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Nu Jerzeez Fynest...

In a world of insane, complex, insecure, characters all fighting to fit into the world, there is always one that person that makes up for all the negativity you experience from people. It's these very people that change your outlook on life and make a lasting impression on the way you act, think and feel about people.

He’s mellow. He’s refined, spiritual, smart, seductive, and sexy, he’s ShawnQT. And no Not QT because he’s a cute-tee, but because it’s a part of his name…reversed. In the 5’6” frame lives a quiet, artistic, expressive, humble, loving, very freaky, kid-at-heart, who is experiencing his adult swim with his husband, his family, and his day job as a graphic designer. Nestled in the complexities of New Jersey, lives a man of great, positive simplicity that takes life as it comes. He’s a cartoon buff, loves to draw, and loves to love…He’s imaginative, gives birth to creativity, has acute resoluteness, a great sense of bravery, good understanding and very inventive. But don’t offend him! He’s overemotional, argumentative and nervous all in one…you know I bring out the worst in people…but on the flipside I had a very relaxing conversation with my blog Friend, ShawnQT.

Trent: So when did you realize you were gay?

Shawn: when my best friend put his hands down my pants

Trent: WHAT? When was this?

Shawn: I was 16.

Trent: oh wow…you're so gay for that! So had you dated girls before?

Shawn: I had a girlfriend at the time; he had a girlfriend at the time.

Trent: So had you had thoughts before?

Shawn: I don't think so, but I as I look back, I think had a fascination for dick.

Trent: Damn I thought I was bold! A butch man talkin’ about he has a fascination for dick, wow! You suck dick?

Shawn: of course

Trent: oh wow…are you a bottom?

Shawn: I wouldn't say that.

Trent: Well, what do you call it?

Shawn: I am a very sensual, sexual, erotic, and spiritual being.

Trent: that's a bottoms answer...

Shawn: So would you answer that question in the same way?

Trent: NO! Well, yeah I would. Fuck you Shawn!

Shawn: LOL

Trent: we all know you have a crush on me!

Shawn: I think everyone has a crush on you. I have a beautiful boyfriend that I have a crush on.

Trent: Yes, I was getting to that. Tell me and the blogdom who you are. Who is ShawnQT and what is up with that name?

Shawn: Without giving out my last name... my name is Shawn TaQuan

Trent: That rhymes

Shawn: So I shortened my middle name to TQ. So my screename was going to be ShawnTQ, then a friend of mine said, why not ShawnQT?

Trent: You have the Ghetto urban boy name. I like that. Shawn-TaQuan.... So who are you? What do you do? What are you likes? Sell yourself...why should we like you?

Shawn: I'm a black man that is experiencing life, as well as creating it. I’m Confident, insecure, Living in love, and dying in fear. I'm a Graphic Designer, and "Renaissance" comes to mind as I can go down the list of things I'm interested in, R&B Music, Poetry, Cartoons, Numerology, Hip Hop Dancing, Collecting Action Figures, creating art, cultivating minds, eating out, and uplifting humanity.

Trent: Damn, I’m in love! Can we get married? You never did tell me my numbers...

Shawn: What’s your birthday?

Trent: March 13th

Shawn: Your a 9, one of the strongest numbers

Trent: okay so tell me more...

Shawn: I kind of figured u was a 9...

Trent: oh PAHLEASE

Shawn: well a person with the destiny number of a 9 is strong in Humanitarian affairs, strong in most human qualities, and the ability to do anything he wishes... it is through your interactions that you will push forward the future of humankind.

Trent: yes, what’s your number?

Shawn: my number is a 3, it is a number of self-expression, creativity, action and motivation. My being can only express, me, tell stories, discover, see beauty in others, and make them realize there own self expression. Many 9's sometimes don't reach their potential because it is a lot of responsibility.

Trent: I love responsibility…

Shawn: 9's enjoy people, that's why they are humanitarians. So are you are compatible with many.

Trent: Yes I enjoy good people. Not stupid ass ones. I hate fake bitches...So how is married life?

Shawn: Wonderful, couldn't ask for anything more.

Trent: so how long have you and the lucky man been together.

Shawn: A Year and 9 months! My longest relationship, ever!

Trent: So what’s the best thing about a relationship?

Shawn: Well I can say for mine is that we are very much a like; we have a lot of similarities. We are both Artist, both kids a heart, and we are both going through our [adult swim] together.

Trent: So you having a lot of similarities and a lot in common that doesn't clash?

Shawn: how could it?

