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Probe my brain, Fly on My Wall...

I decided not to go to the club last night. I mean I have a full week next week with my book tour starting and the Black version of L.A. pride...So I am going to have plenty of time to indulge in Long Island Iced Teas, Midori Sours, Cadillac Margaritas, and Pina Cololadas and mingle frivolously with boys, whose conversations will go nothing past their subtle I'm interested but I'm not overtones.

So I stayed home. Not because I am a pessimist, or I think I am never going to meet the man of my dreams in a club...
"Maybe we'll meet at a bar, he'll drive a funky car, maybe we'll meet at club and
fall so deeply in love, he'll tell me I'm the one and we'll have so much fun,
I'll be the boy of his dreams...maybe"
but more so because I wanted time to breathe and not become one with the dim lights and sexual overtones that perpetuate the club and the minds of homosexuals across fagville USA, like I have been in my previous weeks. I needed time to resume my schedule as my real self. Being at home. Being with my family and friends, being normal, a homebody. Not Trent Jackson, not a persona. But me. The real me: ?

I cooked Jambalaya, a fresh green salad with baby carrots, leaf lettuce, cutecumbers, green onions, croutons, a little bit of cheese, with my homemade vinaigrette dressing with a dash of raspberry to it, and my homemade garlic bread. I spent 5 hours cooking...All to put it away for lunch tomorrow. I'm crazy! I know...But here I am spending time with you...I guess thats all that really counts right...?


Tim said...

Hmmm....very interesting.....

Wish I could've had some of that Jambalaya! :)

A.W. said...

You're two are funny! I'd love to be a fly on the all in your house anytime "Trent"

Rahshek said...

Damn the fly on the wall--- I want to be the fly under the You are so talented, and encouragingly sexy. Keep doing great things.