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Luxuriating In Pure Bliss And Confusion...For All Of The Right Reasons


I am so glad that everyone has enjoyed my conversation with Valentino! Isn't he fun? I am gonna get a part two in a few months...I love him! Don't' you? I need SHAWNQT to stand up and answer the call of the bird named Trent! I need your exclusive! Do you think we can send out some emails to SHAWNQT and ask him to grant me an exclusive?

I have a plan for a blog next week. I want you all to send me questions and post questions that you have for me and I'll answer them, "Just Ask Trent..." Great

Smiling on the DL...The Gay Wendy Williams, I gladly take the title of that. I will always model myself after someone who is successful, Syndicated, and Superb! So I thank you for that...And "How Are you doin'''?" I have to come and visit with you....Maybe I can get you to show your face.

I've got a secret! This is the first time I am revealing my new image! Tell me how you like it...I don't care if you don't! Fuck You I'll always look good!

Put That Where? Back There! F.Y.I. The ultimate diss was on Wednesday May 18, 2005 at 1:22 a.m., Club Metro, The Here Lounge, West Hollywood, Ca. Two of the foulest things in the whole entire quarter happened to me and Reesey. Reesey is my girl, and she hangs out with me at the club when I do go out, which is once every blue moon, cause I'm allergic to sugar, I can't do nothin''' sweet! Anyway...

1. "R.J." This Boy disguised as a presumed heterosexual was spotted grindin' all up on this brick faced Latin boy. Not just any grindin' either. The kind of grindin' that Tyrese was doin' in Baby Boy, when he was bonin' the shit out of his babies momma! Wait was that his babies momma or the jump off? Anyway, you get it...Yes grindin' like that! So me an Reesey are there luxuriating, looking at all of the atmosphere, the strippers on the pole, the boys in timbz and doo rags, lookin' like tops but knowin' damn well they are bottom screamin' bitches...And "R.J." walks by. And she starts freakin' out I think that's Ryan, I think that's Ryan. I was lookin', in all of my inebriation, and he kept catchin' me look at him! I was tryin' to figure out if it was him and why was he dancin' up on that ugly boy like that. Now granted Ryan is cute, but the issue at hand here is, why was he at Reesey's graduation party just the week before tryin' to mack her down and "Get To Know her!" All up in her house tryin' to be in her grill, like she really needs another fabulous gay man in her background! Or a presumed dick suckin' straight man tryin' to bring her down! She is on her way to Law School she don't need no shit like this in her realm!

Now I understand why he didn't call her. Asshole! I knew he was gay, because he kept speakin' the gay code language to me...I got the tea honey, but I was like no he is not all up in my face tryin' to have a three some with me and my best friend! UH! I told Reesey that I was tryin to get his tea. But you can't speak fag talk when people are drunk...So with all that being said, he walks past and Reesey asks him if he is who she thinks he is. This muthafucka had the smile of a nigga eatin' watermelon in a field! While massaging her hand talkin' about my name is "R.J." GIRL! PAHLEASE. You know damn well you're name is Ryan and you're a fag! I even had to say "You were only at her house a week's not like you don't remember!" Put that where? BACK THERE! LITERALLY! Reesey, FUCK HIS ASS. Gorgeous or not. He's a shallow dick breathed punk! There is always Kevin...

2. So why was I hot tamale for this guy. I usually don't approach men, because I am so not the outspoken type in the real world. But anyway I muster up enough nerve in all of my drunkenness to say hi and introduce myself, as my real self, not Trent (A few of you know what I mean...). This muthafucka told me his name was man-man! I was so like, no...Where is your government issued I.D. that says that? Show me and then we can resume this conversation in a normal conventional way. I walk off, but have this gut urge to talk to him again. By this time, the club is over, the lights slowly rise to the occasion, and the children scatter like roaches, to avoid having their flaws seen with the flourescent light. 10 seconds later all of the fags are loitering in the front of the location, with the law present just in case, someone comes out with a dagger or blade of some sort. Man-Man walks off with his New York step. Me and Reesey move him down, hop in the Jetta and hit the corner. We swoop up on him, I roll down the window, explain to him that I usually don't talk to people while clubbin' (out of their shadiness and paranoia) but there was something about him that I liked, his style, his body language, his facial hair, the way he spoke, his cockiness, his arrogance, his charm, his thickness, his lips...just as I began to hand him my card he stopped me and said "Here take my number instead, I don't want my wife to find your card..."

comin' up this week, My night with Sol Edler, An Update on Corporate America, The Answers to your Questions, My Book Tour, How I need you, And My Conversation with ___________.

I love what I do for you!



Anonymous said...

i love how you just take me there!! when i read your blog i see EVEYTHING> damn you are tha man. anyway i like how you write then you put a photo in the slot. man the visual.

Valentino said...

You have got to be KIDDING me!!!! KIDDING ME !!! " I don't want my wife to find your card" !?!?!?!!? The devil is so busy !!

disgruntled said...

You look like a christian conservative waiting to pray for a gay soul in the pulpit...

That's just my opinion. What look are you going for?

Anonymous said...

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chaudes said...

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