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The Spaceship has landed...

He lures you in with his mysterious persona. A face covered by a red baseball cap that accent his slender, but well defined cheek bones. Words that are up front, close, and personal. He exudes confidence, charm, arrogance, and sensitivity all in one dose...

Valentino-Of-Ct blog is well on it's way to be one of the most popular in my galaxy because it's simple, concise, and it provokes you to think-something like my blog...He granted me the interview (and I was so glad he was so receptive), He is a piece of work. We talked about everything from Boys, Fags, Astrological Signs, Opinions, Stereotypes, Nemesis's, why skinny bitches are evil and his future plans!

He’s a very down to earth, but slightly conceited. Enough to be likeable, enough to annoy the hell out of you... This Scorpion will have you wanting for more…more than his blog! He’s a supporter of my blogdom, a member of the Trent Jackson Galaxy of Bloggers, and he’s the first blogger ever interviewed here on my show…What a privilege right? The interview was such like the bomb; It went past two's kinda long but, enjoy and send him some Luv!

Trent: So who is Valentino of Ct?

Valentino-Of-CT: Valentino of CT is a young black man, with a false reality, of old money.
Something like Will Smith's character in Six degrees of separation, hence: of CT

Trent: Hmm. That's very intricate, controversial even. I see you go for the shock value… Give me something simple to digest...I've got the basics the part that I need clarity on is the Will Smith part...refresher course please.

Valentino-Of-CT: Oh ok a regular black dude from the ghetto but has learned the pedigree of old money and people and uses that to his advantage. But it’s just my alter ego…

Trent: Hmm, interesting, you demonstrate a lot of that on your blog. You're very photogenic by the way and very old are you?

Valentino-Of-CT: thank you I’m 24.

Trent: hot. So what got you into blogging?

Valentino-Of-CT: I was reading so many! I like to write so why not use this as in outlet?

Trent: yes, yes, what is your day job?

Valentino-Of-CT: I'm an HIV prevention health educator

Trent: Oh okay, I see why you're such a "good boy" how did you get into that field?

Valentino-Of-CT: Well I kinda fell into it. I had a friend that was working in the field and he sort had me tagging along with him and got me part time jobs and lil’ volunteer things as a youth so that grew and grew until it happened into a full time job.

Trent: oh okay, the hookup. Are you degreed?

Valentino-Of-CT: no

Trent: So are you a top or bottom?

Valentino-Of-CT: That’s a difficult one.

Trent: LOL! Why because you don’t want to tell me or is it based on moods?

Valentino-Of-CT: I'm not entirely sexual active

Trent: and rightfully so…

Valentino-Of-CT: And never really have been in the anal sex area so top/ bottom

Trent: oh okay...It's not that interesting, anal sex.

Valentino-Of-CT: lol are u telling me or asking?

Trent: I am telling you!

Valentino-Of-CT: lol, oh ok well then why is it so desired and called upon?

Trent: by whom me?

Valentino-Of-CT: by this community.

Trent: Well I can't answer for them. But I feel that the entire gay experience is based on image, body, which ultimately equals sex. Some people use sex as a validation method, instead of the emotional validation from relationships. I think anal sex should be meant for people in relationships if they so choose to do that...but there are those who use sex as expression and validation of worth. But when I mention it, it's really meant for fun, and apart of my outlandish Trent Jackson persona, and I have never engaged in anal sex simply because I am waiting for a relationship to do that...I am not into casual sex.

Valentino-Of-CT: oh ok I hear you. I have engaged in the past but not recently in years for the same reason.

Trent: So who are your blog friends?

Valentino-Of-CT: my blog friends? I can’t say that I have any

Trent: really?

Valentino-Of-CT: not that I know of I'm so virginal with this

Trent: I could have sworn that I saw your name mentioned somewhere on someone’s blog.

Valentino-Of-CT: really yours? lol

Trent: maybe I am just out if it...But you have a friend up in Ct with you, No4real4real is in Ct.

Valentino-Of-CT: yes, I know. We have mutual real life friends.

Trent: see I told you, you had blogger friends, and you see what name-dropping can do! Have you and No4real4real met before?

