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Back To Regularly Scheduled programming...

I can't believe it's Friday already. Damn yesterday it seemed like Monday and I was planning my blog week out. Well It's too late to talk about 'The Honda Civic Theory', and my Interview with Fred Smith, but I promise that will be at the top of the week!

Today my childhood friend, Chereese is graduating from LMU with her degree in Political Science. Today is the day, for the first time I will be presenting opening arguments in a court case, so I will tell you how that goes.

I am glad Scott is finally gone off of American Idol! And I can live my life simple without interruption on Tuesday. For some strange reason I feel that Carrie and Vonzell will be the final two.

Everything is in balance in my realm tonight. For I feel refreshed, calm, and at peace. I've dealt with things head on, I didn't stress about what I couldn't change. My faith was renewed in men, I had a good date, I made a connection with a new friend, I told someone that I had a crush on them, and I felt collective and connected with my people...this has been a good week.

This weekend will be another work week. I'll work on my book and my play. I have a lot of social events this weekend, so it should be fun. I'll write back on Monday morning, but if something else happens you know I'll tell you...

Thank you, my readers for your support and your validation. Shot outs to Chris (yes you), Tara, J. Jackson, and Shawn's fine ass. Why does he have to be so cute?

Tonight I will pray and ask God to help me be a better person. I will ask him to allow me to continue my life to be an example so those that are pressed on every side can know that they can make it with strength and determination. I will ask God to help me help those who can not understand. I will ask him to continue bestowing blessings upon me so I can bless others. I will ask him for guidance and I will ask him to blessed all of those who have cursed and blessed me. I will ask him to continue to be the source of my strength and the source of your strength. I will ask him for understanding, peace, and the grace that he has bestowed on me thus far. I will thank him for my gifts, my life, my family, my friends, my trials, my pain. My blessings.

Back To Regularly Scheduled programming...
I love life. And I love the life I lead.


Nicole said...

Can I be honest? I thought that you were a bit too crass fo rmy style. I even thought that you were some what of an asshole. But I love and respect you so much! You tell it like it is and you don't allow people to run over you and once you said what you had to say, you're done. You're a great dude and hopefully I can meet you one day. I've read your entire blog and I think you are fascinating.

ShawnQt said...

LOL, Trent You Cute Crazy Ass, I swear, lol!