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Same Shit, Different Day...

Interesting day to say the least. Well I went on an adventure this morning...Ended up buying the homeless man breakfast, coming home on the train, this man got off the train, followed me up the stairs to the street level, and proceeded to ask me for my number. I don't know why I gave it to him, he's old and fat, and ugly. Well Anyway. Today was a sentimental day. I have a crush on Alvin, and I think he is absolutely gorgeous! I miss my sister who I'll blog all about in a special, Saturday Blog. I am content with life today, for I can smell the new beginning, and for the first time in a long time, seeing my self where I want to be professionally. I'm blessed. I'm loved and for the first time in my life, I feel it....

I got my exclusive interviews with ShawnQT, No4real4real, and I have meetings with SmilingOnThaDL, and Frank Leon Roberts! What an exciting week!!!

Why is Boyz In Tha Hood the best movie ever? Why can't Black people and fags seem to support each other? Why are I-pods great? Why is it that when we get in positions of power we dog out our own people? Why are we all the same?

Congratulations to Janet and Jermaine Dupri on their marriage! And Janet's new CD "revelation," due out in August, with her new video coming Next month! I'm so excited...Can I please get some "Because of Love," and "You Want This" on the tour please...Thanks.

tomorrow: At This Moment, By Trent Jackson, Thursday: ShawnQT, Friday: TBA


Anonymous said...

you are so damn crazy!!!!details on janet and jd marriage. i miss this somehow.


Anonymous said...

Aiight - THAT'S WHATS UP - an interview with NO 4Real4Real.

I can't wait!!!

Valentino said...

Janet is married? Shut your face !!

disgruntled said...

when the hell did they get married? and where's the coverage?