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NO! For Real!

I have no intention of being Skinny…” were the words out of his mouth. That set me off, seeing that his chest is chiseled like a damn Stone Age rock! I mean what does he want to share clothes with me or something? In all of his conspicuous antipathy, I got a little out of him. He didn’t play into my style, and I think it was too late in the evening for me to switch reels and turn it into a 3 hour impromptu session like ShawnQT or Frank...This has been my shortest interview thus far. Not a good or a bad thing.

I insinuated that there was this beef between he and Valentino-Of-Ct. He strongly denies it but I still feel that there is something that is there, that we can’t see. I’ll leave it alone, he is now a friend of mine, not only cause he supports me, but he’s not afraid to talk about Fat people!

He’s just like the rest of us, human. Living in his twenties, defining who he is, wanting security, working towards the future, having fun, testing his limits with people…Underneath his golden brown complexion, low-cut Caesar with the almost deep waves, No4Real4Real keeps it all the way real. He’s a normal guy with a plan to make his mark on the next generation, no4real!

Trent: So how are things?

No4Real4Real: Yo! Man I am great right now, chilling at home on my new desktop

Trent: is it a dell?

No4Real4Real: well yes it is! You approve?

Trent: Oh so you got sucked in by that commercial too? I was going to buy one, but I decided to wait to buy my MAC. I am tired of PC’S but it’s cool…It is what it is.

No4Real4Real: hey my cousin got me the hook up! I ran with it!

Trent: the "hookup?" what does that mean? Is that the "negrodian" hookup or what?

No4Real4Real: naw, not really

Trent: Ya'll buy it on somebody’s profile? Or a check? Or did it fall off the back of the truck?

No4Real4Real: she got down on a deal that I missed by like two weeks - I was able to use her
order number and get the discount

Trent: oh okay, legitimate. I like that

No4Real4Real: that is how I do…

Trent: Okay so I interviewed Valentino of Ct last week, and you read the interview, what was your reaction to that?

No4Real4Real: it was cool for the most part. Although I found it to be a little long but it was entertaining none the less

Trent: so what’s the real beef why you guys don't like each other?

No4Real4Real: ROTF - V is a great guy. No beef

Trent: hmm. For some reason I believe there is this silent beef, but nonetheless I can't fault you guys for not playing into it with me. You said that you were going to get me in a comment, so what did you mean by that?

No4Real4Real: just in reference to how you tried to play into it. You attempt to make it out to be more than what it is. Like now

Trent: really? I am not the only one who feels like that...a lot of people asked about it off record.

No4Real4Real: really? Who else?

Trent: Non-Bloggers. My fans really

No4Real4Real: okay - that is understandable, but no beef.

Trent: They were so fascinated with him, and when I mentioned your name, he insinuated
something was there

No4Real4Real: we comment on one another’s blogs

Trent: that’s all

No4Real4Real: we are good

Trent: oh okay. That’s good. I like to see the neighboring children stick together.

No4Real4Real: that is only because we do know one another

Trent: yes

No4Real4Real: CT is only but so big believe that

Trent: okay.... gotcha. So are you out?

No4Real4Real: naw, not yet, but it is surely coming to that

Trent: Really? That’s look so comfortable in your sexuality.

No4Real4Real: I am but it for me and who I choose to share it with

Trent: gotcha. So how old are you?

No4Real4Real: a fresh 25 and loving it

Trent: nice and ripe, what does 25 feel like?

No4Real4Real: it is hot! I been waiting for this year for like...25 years. I came into this year knowing big things are to happen. I am just laying the groundwork.

Trent: okay, so laying the ground work...apartment, boyfriend, etc? Blooming friendship rings?

No4Real4Real: LOL, in a sense. I am taking this year to get to know me better. Exploring my spirituality

Trent: YES...and spirituality does that involve a bible?

No4Real4Real: that is what I am working. I haven't been the biggest fan of Christianity, not to say I didn't like, just know much. I tell people I am on a spiritual quest of some sorts

Trent: tell the blogdom who No4Real4Real is...

No4Real4Real: I tried that on my introduction. I am sure it will be just as difficult now

Trent: can I answer that for you?

No4Real4Real: please do

Trent: I think No4Real4Real is just a man trying to find his balance in the grind of life. Just like everyone else you're on a journey to find your limits, find what makes you happy, and experience life for what it is and grow from every trial.

No4Real4Real: that is hot - I will go with that, see that is why you are the writer

Trent: I guess! Have you bought my book?

No4Real4Real: sorry can't say that I have

Trent: are you gonna get it?

No4Real4Real: I would love an autographed complimentary copy…you know - another hook up!

Trent: Why do all the Negro’s want a hookup? Why can't we support each other?

No4Real4Real: you admired that in me earlier, but yes I can support.

