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At This Moment, By: Trent Jackson

So finally I plug my book. I've never really gone into detail about my book, so this post is used to increase my sales and inform the blogdom that my writing and talent goes beyond this space.

If you like my blogs, then you'll love my book! Order it and support me in the advancement of...I am extremely proud of my work and I am glad that it has been successful thus far. I want everyone to read it...because it's good.

My blogger "friends" who haven't got the book order it! Or else! I won't call you out...

Summary of the book:

What if you, your son, grandchild, nephew, cousin, friend, father, or boyfriend were gay? In addition to being gay what if he were Black? Overweight? What if he was molested as a child? Have you ever wondered what it is like for him to deal with the contradiction of church and religion? Do you know his fight for acceptance not rejection of his family? Have you thought about what it is like for a young Black male, that doesn't fit the average stereotype of a 20 year old Black male living in Los Angeles trying to find a balance between the mold given to him versus the one he wants to create for himself? We've all heard the stories of men on the "DL." The stereotypical "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy," story, but we've never heard a story in this raw of a form.

Meet, Maverick Williams, A 20-year-old fictional character in Trent Jackson's debut novel, At This Moment. At This Moment allows the reader to have a rhetorical conversation with Maverick, whose coming of age story is one that examines several social issues and his personal experiences that are a running commentary on his and society's perceptions and stereotypes on homosexuality, race, family, relationships and other aspects of a maturing Black male. On Maverick's trek to find love, acceptance and coming to grips with his own sexuality, he almost never finds what matters the most in life.

Click --->here<--- to read an excerpt, click --->here<--- to purchase, if you've read the book, and sign my comment box.

Thanks to: Tara Carter, No4real4real, Fred Smith, Sy, Shirley, Lisa, Laura, Melissa, and anyone of my blog friends that I forgot that bought my book in support of me! I truly appreciate it?tomorrow my conversation with SHAWNQT.


Anonymous said...

you know how much i love the book so i will just say for anyone who doesn't have it, get it. you will not be sorry.


No4real4real said...

Hey I am looking forward to reading it. Good luck on the sales. BTW I am also looking forward to the interview with SQT.

Frank León Roberts said...

Cant wait to see and read all the horny details!

Will said...

Ordering my copy today. Post "Down For Whatever," I need some more gay fiction in my life.

ShawnQt said...

I'm going to see if I can find or order your book in NYC sometime next weekend, promise.