Valentino-Of-CT: lol, well...can I pass …lol

Trent: mmmmm hmmm, "How you doin'?" so do you guys get along oh okay? Or is there typical gay boy mess in the equation?

Valentino-Of-CT: no.

Trent: So do you enjoy my blog?

Valentino-Of-CT: I do. It’s hilarious, but enjoyable. Enjoyable, informative, deep…

Trent: okay, I thought I was being boring this week but I'll keep it coming!

Valentino-Of-CT: nah

Trent: You know Someone accused me of being Alex as a ploy to sell more books, how do you feel about that?

Valentino-Of-CT: I think it’s ridiculous. Would that really work? What would one have to do with the other?

Trent: Not on a blog, maybe if I were like really famous. I thought it was kinda cute. But it doesn't really matter, because I truly believe he's crazy.

Valentino-Of-CT: ok did u really throw mustard on him? I was trying to imagine that and almost died…

Trent: and I think that he's really straight to, trying to play both sides of the field, so there it is, yes, and some, he was being modest, but he didn't want to make himself look too bad so it is what it is, you know?

Valentino-Of-CT: yeah fools and their confusion

Trent: I think boys are stupid…so are you originally from Ct?

Valentino-Of-CT: yes, born and raised Trent: I just recently found out that black people lived there!

Valentino-Of-CT: lol, see there yes and we have ghettos too, some of the worst in the country!

Trent: I would love to come there and see that and snap pictures, get out and tour...I've never experienced that before…How was your upbringing?

Valentino-Of-CT: it was cool. No project life or anything like that, but still some typical black household shit…Turn off the T.V. when its lightning out

Trent: I like that.... when I hear Ct...I think of New England and trees and white people and things.... That’s really cool though...

Valentino-Of-CT: yeah everyone seems to think that.

Trent: so you're out...have you always known you were gay?

Valentino-Of-CT: no I always knew I was different but I didn’t realize what the difference was until my teenage years.

Trent: so you're completely gay, not bi?

Valentino-Of-CT: I'm gay. I enjoy women to look at…

Trent: yes!

Valentino-Of-CT: possibly to desire…

Trent: that’s as far as it goes…

Valentino-Of-CT: but there's no romantic connection.

Trent: yes!

Valentino-Of-CT: right.

Trent: love it.

Valentino-Of-CT: at least not yet.

Trent: so what’s your waist size?

Valentino-Of-CT: 30-32.

Trent: skinny bitch!

Valentino-Of-CT: lol

Trent: So will the blogdom ever get to see a bare photo of you, without glasses, without that red hat, looking straight into the camera saying "Hi world, How you doin'?"

Valentino-Of-CT: maybe…I didn’t want to just have a bare pic.

Trent: I think you like the elusive edge...which works for you.

Valentino-Of-CT: I felt the need to be original, yes.

Trent: what’s your sign?

Valentino-Of-CT: plus u know how the kids talk, Scorpio.

Trent: You and I are sexually compatible!

Valentino-Of-CT: you're a Pisces?

Trent: yes, how did you know? Well, among sex were compatible...that’s that fag mentality, I have it to…

Valentino-Of-CT: because I have been with maybe 3-4 Pisces based on that whole compatibility and am always approached by Pisces.

Trent: I ain’t approachin’ you! But do you think Pisces and the scorpion are compatible?

Valentino-Of-CT: I think so, but I think its shaky ground, if both aren’t careful about the other's feelings.

Trent: yes, have you had a lot of negative experiences within the community?Valentino-Of-

CT: not a lot, but some…

Trent: has that altered the way you feel about other homosexuals?

Valentino-Of-CT: nah it hasn’t. I still take everyone as they are but I do notice things beforehand, if its something I've seen before u know what I mean.

Trent: yes...So why do you think homosexuals base everything on image and sex?

Valentino-Of-CT: I think it’s because unlike heterosexuals, we don’t see anything other than that. Heteros have grown watching their parents,watching people on TV, and how they engage with each other. But the homosexual hasn’t seen anything like that, so what can they base being homosexual on but sex because u don’t see two guys on TV holding hands and being in love sharing a home with kids and bills

Trent: do you always see yourself doing the kind of work that you're doing now? Or do you aspire to be something else?