Trent: NO! I liked the legitimacy of your hookup. Not the hookup per se...

No4Real4Real: I can respect that

Trent: But sure I can autograph it for you...So you're married right?

No4Real4Real: I am taken yes

Trent: how is that working out?

No4Real4Real: two months now…you need to read my blog…this weekend was a mess

Trent: I will do that...Is the mess over?

No4Real4Real: yes it is, just crazy how relationships can be. I am madly in love with him.

Trent: I just put you on my list of part two's in 6 months.... so we'll see if you feel that way right before Thanksgiving.... speaking of Thanksgiving, you know people always come out at the dinner table. Do you want to be dramatic like that or did you want to leave like a letter on the kitchen counter?

No4Real4Real: all I have to do is tell my mother and the moment I leave the house she will be on the horn

Trent: oh do you fear being Fat?

No4Real4Real: been there and done that, I will leave that up to the pros.

Trent: oh so you use to be fat?

No4Real4Real: yeah I used to call my tummy Chub Roc.

Trent: oh wow! So did you loose weight to be apart of skinny gay culture? Or what was the reason?

No4Real4Real: it all happened when I entered college. I told myself that freshman 15 would not get me. I couldn't afford it. So I took control from there, I am very content with my physique the way it is now…not a lot of people can say that. I have no intention on being skinny.

Trent: I am very confident in my fatness! Love every chamber in my stomach.

No4Real4Real: I like em' thick

Trent: hmm…so they say. How tall are you?

No4Real4Real: 5'9”

Trent: yes.... and how much do you tip the scale at

No4Real4Real: 170 lbs

Trent...moving right along. Skinny ass “I have no intention of being skinny!” The last time I checked that was skinny…anyway.

No4Real4Real: lol

Trent: So do you like sucking dick?

No4Real4Real: wow you go straight for the jugular, lets just say sexually I am very oral

Trent: do you spit or swallow.... or do you like facials?

No4Real4Real: ROTF - that all depends on my partner

Trent: okay, so with "Baby" does he give you facials?

No4Real4Real: Baby is wonderful - I love him a lot

Trent: okay. So you swallow.

No4Real4Real: what do you do?

Trent: I like facials personally. I really like it when a guy grabs the back of my neck and slaps me with his dick on my lips, while spilling on my face...yes...

No4Real4Real: alright - you better get it

Trent: so do you eat ass?

No4Real4Real: I am on a diet

Trent: what? LOL

No4Real4Real: LOL

Trent: What does that have to do with anything? Are you insecure?

No4Real4Real: never insecure, Baby said I am a bit too forward. So I am restraining myself for him.

Trent: Baby said…? What do you think? What's your sign?

No4Real4Real: The ruler - Capricorn

Trent: OH SHIT this interview is over

No4Real4Real: LOL

Trent: so January?

No4Real4Real: January 7th

Trent: oh hell

No4Real4Real: big things happened on that date

Trent: like what

No4Real4Real: my birth

Trent: please, what sign is baby?

No4Real4Real: Scorpio

Trent: oh.... that works well

Trent: You know. You have a wonderful façade, I can so see through it though

No4Real4Real: can you? I was gonna say thank you…but damn...

Trent:'re clever. Meticulous, honest, rational, idealistic, and very intuitive.... refined, responsible

No4Real4Real: I am with this so far

Trent: But you’re concealing, skeptical, and detached too...malicious even if you're tempted. Overly reserved.... critical...

No4Real4Real: I can agree with most but I wouldn't call myself detached

Trent: hmm, I think so...I speak the truth

No4Real4Real: okay

Trent: LOL…so what is your perception of me

No4Real4Real: well...going by your blog I find you too be cool cat. You seem to enjoy the attention you receive from your blog, but think it is a bit of a front for you, perfect opportunity to reinvent they.

Trent: hmm.... I beg to differ

Trent: I've been like this since I was a child. So it's not a far fetch from who I am.... I like the attention. I mean I am a writer and a socialite.... it’s my job to like attention, that’s why I do what I do. But there is always need for reinvention, it’s what makes people like me more likeable. The ability to change and set trends.

No4Real4Real: I suppose but your blog give you a freedom that wouldn't express all the time. Take for instance your most recent blog, as forward as you are on your blog
I would have expected you to take charge and approach dude from the jump

Trent: no....see. It's not that simple. You have to feel people out...I know who’s attracted to me, and who's not

No4Real4Real: okay

Trent: and he wants to play games and all of that...but I usually don’t approach people because I don’t like dealing with rejection. I'd rather deal with something like deceit or something like that...

