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My Voyage To India

With the genious of Gaskin, he's prepared a list of questions based on India.Arie's "Voyage To India." Here it go...

Growth -- Paint a picture for your readers of the Trent of yesterday, the Trent of today and Trent of tomorrow.

I come from a place of hurt. Pain. I’ve experienced a lot in my young life…being molested; dealing with death and coping by the time I was 6. Growing up overweight, being gay, learning what racism was when I was 12. I transformed into a person who loves himself despite of what others think, say, or pressure me to feel (society). I did that by recognizing my beauty, my talent, the gifts that I had to offer (writing, my creativity, my listening skills, my need to help humanity…) and realizing that it was okay for ME to be gay, for me to be overweight, for me to be the opposite of the ideologies that I had been taught. I learned to accept my difference to help me prepare to morph into a person who can help others with tarnished pasts. How to help them build a bridge and get over hurt, turning their tragedy into triumph, so that they may help others, and in turn perpetuate a positive cycle of self-worth, confidence, strength, and understanding.

Little Things -- When most folks aren't watching, what are the little things that make Trent smile?

I like watching men interact…especially “thugs.” Not only because they are cute-but because they are normal and they have hearts just like everyone else. They are just misunderstood. Because of the clothes they wear, where they live, who they hang out with. Their interaction is just as normal as anyone else’s and I wish they knew (had) a positive outlet in which they could express themselves. The elderly make me smile. It reminds me of my grandmother while she was alive…it makes me remember the good times growing up with me, cooking for me while my mother was at work, helping me with my homework. It helps me keep her alive in my heart.

Talk to Her -- If you could have a short conversation with your cousin Tuesday, What would she say to you as you listened?

She would tell me that she loved me and she’s proud of what I am doing. She would tell me to hurry up and finish school and to continue my path of expressing myself creatively. Now she’s in heaven watching over me and she knows my path of life to the end…she can guide me and be an angel and really ensuring that I get what I deserve.

Slow Down -- Describe a situation where Trent had to take a break from it all.

I think when I canceled my book tour…my book tour actually started in February. But I got really depressed right after the release of my book and I canceled all of my April and May dates. I was just dealing with the death of Tuesday, being fired from a job, and just trying to make sense of things. When I take a break I just stay in my room. My room is so comfortable-I have everything there…if I had my way I would never leave it.

The Truth -- Describe your truth.

My truth is based on Seven Principles of life that I wrote when I was becoming the person that I am today…

Have the courage to step out and separate yourself from the masses and walk with your head high.

Be bold in your walk and don’t let anyone stop you from being you.

Be assertive in your approach and you’ll get what you want.

Have the strength to carry on for yourself-even if you feel like you cant go on anymore…STAND!

Have the endurance to deal with life for it will only prepare you for what’s next…

Be able to adapt to any and all situations. This will build your character and broaden your horizons.

Focus on what you want out of life…this is your truth and your path to happiness.

Beautiful Surprise -- Name that person/place/or thing that has become your beautiful surprise…

I think my life has been a beautiful surprise. Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death-I will fear no evil for GOD is within me…I have had many people support me, my cause, this blog, my work-so everything in it’s own rite is a beautiful surprise.

Healing -- How does Trent heal his mind, body and soul?

If I am going through anything I write, I cry and I sleep…and drink lots of water!

Get It Together -- When things fall apart for you -- How did you put them back together?

I find a way to pick up the pieces and find my way back to the road. I always have a goal…I always remember what I am trying to accomplish at that moment in my life and no matter what happens I always find a way around whatever obstacle to accomplish it. People want to see you fail…but I always find a way to prove them wrong and to prove to myself and to others that anything can be done as long as you believe in yourself…you have the power within you to make anything happen.

Headed In The Right Direction -- Describe the week ahead of you.

Well I am doing a camp session this week at CSULB, which means I am away from my realm! I am mentoring/teaching at a performing arts camp…so I don’t know what the week holds…and my book tour starts on Friday…so I am anxious about that.

Can I Walk With You -- Describe your soul mate.

My soul mate…wow, (Smiling Uncontrollably) I like thinking about love. I love the thought of love. My soul mate is on who that is emotionally stable, able to commit, sacrifice for the relationship, well-rounded, humorous, charismatic, responsible, respectful, concern for others, genuine, open-minded, sincere, honest, trustworthy, versatile (all aspects) understands and accepts me for who I am…and quiet.

The One -- Describe your jump-off

He’s my total opposite. He’s very manly. He comes from a different world…he’s definitely street wise, very hood…has a lot of drama going on but he knows how to attend to me and make me feel like I am the only one in his world. He goes through a lot and I understand him. He’s passionate, very caring, funny, thoughtful, arrogant, cocky, temperamental, abrasive even…but he’s loving…and warm. Genuine, and can eat boy pussy like a guppy eats algae in a fish tank.

Complicated Melody -- Describe Trent in 2 words

Caring & Intricate

Gratitude -- Pay It Forward ... Who set the table for you? And who are you setting the table for in return?

My mother and Grandmother definitely laid the groundwork for me. I am setting the table for my sister, the children at the camp this week, and the children I teach when I get my degree…

Good Man -- Name five people who hold the title of a 'good man' in your eyes

Curtis Rogers, Tuesday’s Husband-Because he treated Tuesday like a queen while she was here on earth and made sure she and their children had everything they needed to survive. Now that he’s a single father, the road ahead is difficult but he will still be that same man that he was when his wife was here.

My Uncle Mark-He has changed for the better. My family life is extremely complex, and just watching him go through obstacles and deal with some of the worst things in life I love watching him able to turn all of that around and be the man that he was sent here to be. I admire and love him for that.

Pierre Williams-My God-Father who died in 2003. He showed me so many things and what it’s like to be a man…and I appreciate him for that.

My Father…SR-He cared for me and loved me even though I never got a chance to experience that long enough to know what it was.

I can’t think of anyone else…I only wanted to name people that I know or have affected me personally.

God Is Real -- How real is God to you?

God is very real. When I think about my life and how far I’ve come…that was nothing but GOD that opened all of those doors and allowed me to become a beautiful person. I know GOD is real because all of my thoughts and prayers are always confirmed…that’s GOD.


TheBlacks said...

So I'm keeping my word and checking your site as promised -- Are you up? You've done a wonderful job with the questions [which are titles of songs on India.Arie's "Voyage To India," CD] and given answers that are mature, thought provoking and honest.

Shawn said...

nice post

Tim said...
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Rahshek said...


I am loving the Seven Principles. Excellent post, thank you for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

Once again, another powerful post.

Kevin C

Holiday N said...

OMG I loved the creativity and how personal this post was...You're not the average girl from the I'm gonna call yo ass this week.