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Sol Edler...

Last Wednesday, May 18th, 2005 was a very memorable night, no, and not because me and Reesey (And tell you friends...) got the ultimate diss either. It was because I thoroughly enjoyed the sounds of 'D.C.'s premiere Baritone Vocalist,' Sol Edler.

He came to Los Angeles, on a whirlwind, one night only engagement at Santa Monica's Temple Bar. Sol graced the dimly lit, standing room only venue with a smooth set that lasted about an hour, showcasing his debut album, Song of Solomon Book 1.

Song Of Solomon, an album that talks about every thing from being in love to enjoy being who you are and is the perfect CD for soothing before, during, or after your workday. It's the CD to pop in on your road trip. The CD boasts a couple of tracks you can do it to...but I encourage you to get the CD to find out which tracks those are.

Sol has a very relaxing voice. He isn't doing vocal acrobatics on every song, trying to win you over with some overproduced Neptune track either. He isn't boring you like Brian McKnight or moaning like Keith Sweat, he's singing-he's giving you something different on each track whether it's a cappella on "Here Am I," or doing an impromptu scat on "True Lies."

Like any other singer there are always comparisons. For instance in the first verse of "Crush," you can pick up on the influence of Luther, but Sol definitely catches you with his individuality and is effective incorporating his own style and, giving you his story through song.

He wrote 6 of the 11 songs that fuse, Gospel, Jazz, Blues, and R&B tracks that take you through a story of life. If you're into real, non-commercial music, then you should get Song of Solomon.

I have a few faves on the CD. 'Step further,' an acoustic track, with a semi-Spanish flair to it. Imagine a desert, a few cactus, blazing sun, an old roadster car...listen to the story of two friends-one of which wants to the friendship to another level...the backdrop for a lot of moments in our lives. 'True Lies,' a track with a standout Rhodes keyboard talks about a man wanting to redeem himself for whatever wrong he's done. 'Make Me Cry,' a soft, but lush ballad that tells the story of a person missing the one that they love-another standout track is 'Tonight,' a track with a blues feel to it and Sol's strong vocals add to the story of mending a broken heart.

Song of Solomon is a must have. It's a "play through CD." If I can listen to a CD and play it through that's something good!! This is definitely a feel good CD. I put the CD in over the weekend to write, and now that I have a CD that evokes my creative side, I'll be sure to put it in more often, in addition adding the CD to my I-pod collection...

Make sure you purchase Sol's CD and visit his website! We have to support our indie artists, and more important our community.

I think it's fair and safe to say that we should buckle our seat belts and watch Sol's meteoric rise to the helm of true artistry.

Me & Sol After his show last week...


Stacy said...

He's a good vocalist. Is he single?

Mighty MaMa said...

Hey Boo! Nice new hair style. Eyebrows are nicely groomed. You look great in the coochie pink shirt! But I gotta ask, whats up with your tongue? Since your the up & coming literary star, learn to keep you mouth closed for the photos! If you put a picture like that on one of your books no one would buy it! We want brains (which you have)and eye candy. Any other day you look adorable, but this picture looks like your tongue is worn out!!!

Anonymous said...

i am so happy you got to meet sol. i cant wait to hear him live. i love his cd. thanks for sharing your experience with him. as always you took me there that nite. i love your new like and you are so handsome in your pink shirt.