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In The Mind Of Trent


So we met ShawnQT! Didn't we all enjoy luxuriating with him? I just luv our impromptu session of cock sucking chat!! Didn't we sound like bonafide fellatio Divo's? I love it and I meant every word I said! That was so fun...I love Shawn because he was so open about it! That's what I am talkin' about! Fuck these bitches and what they think about throwin' lips to a phat one! You betta suck that dick! Make yo' man happy, cause if you don't hell be at me or Shawn's house...and you know Shawn is into that threesome shit, so watch it. Just take notes from us!

Shot out to Will in Brooklyn (Where Brooklyn At?) Who bought my book today! Shout out to No4real4real whos interview is coming up on Monday, who also bought my book! East Coast represent!! Woo Woo!

Didn't I tell y'all hoes carrie was gonna win!!!! I knew what I was talkin' about! She let America have it when she came out and sang 'Alone' by heart. She was lookin' pushed with her hair weave all done up and what not....Anyway.

So I'm enjoying corporate America. It's two weeks in, and I've talked to the cute boy with the cornrows...he's interesting, but not interesting enough to give blog space to. How about that?

The Official "Trent Jackson Excursion Tour 2005" is officially on. If you want to luxuriate with me on Halloween for, 4 days and 3 nights on a Boat to Mexico, shout me a holla for the details, the all inclusive Trip is only 350.00! What a bargain! Get at'll be fun!

I am so very glad that you guys have been enjoying my crazy ass this week...When it's all said and done, I still want to be loved. I still hurt like everyone else. I dream of being successful and being able to bless others. I still long for the day when my family can be a real unit. I often think about being in love...I'm still a person. Behind my mask, all the garb, the insecurities, lies my heart, my purpose, my passion, my belief, my mission, my love...

Thank you to: Sol, Wil, Frank, Shawn, Gary, Tara, Lisa, Melissa, Fred, and No4real4real, for your continuous support, your kind words, your thoughtless actions, and your matchless concern-I appreciate that.

And to you, the blogdom, for keep me motivated to give you more! (Buy My Book Bitches!!!!)

I love what I do for you.

Coming up this week, No4real4real, Frank Roberts, My Sister, and whatever else comes up.




Anonymous said...

i have never rock the mic and i never will but yall gave a damn good lesson last nite. fellas you better watch your man. these two can snatch um


ShawnQt said...

I can't wait for the No4real4real and Frank Roberts interviews!