No4Real4Real: deceit? Do tell

Trent: like, my last boyfriend. Dumped me for a trans-sexual. He didn't tell me directly, I found out because I saw him out with the man in the skirt and combat boots. I am more prone to get over something like versus someone telling me I am not good enough for them.... because I think I am a good match for anyone

No4Real4Real: now that is too much - I won't even touch that one but I do hear you knowing you are a good match.

Trent: Truthfully, I still have my insecurities so I wouldn't want anyone bringing that up for me.... I don't like being in slumps at the hands others...

No4Real4Real: well who does?

Trent: some people do. Halle Berry, Whitney Houston. Then sometimes I am too much for
people. Men can't handle what I bring...having a man who is a self made hundred-thousandaire can be intimidating…

No4Real4Real: is it hard for you to find someone that can compliment you?

Trent: Well I am married to my work right now...

No4Real4Real: does it give you everything you want?

Trent: Yes, I am in control

No4Real4Real: now that is what’s up!

Trent: So what’s your 5-year plan?

No4Real4Real: within five years I want to complete a master degree, relocate to a city of my choosing out side the state of CT, own a home, and be on my way in pursuing my ultimate passion as an inspirational speaker

Trent: What would you speak about?

No4Real4Real: I want to speak to urban youth mainly, inspire them to think past the lid that is attached to their thought and look to achieve their dream as children we think and imagine the greatest things many times those dreams are forgotten or forced out of us there is more out there than our comfortable surrounding they need to seek those things out

Trent: I like that.... so where do you want to relocate?

No4Real4Real: I must live in NYC for a year or two, I love the island of Manhattan but long term I see the greater DC area, Chicago, or southern FL

Trent: okay.... what’s your favorite body part?

No4Real4Real: on others or me?

Trent: on you

No4Real4Real: my chest. I can look at my chest in a mirror for hours

Trent: yes, I see that from your neck shot on your blog

Trent: Any other questions or comments before we close?

No4Real4Real: sure...I must say this has been interesting I wasn't sure what to expect after reading your interview with V it was great being able to converse with you
I read your blog often

Trent: yes, finally...I read yours too...

No4Real4Real: thanks…now about your book

Trent: yes...

No4Real4Real: how do I go about receiving a signed copy?

Trent: You can go to my website: Read a little bit of it to see if you like it, if you do, order it, send me an email before you do...and I'll make sure its signed and some extras are in there for you.

No4Real4Real: well I am going to purchase this evening

Trent: okay, make sure you buy on PayPal not from Amazon. PayPal comes from my office

No4Real4Real: okay

Trent: You'll enjoy it. Download the excerpt on your new dell desktop

No4Real4Real: ok

Trent: It was fun

No4Real4Real: peace

Trent: ...And tell yo’ friends

No4Real4Real: of course

Coming up NEXT....FRANK LEON ROBERTS! You Do Not Want to miss this!


Frank León Roberts said...

Trent, you just keep them coming! This interview was interesting---No4Real seems like he was holding a lot back: we still dont know what the beef is between he and Valentino (I dont think its beef so much as its probably uncomfortability over something long since passed, mixed with a little old school SHADE), we still dont know if he spits or swallows, and we still dont know if he likes to throw his face in the booty! LMAO. Good job!

SmilingOnThaDL said...

I'll tell you this, there isn't any beef with V and No4. In addition, you must remember he said, "sexually I am very oral." But, home boy was holding back... Trent, you got to give it to em like Wendy..

Anonymous said...

this had no spice. it was a good read.

ShawnQt said...

I also felt brotha was holding back, but hey, Noforreal is still a cool azz brotha.

The Divo said...

Trent I have enjoyed reading your one on one's. They have proved to step into the lives of folks that I have been following since I got in the Game.

I guess I have to reference your book.

Don't be afraid to stop by.

I came in Peace and in Peace I leave.

No4real4real said...

Goodness people - throw me a fricking bone - why don't you? Okay I guess I was holding back just a little. But I am working on respecting Baby's feelings. Now hit me up if...

Valentino said...

That was cute...but why didn't we get to see the chest? I think I should confess: A few years ago, me and No4real had an affair which resulted in a pregnancy...LOL ok I'll shut up now.

No4real4real said...

Valentino I told you it wasn't mine. We even went on Maury and cleared that up. LOL

BTW - chest pic to come...

prodigalsun said...

Bloggers are regular peeps... not celebs or famous athletes... what kinda spice are peeps exactly expecting? Just curious...

Ps. There isnt any beef between V of CT or No4... they are both cool brothas.


i can't keep up. damn it trent that interview was super long. you know i have ADD i can't keep up with all the information in that interview. but i do know a little more about mr. antar. umm hmm.

Danja said...

"I like facials personally. I really like it when a guy grabs the back of my neck and slaps me with his dick on my lips, while spilling on my face...yes..."

me too baby, me too LOL

No4real4real said...

Wow!!! Memories...