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Re-Entering The Real Realm

I feel so out of touch, yet inclusive in the world! When I got back to my layer I had 70 unread emails! How about that for validation!

Today was my first day back in corporate negro America.

After a trimester of thoroughly luxuriating in the creative, pseudo-bohemian, lifestyle that enabled me to launch my book and proclaim my self made "renaissance man" status. I began to realize that this isn't for me. I hate working for other people, and me being use to working on my creative hybrid, I really can't cope in cubicles, office gossip, and white man, fuck-my-way to the top office politics.

I totally have gotten use to going to my own setup, emailing, faxing, and marketing my self all day and of course reading your blogs! And sharing my experiences with you, the readers.

Not to mention I hate having to prove myself all over. And having folks putting me on a glass slide to put me under that "Is he gay?" microscope. Oh PAHLEASE!

And what makes my re-entry back into the Black man's hell is that, there is this girl that likes me! She had already came to my cubicle 8 times and gave me compliments on my hair, my clothes, my lips, my eyes, and even followed me to the corporate coffee pot to bask in the glow of the mixing my instant hot corporate sponsored coco in with my freshly brewed Irish-cream-esque coffee. And then she goes, "I thought I was the only one that did that!" Then she wanted to ask me if I was married, had kids, all that talk. After I told her I felt marriage was a setup and a sham, and children were a curse she said, "I should steal your seed!" I was out done. I turned around in my corporate-air-pressurized swivel chair and went about my business. I think tomorrow I will tell her I am into sucking dick and having semen shot on my face while in the moment...Although I don't blame her for having a crush on me, because I am attractive, I am like find another victim who wants to be converted! Uh as if!

I was wondering if she could introduce me to the cutie in the red polo shirt that is the delivery boy or something of the sort. I am trying to figure out if he is Latin or a mix of both. Nice complexion, about 5-7" 165-170 thick in the right spots, with a perched edible booty....I could....Let me stop. He is hot and I will get that before the week is out!

I had fun especially on my 20 minute train ride to my pseudo-posh neighborhood where I can be with my familiar laptop that has been giving me grief that will soon be replaced by a MAC, my bed, my phone, and my blogdom...

But no the white girl didn't tell he fat black girl "If you're hungry, I have extra food," while she was standing at the vending machine.

All Negroes can not read lips. And then I walked in the bathroom, and I asked myself, "Damn what did he eat for lunch?"

Overall I miss my freedom! I think Vonzell should be the American Idol, but I think Carrie may win. Tonight Los Angeles has a new mayor, Antonio Villagarwhatever....Great. It's after 1 and I have to wake up in the morning now...

Tomorrow I am delivering the world exclusive interview with Valentino-Of-CT. Find out what makes him tick, Who his blog friends are, and his goals for the future, plus some dirt....You don't want to miss!


Anonymous said...

welcome back to my world. it sucks. hurry up and make millions so you can take me out of this bs. get that cute man in the red polo.

big hugs

Frank León Roberts said...

Now Trent, who are we kidding. We all know dam well that BO BICE is American's Next Top IDOL. This is not because he deserves it, but rather because America cannot LIVE without a WHITE MAN winning this season (finally). Welcome back to Corporate-Negro-America though!

Valentino said...

Corporate America is evil, trust no one...especially homegirl that wants ur seed. What kinda disgusting plot for demon spawn is that? We all saw The Devils Advocate.

ShawnQt said...

You know what, as much as I enjoy Vonzy, I don't think she would have won. Yet I think Bo might take it home.

Look at you got the women all over you! Sexy Daddy, LOL!

I want a MAC laptop so badly!