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My Life In Pictures

People like, Frank & Rod, have these elaborate photo collages displaying these, skinny have naked men showing their penises advertising their tight rectum, lucious tongues and all that eye candy blah, blah blah.

Memorial day is set to remember those who have been killed purposely in combat at the hands of white men who send masses of young men and women to fight for reasons none other than population control.

My memorial day will be spent luxuriating on the past and remembering how the life of people that have been close to me past away. Remembering their life, their legacy, the good times...
Here are a few moments from my scrapbook that I'd thought I'd share.

Baby Trent @ 1o days old...

Me and my Favorite Uncle DuWayne when I was like months old or something of the sort.

Doesn't Everyone have the ghetto baby sink picture.

My First Birthday with my Cousin Marlon & Tamelah and my Cousin who I refer to as my sister, Tuesday who past away in January.


5th Grade, what is that like 1993?

My Jr. High School Graduation with My Uncle DuWayne,
My mom, Me, Tuesday and her mother, My Aunt Kay.

Who did I think I was in the 10th Grade? I had just got my
license and a BMW. You couldn't tell me shit!

My Senior Prom....My Fro was hot!

My High School year book pic. I was so glad to get outta there!

My High School Graduation. My Great Grandmother, My mom
My neighbor Hazel, My Grandmother & My Aunt.

My father, in which I'll be remembering today. He died when I was Six Years we look alike?

My 23rd Birthday party this past March. I didn't have on any makeup!
I feel so naked....
And This Fine Man is up next....


ShawnQt said...

Look at you Playa Playa, trying to be all attractive and shit, lol. You was a cute baby, u have a nice smile.

Myrah said...

I really enjoyed all you picturs strolling dowm memory lane! The baby pix are adorable! Love the bathtub one!