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Fred Smith And The Bare Necessities

I had such a wonderful time last night! Tuesday night with In The Meantime as they welcomed my friend, Fred Smith as he read and signed from his debut novel, "Down For Whatever," which officially released July 5th through Kensington Books! I am so proud of him!!! I am so very proud of him.

He read a few excerpts of the different characters, Keith, Rafael, Marco Antonio, and Tommie, who sounds like a mess! I must say...This book definitely sounds hot and I will have a full report of the book this coming Monday!

Fred is such a sweetheart! Truly. I will be signing and discussing my book, "At This Moment," with In The Meantime next month, so he introduced me and even told me to share his table with him to sell some of my books-how about that for love! Fred and I will be doing a lot of the same events this year. His Tour schedule is now up, and I will be announcing my "Defining My Moment," book tour official dates on July 1st through my website, WritingStar.

I love Fred...

If anything you should always travel with the bare necessities...Especially when dealing with your jump off or offs...Depending on your hoe status.

I was on my way to my jump offs house the other night and I realized that I didn't have my goodie bag with me. So I had to stop off at Walgreens for the emergency goodie bag prep kit. The 7 essential items (The Bare Necessities) that go into a bag or location of your liking (mine is a old tissue box that can slide right under my seats) to have easy access when getting ready to perform sexual activities.

1. Condoms! Not just any condoms you have to have variety. 5 types preferably 2 of each so your goodie bag can be well stocked. A well prepared person will have a goodie box for at least 3 months, and this is for someone who has a high sex drive, lets say 3-4 times a week. Make sure you have Lifestyles ultra lubricated (red wrapper) for all the penetrators on the blog, Flavored condoms (my personal favorites are strawberry and Vanilla...Although Trojan has this new mint twang...Which I'll soon try.) for all of the uncircumcised children or for the random encounter. I have history with my jump off so I don't go for the flavored do's all the time, but because I am into the whole facial thing it's really not in the interest of the warm sticky factor to try to pull of the condom during the whole suckalation process. Magnums for the trade, the ribbed condoms for the pleasure factor, and finally the oblong condom for the large oblong penis.

2. Baby Wipes. To wipe off the dick, boy coochie, hands, and face after a hot "session." Always use the baby wipes that aren't too moist, and don't leave a after smell. Walgreens has this nice little convenient pack for 1.00 that serves the purpose.

3. Mouth Wash. To wash out your damn mouth, especially if your an in the mouth type of person...I prefer Listerine, so I go past the little travel section and pick up the 99 cent bottle.

4. Kleenex. Just in case of something. Get puffs, because you can use these to dry your hands after the baby wipe residue if there is any...or just the after sex residue. I usually use them for the sweat on the forehead factor. Fat and sweat don't mix, especially sex sweat.

5. Hand Sanitizers-when the soap and the baby wipes don't do it. Always turn to the trusty hand sanitizer to leave you with that alcohol fresh scent clean feel you go for.

6. Water-I think this is the most useful tool in the goodie bag. See, you use the water to dilute the mouth wash, rinse your hands, swish around your mouth, quench your thirst, or to dab your face with...So useful.

7. Candy...Is simply a must. I prefer sour straws (the strawberry ones) to suck on to practice your next session or to even kill that silent hunger pain after you've worked off your lunch during a impromptu session.

Is your goodie bag in order?

I won't know you're here unless you tell me...

Tonight is the club and you know what happens at the club....And also, what is it like to be a fly on Trent Jackson's wall?


Rahshek said...


As usual you have done it again, with such an informative post. There is nothing better than I man who has his stuff together. There aren't too many of us out there who would come to the bedroom as prepared as you are, and if I had you as one of my jump-offs you would certainly be a keeper. And we would just have to keep the good at my place on the night stand ;) and maybe call it the "love bag"

Have a great day.

SmilingOnThaDL said...

Feeling the goodies... but I think hand sanitizers is too much... i rather just take a shower with the person.

Hmmm, you have me thinking that I need to make a summer goodie bag, LOL!

HOLIDAY N said...

OMG...I thought I only had a bootie bag,as I call mine.It's a Kate Spade drawstring pouch.
Condoms-magnum(He's gotta fit that shit like cinderella or I'm 12:01)
Mace-in case somebody acts up
Small pill case of Viagra-In case he need it
extra pair of false eyelashes-I need to look good the morning after.
fake wedding ring-if the sex was wack I say"look how late it is,my husband will be home soon"and I go get my precioussss.
We are so much alike bitch it's crazy!

Tim said...

OK Trent, you taught me something today - the "goodie bag", now maybe I need to run out and get one together....