everything that I want in a man physically, mentally, and financially, the most important and deciding factor is missing from the equation, his emotional state. This isn’t a situation where you take the good with the bad or compromise your own mental and emotional equilibrium to be content sexually or materially. That’s tired. And that’s what he’s use to dealing with. Besides I am not a material person anyway…

While it is fine and dandy that he’s attractive, he lives in a million dollar house, he drives an 80 thousand dollar car, because we all on some level want the success and the status to be like Mr. Jacobs-that means nothing if you have the potential to be verbally or emotionally battering. Or you’re prone to get tired and move on cause you wouldn’t be able to handle “two egos, two prides, two struggles, two different experiences…”

I will not now, nor will I ever compromise my self for being in a potentially hazardous situation. Alex called me fat. That’s fine, cute even. It's half way funny. Thank God for self-esteem and not letting others tell me I am less than because of my size! If being fat is the formula for happiness, self-worth, not putting up with peoples shit, their issues, problems, etc. So be it. I don’t have to change who I am to be with anyone. If you don’t like what the package is wrapped in find another one. Don’t try to change the wrapping and make me who you want me to be. I am an individual. I WILL ALWAYS BE THAT.

He says he’s never been in an emotional relationship with a guy. Okay, find someone else who is down for the experiment. What do I do if I decided to be with you and you didn’t like the idea of the emotionality that went along with the sex? Then what? I am left somewhere pissed off regretting the decision in the first place. But because you made up for things everywhere else, I settled, I compromised, that’s something I never do. Settle. I understand the compromise factor, but we’re not in a relationship, and this would be compromising who I am.

If Alex can’t ask me how my day is now, or he's calling me fat now, what the fuck is the nigga gonna do when I am really with Him? Try to knock me down the stairs like Ike did Tina? I don’t think so! The nice 8,930 dollar ring, or your bank account doesn’t take place of my pursuit of happiness or my partner knowing and accepting me for me. PERIOD! Take it or leave it, would love to have it. But I'd rather be broke and happy versus rich and miserable.

Now if I was one of these cute size 32 waist boys who was out for the loot and didn’t mind having my rectum turned inside out maybe.

But I am greater than that, and you can’t respect that. I need understanding, stability, acceptance, true love, conversation. I haven’t got 1 out of 5 from Alex.

I think Alex should experience and explore relationships with men a bit more, before trying to approach me. I know what I am looking for, and he’s not it. Alex has the potential to be a great mate, but it’s not my job (and I won’t make it my job) to make him who I want him to be or make him what he should be.

My advice to Alexander Jacobs is this: You’re use to getting what you want, when you want it. I want you to realize that under the Rover, your salary, your house, all that material shit that thirsty fags are attracted to, there lives a heart. Find out what it is that you want to become and make an effort to become that person without involving other people or taking people who have realized what it is they want and need on a roller coaster ride that they don’t want to be on. When you’re ready to be the person that YOU want to be, I will be waiting. If I’m not with anyone we can try it again, if I am, we can be friends. I’m willing to help you through-but I am not going to allow my self to be drug through the mud emotionally to help you understand who you are.

As usual to my readers, thank you, I appreciate your instant gratification, and I LOVE what I do for you. I am glad you can come here and learn something different every week, I love chatting with you.

ShawnQT. Shout me! We have to finish our conversation. T.C. thank you. Fred Smith, I see you!

Until next week.
Be Safe, Be Productive,
And Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise…

“And Tell Yo Friends…”