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How Should I feel?

If I had to choose two things that I hate the most they would have to be hypocrites and fake bitches!

As I mentioned before, I am working a performing arts camp this week at CSULB. I think its a phenomenal place for teenagers to come and express themselves freely, while mingling with their fellow creative peers, and honing their crafts. I admire them for their work and I think that this diverse group of young adults are phenomenal....(is that the word of the day?)

Well of course, I am Trent Jackson, and where ever there is Trent Jackson there is always some type of tale to be told...

Like for instance, at 7 a.m. this morning...I don't do mornings, I am use to my noon-5 a.m. routine and so is everyone else who is apart of my circle...but since I am wearing the teacher hat this week I have to get up.

As I am squeezing gel in my right hand there is a knock at my door. It's the camps director and the dance instructor (another Black Gay Male) and his assistant (an even more Black Gay Male, who happens to be snooty, snotty, genteel, and very "kept" which meant he was a bitch with that fag lisp...)

I introduce myself and I extended my left hand to shake it as my right was occupied...The dance instructor turned his nose up at me....and grunted. So I looked, processed and spoke to his assistant and it seems as if it took everything in his rotten soul to get out his partial "ehello."

So I was pissed. I was thinking to myself, no these high saddidy ass fags are not up in here thinkin' they are better than someone...I didn't pull the fat skinny card, I didn't pull the cute/ugly was definitely "one of those moments."

The "one of those moments," that I am talking about is when two black fags greet each other. There is this subtle but obvious competency thing going on. The same thing that goes on between light and dark skinned people. Women in the restroom, except the subtle undertone between to black fags is to the 100th power.

It's like their ego and my personality preceded the both of us. I was going in with an open head. In fact I was being super friendly before the two queens rained on my parade...But it didn't stop there.

I guess it's natural for people with malice in their heart to interrupt the positivity that spews like sun rays out of my skin. Cause I don't need confirmation that I am a good person and I'm humble, genuinely nice.

I am pissed off further because he is a damn hypocrite. In his introduction he talked about how "blessed, and humble" he was. How "open, receptive, and accepting he was," and people can "come to him and tell him anything..." But you wrote me off before I gave you a chance to? What kind of shit is that.

I'm not worried about it-because I always win in the end...I am working at a camp for 13-19 year olds.

They already knew that I was gay, and I had written a book about gay themed they knew what they were getting into before they signed me up...or when they signed me up I should say.

Long story short, I made acquaintance with this girl who is 19 from BX (Bronx). We hit it off right away and we talked about me being gay...I slid her a copy of my book and you know who was standing in the cut waiting for me to do something so he could try to stop my shine...little bitch.

Before I could get on my cell phone and gossip with one of my homies, I get a mental note from the camp director...I go to my suite and knock knock...guess who the fuck was there.

"Trent, how are ya."

I was like fuck the dumb shit...what's up. HE told me that someone mentioned to him that I passed out my book to a camper. I said tell (fag dancerographer man and his flunky) to mind his fuckin' business-and if he has a problem address it with me. And for the record the camper is a legal adult in her jurisdiction and further more the material presented in At This Moment is suitable for her age category-end.

I also went on to tell him how I didn't appreciate him and his fucked up attitude at the start of my day and to add bigger insult to injury he's a black fag doing it...I expect it, but then again I didn't, because I went into this experience thinking positive...

My camp director is white. I told him that he wouldn't understand, but I told him "let me help you understand where I am coming from..." I laid the shit out.

I let him know that I will be completing my week here at the camp because I am here to assist and make a positive impact on the kids...Not the dance teacher.

However this will be an interesting week...Just for the dynamic between THE ONLY TWO BLACK STAFF MEMBERS of this camp...There are about 6 black campers...And it's day one all this shit going on...5 days left. What will he think of next?


Rahshek said...


Your positive thinking and actions will always set you free. There are a couple of us out there, who just enjoying drinking that hater-aid for no reason.

No4real4real said...

Oh Lord you have a case of the Ambiguously Gay Duo. I have seen this before with Blogger90210, don’t worry I have a remedy. Take two Kiss My Asses and one Suck My Dick in the morning before going to work and that should repel them for at least the rest of the week. If that doesn’t work you will have to be vaccinated with a dose of Fuck You Stanking Ass Bitches For I Hope You Die While Your Mother Pussy Shrivels Up To A Dry Stump. Now if that doesn’t work - nothing will. Good luck!

Jay Bird said...

I would have grabbed their heads and put one on my left nut and one on my right. And made them get up and get out.


Valentino said...

On the first day !?!?!?!? All those shenanigans???