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I'm back. And I've missed you! As usual thank you for checking up on me, keeping me in your thoughts, sending me emails, and nagging me to post... I've been focusing a lot of my time on my stage play, "Love Sick Fool," and the completion of "Full Circle," all for you of course. It's very difficult to write a sequel, especially when you don't want to let down your fans!

I've been taking some personal time too...continuing the struggle of family. Primarily my cousin that is incarcerated and my cousin who has crossed the river Jordan. Learning who I am, and doing my 5-mile a week power walk. If these pants get any more loose…

I've been going through some things in the dating department, not even dating, just meeting cool men. I've just been really irritated with the quality of men that I’ve been running into lately, but that all changed this evening. I hung out with this really cool guy. Let's just call him "G" (LOL) He's a really great guy.

He has a wonderful since of humor, very entertaining, engaging, smart, has something to say, laid back, has a nice vocabulary, that compliment his very masculine features, that accent a nice smile to go along with his well groomed appearance and his enticing lips. Medium-caramel brown skin, baldhead, glasses. Very well put together and he didn't mention sex at all, which was a relief. He didn't talk about my weight either (yes men do bring that up on casual encounters). I had a great time. We went to a Thai restaurant had nice laughs; great conversation...and I can't forget his singing. I asked him if he sang a lot in the shower...not to say he has a bad voice, but he sings a lot. Very entertaining, though. He’s in his thirties, and I think that may workout better for me. Not that I am trying to get with him, but I think older men will work out better for me. Just as long as they don’t have a problem dating someone ten years their junior.

I think older man would provide me a nice balance, since I am not the average 23 year old, and I have a lot of great things going for myself that would compliment an established, nicely aged man. So yes, I have to step up my game so I can really nail the guy that I want, I’m sorry man that I want.

The only thing I am mad at myself about during this casual encounter is talking about my book and me being a writer. I don't like to talk about that too much. I like for people to see me in non-Trent Jackson mode and see me as a person, not what I do creatively, or career wise, if you get what I am saying. That is a save the best for last type thing. But the whole experience was positive, just when I had lost all faith in Black men; God sent one to shut me up. (God, I got your point) And he’s a See God has a way of proving points, period.

I've been working on the rest of my book tour calendar. Minnesota, Nashville, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Houston, Dallas, Baltimore, Oakland, San Diego, Las Vegas, New Orleans and I am going to close with a finale in Los Angeles around the end of October early November. For my finale I will launch the play, “Love Sick Fool,” and do one final signing of “At This Moment.” I really hope and pray that I can get Rashid and Fred together with me for my finale so we can all do something together! That is my dream and goal for the year, that would just be complete heaven for me.

Days have been getting better. I am creating, evolving, and learning everyday. Not to mention I met a nice guy today, what a difference that makes. I am still waiting on the feds to run me a check, looking for a day job, and taking life one day at a time.

Thank you to T.C. & L.T. for making this day better. I appreciate that.

Much Luv,
Trent J.

Coming up this week: The Honda Civic Theory, Fred Smith (Finally & For real), and whatever else comes up this week.

One more thing. I voted for Vonzell and Carrie. I'm not going to stock up on haterade. Today was too good of a day to give energy to that man I don't like


Anonymous said...

i am glad that you are back on track, but then again you never left. dont give up on men/brothers. there is love out there for you and i know it will come in due time. hang in there. keep doing you!!! on the stage play^you know i cant wait for that, hell i am counting down for the next book!!!

calvin perry said...

you are the bomb! i am glad that you had fun on your patient, you dont go through all the bullshit with out cause. everyone has their fairly tale moment one day. i enjoy you so much, i hope one day we can meet in person and pelt boys with ice cold eggs as they walk by and we can pretend its not us.

Mighty MaMa said...

Hi you cute thang! Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate constructive criticism. I really needed to be enligted by you.... #1 I am not racist. I always try to put myself in others shoes & look at the situation they are in.I have traveled to three continents and am probaly the nicest white girl you'll ever meet. #2 I am dealing with 14-15 year olds teen moms who actually think they are going to be famous like Fantasia. Reality check, chances are they aren't, statistics are against them. #3 Misleading youth to aspire for these professions,can lead to huge disappointments. We should be helping build self worth, and motivation. #4 How involved are you with at risk youth? Teen moms? Abused women? #5 Tonight when I put my children to sleep, I will whisper in their small brown ears that I actually have pent up racism. Uncle Trent said so. I hope they can forgive me.........Well, well I just read that you know why blacks date outside their race......I hope you find a really cute boy of another race that can make you feel whole one day. Make sure he does all the housework, I would hate for you to get a plex!

Nicole said...

I am glad you're at peace in this post.