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Pickin' My Own Damn Brain

It's so fuckin' amazing to me the shit you come up with when you are by yourself. Like I don't know why I was thinking about having sex in the bathtub like 5 seconds ago, or why people think all Black men have big dicks....anyway. Or like why the boys you like don't have any interest in you, or they have boyfriends, but you know if they weren't with the other dude, some how, some way the two of you would be together. Then you start thinkin' of crafty ways to break them up to live out your dream of living up on a castle with that dude, cooking him dinner, giving him a bath, then having wild circus sex. See this is bullshit. Anyway....
So I was thinking right. About a few things (as you can tell). And one of these things will be a recurring issue with me and my blog, so if you don’t like it, kiss my fat caramel ass!
I am so muthafuckin' tired of these crazy people going on television talkin’ about “I want a body like Janet Jackson!” Why can’t people just be them fucking selves? I AM SO EXTREMELY TIRED (I’m tired, but I deal with it) of society and these advertising people telling the whole United States that thin is cute, muscle is better, and being the opposite (fat) isn’t! I was so disturbed when that girl went on MTV and spent 7,000 to get skinny. Bitch you betta eat a burger and be glad you’re plump and love yourself for who you are.
Anyway, I won’t mention being fat anymore this week. I am irritated by all these people being pre-occupied with wanting to look like these skinny, anorexic looking bitches. I am gonna kick down the door and make it okay to be fat, then I am gonna get skinny and date only skinny people…(bad joke) but damn y’all be y’all fuckin’ selves! And don't be emailin' me talking about I am insecure, cause I have gotten those emails before, BITCHES!
Another thing I was thinking about was High School and how much I hated that shit. I am glad that shit is over and 5 years have gone by since I’ve had to set foot and be tortured for eight hours. I can’t wait to show up at the 10-year reunion and slay these bitches. Anyway…
I wasn’t exactly liked in high school. Can you imagine my mouth now, and put that in high school? I don’t know if I was worse then or worse now. Anywho, to say the least I never made friends with the straight boys because I was too secure in my being a homosexual and didn’t pretend to be straight to fit in. So of course I was the fabulous fag behind all of the glam girls at school. But there were 3 boys in particular that were straight that actually hung out with me and put their reputations on the line to be cool with me, because they saw me for what I was and not for what everyone else said about me. And when you’re a secure 14 year old and you have the smarts, charisma, talent, and the orations of an adult that can be a smidge intimidating, especially when you're getting into your own and trying to find your own aisle in the grocery store. But I excuse the haters because they all want to be cool with me now and it’s like 8 years too late.
Joshua Silverstien, who is the genius behind the cover of my book, was the very first to befriend the flamboyant, loud, young Trent some 9 years ago. That meant a lot to me. Especially since he was on the TOP 10 MOST POPULAR boys list, he was like number 1 or 2! He truly put his reputation on the line to make me feel comfortable and accepted...and he went out of his way to always speak to me in a crowded all (which meant everything in High School), kick it with me at lunch, and even handed me a 20 dollar bill for my birthday...and didn't care who saw. His kind words and his support in all of my creative works mean the world to me. In all of my years as a writer, I will never be able to form letters into words, to make sentences to form paragraphs that will express my unyielding gratitude to him----I think by far Josh has taught me one of life’s biggest lessons: accept people for who they are, not what others think of them.