Valentino-Of-CT: I like the work that I do…but not as a job so I would always like to do it maybe as volunteer. I ultimately aspire to be a writer and I also have some interest in doing something in fashion possibly one in the same.

Trent: maybe we can do work together...I see you definitely being a fashionisto, your style is very unique, and I see that from your photos.

Valentino-Of-CT: really? Thanks!

Trent: yes.... there is something interesting about you, that’s why I had to speak with you...I am glad that you allowed me to get in your brain.

Valentino-Of-CT: its cool…I appreciate the interest.

Trent: how tall are you?

Valentino-Of-CT: 6'0

Trent: what 160?

Valentino-Of-CT: 155.

Trent: so typical.

Valentino-Of-CT: lol

Trent: It's all in fun! I love being FAT!

Valentino-Of-CT: lol

Trent: I do, and people think I am insecure about it.

Valentino-Of-CT: yeah, because they are.

Trent: yes...they are, not me. Fuck them

Valentino-Of-CT: I hear you. U like to make other people uncomfortable out of their fear?

Trent: No...I try to make people feel comfortable about having their thoughts. The thoughts that they are scared to verbalize.

Valentino-Of-CT: oh ok

Trent: It's normal, it's okay to have your likes and dislikes and talk about people it's normal! What I do have a problem with is people who try to make me feel uncomfortable for being who I am, that’s when I begin my fat man/skinny bitches are evil rant.

Valentino-Of-CT: lol

Trent: but I told everyone that I wasn't going to talk about it anymore, but I still found a way to slide in the blog...So what is up with you an the situation with the weekend "dog" trip

Valentino-Of-CT: Oh? The guy he's cool works for POCC, does sort of the same thing I do, but of course they have more money so they do more…

Trent: so what direction is the relationship going in?

Valentino-Of-CT: well, we've been trying to get together since last summer

Trent: so obviously there is something there.

Valentino-Of-CT: I'm a sucker for romance…

Trent: yes, so I am!

Valentino-Of-CT: and he has that capacity.

Trent: what's his sign?

Valentino-Of-CT: plus I like a masculine man confident in his sexuality, Sag

Trent: gotcha. What does he look like?

Valentino-Of-CT: He's a lil’ shorter than me works out bowlegged brown-skinned, cornrowed, wide eyes…stylish

Trent: too many conflicting things going on with that picture...let me get back to you on that...

Valentino-Of-CT: lol

Trent: So let me ask you. Why do all of the cute people hang together?

Valentino-Of-CT: I have no idea.

Trent: Well I am sure all of your friends are attractive.

Valentino-Of-CT: I don’t know if I hang with all cute people…well yeah I think like attracts like.

Trent: That’s so shallow! You have a fat boy in your crew?

Valentino-Of-CT: lol! Actually I do!

Trent: shut me down why don’t ya!

Valentino-Of-CT: lol

Trent: ...moving right along the token fat boy, is he dark skin, with rolls on the back of his neck?

Valentino-Of-CT: well since I don’t have many friends...he's not token. He's actually one of the closest and he's kind of a former fat boy as he's lost a ton of weight he's not skinny though.

Trent: he don't count! so when I come to the east coast, can we go on a date?

Valentino-Of-CT: sure! Are u paying? lol

Trent: (rolls my eyes) cute people always think their looks get them everywhere

Valentino-Of-CT: lol, I don’t!


Valentino-Of-CT: but someone once told me do I use it to get me places I thought that was the craziest thing.

Trent: Well you said you used it to get places, earlier…most skinny people are unintentionally aware of it.

Valentino-Of-CT: I think that’s a misconception.

Trent: well here is your op to clear it up!

Valentino-Of-CT: I think attractive people are the most fragile people. Everyone else may think you're attractive, but u may not see what they see, because you most likely have had haters the majority of your life and didn't know why people were calling you ugly and all these things and once someone said..." you're cute” its like huh?

Trent: yes, I know about that too. I think the first time a guy was attracted to me and actually pursued me when I was 20 So I know how that feels, to feel ugly...and then someone tells you you're cute....

