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In The Mind Of Trent

For a few months now, I've been hearing this in my head...

i'm so famous
I made you drop it down on the one
i'm so famous
every body needs a little light under the sun
i'm so famous
15 minutes will never hold me in
i'm so famous
I'll never die I'll just be born again...
and again, and again...and again
i'm so famous
i'm way bigger than
than drugs...
than rock & roll...
i'm so famous
I took any half you had and made it whole
i'm so famous
I can make a death man hear
symphonies in his head...
i'm so famous
I'm the motion in your ocean
when you're sailin' in your bed
Even if you didn't know my name...
Like sugar on a candy cane
It's a memory you can't forget
Like the very first time you met me...
i'm so famous
yall skinny niggas changed
ya mind about the big boys club
i'm so famous
I took the place of your daddy when he left you alone
i'm so famous
make the sound of the scratch on yo CD
player make it feel like home
i'm so famous
Put the rythm in the shakin'
like yo old ass washin' machine
i'm so famous
put the pencil to the paper
and turn into a
literary queen
Even if you didn't know my name
Like sugar on a candy cane
It's a memory you can forget
Like the very first time you met me...
i'm so famous...


Rahshek said...


you are so famous, before your arrival to the Hermes store, you will be drinking the finest champagne, and eating chocolate strawberries, as the driver drives you to the Hermes entrance where you will be greeted by the local store manager. Oprah my not get the star treatment, but Trent will ;)

Keep up the great work.

disgruntled said...

Is this a song or a poem?!

Who you talking about? Tom Cruise? Katie Holmes? The Runaway Bride? or may Michael Jackson?

The Divo said...


I see we are making the best of our 15 minutes of fame...

Next stop..... LEGANDARY....

As always in Parting,

I came in Peace, and in Peace I leave.