Trent: I mean being alike you could easily get on each other’s nerves… I couldn't be with anyone else like me

Shawn: That's because your "TRENT" LOL

Trent: Whatever. I mean I truly think opposites attract, you value each other for the difference

Shawn: I don't see how having similar "positive" qualities can get on each other nerves.

Trent: thank you for clarifying that.

Shawn: He is more BLUNT than I am. He's a SHARK; I'm a dolphin, LOL.

Trent: okay, gotcha. You are a very mild mannered calmed man. That’s cute. Very nice...

Shawn: I ain’t no punk though.

Trent: Oh...but you suck dick!

Shawn: isn't sucking dick good Trent?

Trent: yes, especially when they nut on your face!

Shawn: all in your nose and between your teeth...

Trent: HELL NO

Shawn: LOL

Trent: you are out of order!

Shawn: LOL

Trent: I love sucking dick though. It's truly an art, a craft even.

Shawn: especially when you hold the shaft and just slowly lick around the head of it.

Trent: and massage the balls with the other hand..

Shawn: then slowly move your lips around it, and it slides down your tongueas it slides…

Trent: run over the opening of the tip with your tongue and slowly deep throat it...pull it out and lick around the balls and the area between the sack and the asshole....

Shawn: and then he quenches as he wraps his legs around your head as he slowly slides his dick in and out of your mouth…

Trent: Yes...we should give a class on this

Shawn: It would truly be a nirvana experience, LOL

Trent: I'm serious, a pamphlet even!

Shawn: so what did u think about my blog [adult swim]?

Trent: Yes, I read it in its entirety. It wasn't that much. But it definitely takes on a different perspective from the other kids' blogs. You're actually talking about something meaningful, tasteful. You don't have photo collages, and skinny talk, and all of the stuff that homosexuals get caught up in. So I like it. Your mild and that works....

Shawn: thanks... its like my small lil’ space to get out what lil’ bit of me I can express. My space to complain or celebrate my adult life, it helps when other people can relate to me. I think your blog, borderlines on your persona, and the real Trent Jackson. It's interesting to see how it goes back and forth

Trent: You think so?

Shawn: Your blog is all about the persona!

Trent: Yes....

Shawn: I think the intimate moments on your blog are the ones people treasureand then we still love the loud, and expressive TRENT JACKSON, BIATCH

Trent: okay...So let me ask you this, do you think Gay relationships can last?

Shawn: That's a good question. I believe any relationship can last as long as there is a need for the other person in one's life... at times circumstances strengths or lessens the interactions of that relationship. I believe that if one creates a spiritual bond with the other, there will always be a space that will never go away.

Trent: love it! Why do you think Gay men base everything on image?Shawn: I think young people, gay or straight base everything on image.I don't see anything wrong with just depends on what type of images you are using to dictate your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Case in point... why do guys want "Thugs"

Trent: because they associate being a thug with masculinity and because of what TV and Beyonce and them have fed the impressionable minds.

Shawn: Thug Life was glorified by the likes of Tupac, Snoop Dogg, and 50 cent.Much like Cowboys, much like mob gangsters, leather dressed Bikers. These are what I call the Hyper-Masculine. These images are interesting and intriguing to some, even if they have connections of negativity to them.

Trent: Yes! You are so right on it…so what do you base your liking on someone on?

Shawn: Hmmm…the connection. There is an energy that exists when two people meet.

Trent: Yes...

Shawn: A Magnetic attraction.

Trent: Yes…

Shawn: I look for that.

Trent: So what you're saying is, it doesn't matter what they look like, how they act, what they have on...etc

Shawn: What I'm saying is, all those things do matter. If someone looks attractive physically, if how they carry themselves is honorable and respectable, if what they have on is comfortable and inviting, then that enhances the attraction.

Trent: You got any gay brothers?

Shawn: LOL, nah.

Trent: More of these homos need to think like you. Like you are such a calm person, I can't be loud with you and ask you questions like how big your penis is and things of that nature, because you're so nice and I respect you so I can't cross the line with you!

Shawn: It's because we share a similar spirits. You have so much potential to be such a wonderful and great person; this blog is a blessing, not only to others, but to yourself. You don't want to know my dick size you would "gag".

Trent: is it that big Shawn? (In My deep voice…)

Shawn: Trent, come on, what you think?

Trent: You're 5'6" and how much do you weigh?

Shawn: I'm 135lbs

Trent: WOW…you can fit everything in Banana Republic!