J.A.M (we’ll call him) was the nicest kid to me. He had reservations, and rightfully so. We got tight my last year of high school, but that later fell through after this girl who had a crush on him circulated a malicious rumor that he was gay because he was friends with me. Which ultimately effected his relationships after high school. I am pissed off at that, because what she said never happened, and it cost me a real friend in the process. J and I had so much fun together. He was a joker like I was and he knew how to have fun-but he couldn’t be friends with me, since the question of the year for him was becoming “Are you gay?” Even 3 years after high school. He couldn’t handle that. But maybe in time I could have my friendship back with him.
J.G. was this fool who called me fag one time too many. It’s so funny how straight boys will never admit that they want to befriend the punk in high school, because we are the realest and coolest people in High School. We are the ones that have everything together, but we are just dealing with our rejection issues and our “Fitting in” issues but everything else is in tact. This man taunted me, but he was good friends with my arch-nemeses this other fag named Kasey who was the only Black tennis star at our school. I didn’t understand how he could be friends with that punk but wasn’t cool with me. But once J.G. met me, it was obvious who the cooler one was. We kicked it and he had been to my house a few times, he’s crazy (literally) but he’s cool though. Then the tennis star put an end that and told J.G. that told him how I planned to “turn him out” or something along those lines. Which is retarded because no one is gonna let you do anything they don’t want to do right? So there is no such thing…we’re not friends. But I did get a message through a mutual friend that he says hello, he asked about me, and congratulations on my book, he wants a copy. As for the Tennis star, he’s in a state mental health facility being treated for multiple personality disorder, how sad, but touching…
What was the purpose for this blog? Who knows? Crazy Day at the office. Working on my calendar for the year, working on my new book, and planning my “Summer Cool Down Barbeque.”
See that’s what I like about myself, I always plan events for the year. I am crazy, who and the hell has a “Summer Cool Down Barbeque?” and why name it that. Can you really cool down in the summer? The premise is, it actually takes place annually the second weekend in June before it’s officially summer, so it’s not that hot, and I like to set the tone for the rest of the summer barbeques by having mine before everyone else does. Taking the title of the best barbeque, I think I am feeling the luau theme this year…
The Sunday after Christmas I always have the “Annual Let’s Be Friends, After Christmas Sunday Brunch” And yes all of that is on the flyer. I’m insane, I know.

I've just added the 1st annual Trent Jackson Halloween Excursion Cruise 2005...Great, American Idol Tonight, Me on Ellen Tomorrow, and lets keep it up shall we?

P.S. I've just been granted an exclusive interview with Valentino-Of-CT! I'm so excited, stand by for that...

I love luxuriating with you!


Valentino said...

When are you gonna be on Ellen? I don't wanna miss that.

beejay said...

i think the key, t, is to do whatever makes u comfortable. if you wanna lose weight, do it...but only if YOU want to. not go get men, not to look like janet.

i think i'm a class A divalistic bombshell...but that doesn't stop me from wanting to drop 20-30lbs. main thing is that i don't want to lose it so more guys want to get in my jeans, but b/c i wanna get in them 7 jeans at saks! that and the fact i come from a family of diabetes and heart disease. i'm 25 and want my body ready for childbearing, so i can hop in a bikini 5 months after giving birth...

as for celebrities, they get paid to look good, so they invest in their bodies, hella time and mad money. people need to keep that in mind. comparing your body to a celeb is like apples and oranges. you're looking at 20hrs a week focused on make-up, personal training, and diet. the average lucky person only has maybe 2-4 hours down time a day in a work week, not counting getting proper rest. you can't match the average citizen to a celeb, and mags and tv needs to stop selling dat bullshit.

fat or skinny...insecurity is what drives so many people to do crazy things, and we've got to ask ourselves str8 up if we're happy with ourselves and why.

of course it's intimidating to people when someone like yourself is confident. people start thinking, "wait, he doesn't look like denzel, why is he so cocky..." they just need to realize you got it figured out, as you've said many times, "you've got to be comfortable in your own skin."

Anonymous said...

do you boo!!! fuck those skinny bitches!!!!


Troy N. said...

so uh, will the said interview include his or yours, whipped cream or cool whip?

Rashid @ Old Gold Soul said...

1. I got your book! Thank you very much! I have no idea when I'll get to read it, but I appreciate you thinking of me.

2. Um, Joshua is hot. Don't you hate cool, attractive straight boys?

No4real4real said...

God forgive me, but LOL @ Tennis Star in mental facility

ShawnQt said...

I had a bestfriend that befriended me in highschool. Trust me, I was not the sexy azz nigga u see today. I was very much nerd-licious. Insecure to the core... but I got over it, at least most of it. My bestfriend was mad popular, and he saw something in me, so I appreciate that from him.