Valentino-Of-CT: yes

Trent: So, I am working on a magazine and I would love to hand you the fashion section!

Valentino-Of-CT: are you sure?

Trent: we can all come up on the come up together.

Valentino-Of-CT: that’s good stuff

Trent: You're such a controlling bitch and I love it. You agree to disagree, you have an opinion, you know you're cute, but you pretend to be modest, you despise haters and a few other things but I love the package!

Valentino-Of-CT: LMAO

Trent: the wrapping is nice and fresh too I mean well, it is what it is.

Valentino-Of-CT: thank you so much

Trent: You're such the asshole, game recognizes game...and we could get along very well, cause you and I are so much alike, and that could work either way

Valentino-Of-CT: kool

Trent: is it really?

Valentino-Of-CT: yes you are funny as hell

Trent: me?

Valentino-Of-CT: yes

Trent: I guess. I amuse myself, at times everyone doesn't get my humor it's too raw for their booty holes.

Valentino-Of-CT: lmao

Trent: So we've been talking for two hours and I have a few more questions Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What should we expect from you in the future? Can I get your number?

Valentino-Of-CT: I expect to be in ATL in five years with one book published, a Bachelors in English. I plan to have purchased a home or in the process of buying one. In the future you can expect more writing from me and something in the realm of fashion and more work in the LGBT community. How old are u?

Trent: I don’t answer age questions!

Valentino-Of-CT: mmmmm

Trent: How old do you think I am?

Valentino-Of-CT: I'm thinking you’re 23.

Trent: I think you read that somewhere I usually tell people I am 27, because if I tell them my real age they don't take me serious, but yes I am 23.

Valentino-Of-CT: that’s very impressive.

Trent: thank you...

Valentino-Of-CT: that’s so outstanding.

Trent: last question, is your dick big?

Valentino-Of-CT: is yours?

Trent: You were supposed to laugh!

Valentino-Of-CT: lol

Trent: you're whack.

Valentino-Of-CT: I read your interview with Fred or somebody

Trent: I interviewed Rashid, and Fred You're the first blogger. I want to interview ShawnQT next! He's very nice.

Valentino-Of-CT: yes he is

Trent: Oh so you know Shawn?

Valentino-Of-CT: only from his comments

Trent: whatever you're a liar! That’s the third lie

Valentino-Of-CT: lol

Trent: You'll see it in print. But I do love showing my dick, and I love my body, especially my pelvic area, and my ass!

Valentino-Of-CT: well that’s hot!

Trent: is it?

Valentino-Of-CT: yes!

Trent: I think I want to take nude pictures…

Valentino-Of-CT: u should.

Trent: I love my thighs too!

Valentino-Of-CT: kool.

Trent: People can take a lot from you, but they can never take your truth!

Valentino-Of-CT: I hear that…

Trent: So it's been great, and I am so glad that we've had this time together,Valentino.... I’m sure you'll be getting a lot of Traffic.

Valentino-Of-CT: yes, thanks to you

Trent: I thank you...and have your answering machine call mine....

Valentino-Of-CT: it was a pleasure!

Trent: yes it was, next time we have to do this over lattes!

Valentino-Of-CT: mmmmm I don’t like coffee

Trent: okay margaritas!


Valentino said...

Love Love Love You !!!! It was very much a pleasure!!!

Anonymous said...

yall are too funny. thanks for sharing. i will have to step over to v's blog and give him a shout.

Frederick Smith said...

Very fun interview guys. I'm down for lattes or margaritas with you all :-)

SmilingOnThaDL said...

You're are officially the Black Gay Wendy Williams. Great interview!

No4real4real said...

Ha Ha Ha!!! Funny funny! I am going to get you Trent.

Good job Valentio!

ShawnQt said...

I think smilingonthedl is right! LOL. That interview was very interesting! Valentino is not only mysterious, sexy in his own right, but intelligent as well. I actually wanted to hear more. Guess we have to continue reading his blog to find out. Of course Trent Crazy azz with his comments! Nude photos huh? Interesting?

Great concept Trent!

TheBlacks said...

Nice Interview Trent! But can we get the nude photos ASANow?!?