Shawn: LOL

Trent: So do you wear a magnum or magnum XL?

Shawn: I'm not really an intercourse type of guy all the time.

Trent: but if you were, what would it be?

Shawn: what brand?

Trent: You're being evasive!

Shawn: different brands have different sizes

Trent: Magnum or Magnum XL! It's not that hard Shawn, the black wrapper or the Gold one?

Shawn: sensitive fit? ribbed?

Trent: Fuck you

Shawn: LOL…I think most of the people want to know what Trent Jackson is packing?

Trent: For the record I do wear Magnum condoms for the width factor.... length wise they don’t really cut it...and fuck you bitches that think all fat boys have baby dicks.

Shawn: LOL, I guess your told them!

Trent: Yall like gettin' stretched? "How you doin'?"

Shawn: LOL

Trent: Well most short skinny men do have big dicks

Shawn: that can be true

Trent: Moving right along…Are you into threesomes?

Shawn: LOL, I have had a threesome before, yes.

Trent: Do you like to eat ass?

Shawn: yeah

Trent: spit or swallow?


Trent: lil' freak

Trent: So what’s your favorite dish?


Trent: fool that’s a side order

Shawn: its a dish for me

Trent: So can I come stay at your house when I come to New York?

Shawn: Sure, it’s still under renovation though…

Trent: Well when you finish, I can bring gifts!

Shawn: Just bring your book, I'll put it on my coffee table

Trent: I can come to New York to write...I always write better when I am in a new setting. Why haven't you bought my book yet?

Shawn: I'll get it.


Shawn: I always been asking my friends for some good gay literature.

Trent: I have hot sex scenes in my book! Several you can beat your dick off to..

Shawn: Do u masturbate to your own stories?

Trent: no, I have lived most of them.

Shawn: It's just like remembering your own experiences and jerking off right?

Trent: I usually masturbate to great sexual experiences of the past

Shawn: I feel u. do u talk about religion in your book?

Trent: yes

Shawn: are u apart of a religion?

Trent: my own. I believe in God, I believe in doing good to people. Treating people with respect and dignity. I don't do organized religion per se

Shawn: I believe that all of life is about energy... thoughts materialized into reality. Becoming physical. Creating and evolving into new energy.

Trent: mmhmmm...

Shawn: You, me, all of us are just part of a bigger form of energy, GOD... all vibrating on different levels, positively and negatively, yet still vibrating as one. Who's your favorite Super Hero?

Trent: Um Wonder Woman

Shawn: LOL, why?

Trent: I don’t know. Maybe I am like Wonder Woman in my mind. I always liked women characters. Women raised me, so I gravitate and think like them

Shawn: I feel you.

Trent: like Jem was my favorite cartoon, next to the Jetsons and Scooby Doo

Shawn: I loved Jem, watched it all the time!

Trent: I want the DVD set

Shawn: My Boyfriend loves him some Jetsons he has the DVD. I wouldn't mind the Jem DVD set, don't tell no one though; damn this is an interview, LOL, and edit that out.

Trent: please you suck dick

Shawn: LOL

Trent: what are you craving right now...

Shawn: to dance my azz off.

Trent: oh wow

Trent: you can dance?

Shawn: of course, I was on 106 and Park

Trent: oh yes.... must tell story

Shawn: Well I'm a huge TLC Fan and T-Boz and Chili went on 106 and Park to premiere there new video for "Girl Talk" off there 3-D album. So 106 & Park called a couple of fans they knew to come through to the show, dressed up in your best TLC gear, and represent. They also wanted to do a dance contest. SO.... they needed a Guys and Girls group. So I was the leader of the Guys team, and we danced to "Creep.” I danced my AZZ OFF! I changed up the dance a little bit, I really felt like a Celebrity. Chilli said I put a little "twang" in it.

Trent: Hmm..."How You Doin'?"

Shawn: In the end, it was a tie, but it was the biggest honor for me to dance for the beautiful ladies of TLC.

Trent: send me a copy of that tape

Shawn: I will.

Trent: What would you want to be doing this very moment if you weren’t interviewing with me?

Shawn: Playing my Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith video game, eating, or talking to my boyfriend. When in all actuality, I should be at my apartment painting, LOL.

Trent: You're a busy man...who are you blog friends

Shawn: besides you?

Trent: Yes

Shawn: There are a lot of people blogs I enjoy, but I am good friends with Larry

Trent: what’s his address?

Shawn: The Larry Lyons Experience

Trent: that sounds like drama

Shawn: LOL

Trent: So do you know Frank Leon Roberts?

