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The Honda Civic Theory

I have this little theory here. It’s proven to be true (and Blogger#31905 thinks so too), at least in L.A. But the next time you’re driving in your local city, on your local highway, your local route. Look at the car next to you. Let me tell you what to look for. A Honda Civic Coupe. If you’re in an urban area, look for the coupe with tinted windows and 17” rims to compliment the boomin’ sound system to accompany the piss colored pretty boy behind the steering wheel.

Now before I go generalizing again, read my first two sentences in paragraph one. But I kid you not. It never fails me that these just for me permed-texturized head pretty boy dudes in these Honda Civic coupes that are sooped up with all the accessories are GAY.
Yeah I said it they are homosexuals. What man do you know drives a Honda Civic? Not only that a Honda Civic Coupe? Then has it tricked all out with all of the negroidian accessories.

So I am driving (and not even supposed to be) by Magic Johnson Starbucks (Yes Rashid it does exist and when you come we will sit down outside on the cabana and have latte chat) and I spotted 5 Civic Coupes, all men, all fit the prototype, and 4 out of the 5 I’ve seen them out at the club.

My point to all of this, nothing really. If you’re a man with a Honda Civic Coupe, you’re giving your secret away.

Nothing against the cute boys that drive these attention grabbing cars, I’d do one. In fact that’s my next mission. To conquer a boy that is apart of the Honda Civic Coupe Theory.

Off to Tiffany, looks like Alexander has presented me an offer I can not refuse. I'll be back in time to see Bo get voted off. Tomorrow we have Fred Smith


Anonymous said...

you are STUPID!!! i am going to look out for this. you shed so much light.

Introducing Alexander said...

Good thing I have a Range Rover. I guess no one suspects me right? And for someone who is so secretive about your actions you sure are tellin all your business about what you're doing today.

Frederick Smith said...

As usual T, too crazy :-)

But of course, only in L.A. will you find Hondas, Toyotas, VWs, Infinitis, Mercedes, and other imports in the majority on the road. Other places are still stuck with (shudder) domestics in the majority.

But I'll check out your theory and get back to you...

ShawnQt said...


Rashid @ Old Gold Soul said...

CRAZY! And I am STILL blown by the Magic Johnson Starbucks, LOLOLOL

Shawn said...

Trent, I am still picturing that fast talking we discussed earlier.

Frank León Roberts said...

lol, trent your blog is a scandal! i love it!

disgruntled said...

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