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Haaaaaayyyy! (In the usual hey girl tone...)

For the record, I am not a bottom. Looks, sounds, illusions, facades are very deceiving, deceptive even. So all of you thugged out people that have bought my book thinking that Maverick is Trent, think the fuck again. I've never been fucked and unless you're icing me down with this then I am not interested in being done. Aiight? Put that where? Back there! Going through all of that just for sexual purposes is not for me, for some, but not for me. Great.

But are you friends? It's so very good to see you as usual. I've been enjoying and basking in the day in the life of the struggling writer named Trent. I am making it and surviving. I've been enjoying my time to myself, reading blogs by No4Real4Real, damn he's gorgeous (why are all the cute ones taken?), my outspoken counterpart Blogger#31905, Smilingonthadl, Fred, and Shawn#2. Speaking of Fred, I PROMISE I will deliver his interview by the end of the week. Tomorrow, The Honda Civic Theory.

Is it me or is Vonzell coming for Carrie? All of the Idols tonight served it! Even little Anthony...I think Bo maybe getting voted off, he appears tired and sluggish...Vonzell, go for it! Even if you do take number 2...look at Clay Aiken.

Congratulations to Reesey on her B.S. in Political Science from LMU! I got drunk at her graduation party! It was cute, 6 margaritas, glazed with 3 smirnoffs, a triple shot of Tequila, 2 Vodkas & Cranberry and a ginger ale later, I turned into the drunk socialite fag from Morocco! Can you imagine!?

No man drama this week, except I feel a relationship comming on. I always know when I am getting ready for one, because I have dreams about it and I always sleep a little closer with my pillow. So hmm, I'll let you know.

I am excited about the month of October, I am in the early planning stages of the "Trent Jackson Weekend," more of that to come. Rashid, I want you to be apart!

As usual much love to you all! For your support, your words, your gestures, your sincerity, your blessings, I love you and I thank you! To all of my bloggers in the galaxy (in the left column) thank you for expressing! I love what you do!

Until tomorrow...

P.S. Y'all like the new colors?
My Fame will last more than 15 minutes...


TheBlacks said...

If Rashid hits up Cali in October -- I'm there!

Introducing Alexander said...

So Trent,
I guess by your first paragraph you're talking to me right? If all it takes is that ring meet me tomorrow at noon. We'll work on the other later

Anonymous said...

Trent I hate you.
You have that fine ass man on your jock.
you have a book.
you are attractive.
you're smart.
All you do is fuckin complain! Shut the fuck up!
I hate people like you who have everything.

SmilingOnThaDL said...

Thanks for tuning in!

Anonymous said...

one of my favorite things too is that lil blue box. i love you for that. who is that fine ass alexander? are we not sharing info here? you holding out on your sister? oh my t are you falling in love? love will find you!!! i am loving the new look. i love the new color.

disgruntled said...

LOL @ "bite me biatch"

ShawnQt said...

The blue is you, I heard that all shades of blue is ur favorite color. I love blue as well... but I'm gay, I love all the colors, lol.

ShawnQt said...

Reeeeeeeeeeeeewind.... TRENT, yo we have to talk about something LOL, u have to hit me up!

Rashid @ Old Gold Soul said...

I like the blue a lot.

adina said...

Yes Honey your fame will last more than 15 minutes!