Shawn: yes I know of him from his blog. He's cool. He's actually going to be at Nuyorican Poets Cafe on June 25. Are you going to be there?

Trent: NO! I made a comment about that on his blog. I apparently didn't get that memo. So he better put me on the bill next year. And besides. I find him rather annoying!

Shawn: why do u find him annoying?

Trent: he runs his fuckin’ mouth way too much and he thinks he knows it all. Plus he's attractive. I think he and I would make a great couple…he’s so fascinating.

Shawn: LOL, you're funny!

Trent: I think it’s hot of him to be 22 and in PHD school. And he's a cute man. Very opinionated...I just don’t like the way he comes across

Shawn: yeah, actually Larry is 21 in his PHD as well, Intelligent and sexy is the new thing.Shawn: I have a PHD, LOL

Trent: And so do I. But I am going to Law School next...

Shawn: I don't think you caught that

Trent: Pretty Huge Dick

Shawn: LOL

Trent: So what’s your 5 year plan

Shawn: in the next five years...I want to have a beautiful apartment, a job a little bit higher paying job than the one I have now, a good car, you know the foundations of general living. I want to continue being spiritually sound, and evolve as a strong black man. I want be like Trent, and have a book. A poetry book though, with pictures, LOL.


Shawn: Have mind-blowing sex, and hopefully get over my obsession with French Fries.

Trent: I got that. So is your boyfriend apart of the equation in 5 years

Shawn: of course. Who are you going to interview next?

Trent: I want to interview Frank Leon Roberts…I think I am going to send that memo right now.

Shawn: be gentle with him

Trent: why, does he turn off easy?

Shawn: I don’t know, I guess we will find out

Trent: I love a challenge…what else are you itching to ask me

Shawn: hmmm, If you was invited to my [adult swim] pool party, what would you bring, and what would you wear?

Trent: I would bring my bag of tricks. I would wear a tank top and some boxer briefs and my Old Navy flip flops

Shawn: LOL, they are on sale u know

Trent: I got them at 2.99, I am surprised you didn’t ask me what is in m bag of tricks...

Shawn: that sounds like a whole other blog in itself!

Trent: You obviously got the memo! So how are you gonna end your night?

Shawn: call my boyfriend, watch some family guy with him, and fall asleep on the phone

Trent: You are tired for that

Shawn: say that again

Trent: You are tired for that and closing out my windows, this interview is done!

Coming up next: No4real4real & Frank Leon Roberts!


Frank León Roberts said...

OOoOoOoOoOooh, so much info about SHAWNQT (or is it SHAWNTQ?) that I didnt know. Leave it to TRENT to be the brotha to err...lay it on me.

Looking very forward to what NO4REAL4REAL has to say....TRENT it IS official: YOU ARE OUR BLACK GAY WENDY WILLIAMS!!!!

Will said...

I've just been educated.
I just found this blog and it's AWESOME, lol! You're hilarious. I'm not ready.

No4real4real said...

Yo you stay getting the business. Great interview - I loved it. SQT is cool.

Y'all gonna stop with Jem!!! Funny thing is I was just talking about the cartoon and singing the theme song yesterday at work. One of my favorites too. Does the make me gay???

Anonymous said...

i have to agree with Basquiat_In_Brooklyn "you are the next wendy williams". LMAO. thats trent. great interview. i enjoyed it except for the sex talk that was too much for my ears. lol

superMALIK said...

dats mah boi! lol...ahm da bestfriend dat stuck mah hand down his pants!!! lol it was fun!!! bt yeah hes a good and unique man that always has something insiteful to say!!! even if u dont wanna hear it trent u seem like cool peoples. hit my blog up if u ever wanna...its aiight alpha out

SmilingOnThaDL said...

Sailor Moon is the Shyt!

And hmmmm... to TRENT! U know!

ShawnQt said...

So when I going to get to interview the infamous Trent Jackson?

Valentino said...

Jem and The Holigrams is the shyt!!!!I have emailed cartoon network numerous times to get it played on air !!!! This was a really good interview, but I'm mad I didn't get a photo spread along with mine. ;-P

Danja said...

Truly love this blog, so glad I encountered it. Going to keep up with it.

p.s. The Misfits kicked ass!!

IQ said...

Great interview. U seem like what we in Kentucky call real cool peeps. LOL

I am new to Blog City and I am playing catch up on everyone's sites. This is my fav of Trent's interviews, thus far.

Saty up, ShawnQT.