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The Tabloid Blog Strikes...Yet Again

I must be doing something right, since everyone is talking about me! Proving that my fame will last more than 15 minutes. At the beginning of the week my counter was at 609 now it's over 1000! And my book sales are up 60% through my website. I knew I had the formula for success.


Nicole said...

LOL! You're too much. You're you and you don't give a fuuuuucccckkkk about what no one thinks! That's a hell of a pose're on the right path and I respect that!

Mighty MaMa said...

Hey, Boo! I blog rolled you.My blog has been up for three weeks and I have recieved more traffic in the last four days than in a two week period. It seems you and I are the up and coming legends out in cyberspace. I wish you luck with your book. It sounds like you've worked really hard.

Anonymous said...

way to go T!!! you are the shit. i tell you that all the time. did you forget?

Rod said...

Congratulations Trent! I knew that you could do it. I'll be next. I hope. lol