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Standing Together For The 'Common' Good

I first want to say that if I do offend you, that is not my intent. You may get upset with me because I publicly choose to address this particular issue. I choose to use this medium as a way to get unbiased, neutral feedback from parties that are in no way, shape or form, remotely involved in this particular instance. Maybe this will shed light on this situation that I am presenting here today and we can all come to an agreement or resolution. Reader discretion is advised.

Maybe I am naieve. Maybe it's just in my nature to want to have unity, to be a humanitarian, to engage in positive, collective, unions. I want to share my life, my creativity with the world. I want to be able to talk to people, to give them inspiration, hope. I want people to know that no matter what the circumstance, no matter want people tell them, no matter what they think-they can make it. I want to be the positive influnce, roll model even, to that young Black man growing up. I want him to know he doesn't have to be a rapper, or run a ball up and down the court. It's okay for him to read, it's okay for him to think outside the box, it's okay not to walk up and down the street and sag, blast Jay-Z and call women bitches...he doesn't have to do that. I want to be the inspiration to the overweight kid in the school yard that all of the other kids make fun of because he's not like them. I was that's okay to be you. We have to inspire our men, our youth to be more than what MTV, BET, Rap Lyrics, and their neighborhoods feed them...It's not that hard to do...we're so quick to run out and lace up our Air Force 1's but we should all be like Nike and "Just Do It."

I envisioned (and was excited envisioning) this collective effort of Black, Gay/Men writers together on this ticket...

I thought it was a good idea, since I don't think it's been done before, but more so it would send a positive message to a community thats already divided. I think as Black Gay Men, we tear each other down so much it becomes almost damn near impossible to interact on a social level damn near a business level. It seems the only time we can come together is when we're fuckin or at a club, and I don't think we can get anymore destructive than that.

When I sent out the memo...a few liked the idea....Let me tell you my purpose(s) for the proposed event.

My premis is boiled down to about 5 points...

1. Killing multiple birds in one stone. We have some of the same fan base, so why not, if anything to build momentum with our books, make our fans happy, build a larger fan base and do events together?

2. Let's make a statment! What were doing now as writers, speakers and artists is the same thing that Langston Hughes & James Baldwin did in their day...we are the future. We are the new Baldwin's, E. Lynn Harrises-so why not stick together for the common interest, the unification of our minority and to set the example of young the young Black men who are going to be at our book signings, listening to us speak, reading our books, supporting us, and ultimately looking at us as an examples as we did those who came before us. If we don't do a collective effort we'll be propetuating the cycle, hence adding to the further deterotation of our communities and the generation to follow.

3. Fuck the money! We are only a success if we reach people and changes lives. We have to eat too, but good karma comes back...the blessings of unification and inspiring others has no price tag. We're already a sucess we're published!

4. Lets Support Each Other! We as the future voices have to support each other...period.

5. Let's Make A change about the way we think and feel about each other. Lets start to really value each other for our difference and accept one another for our personalities, for the things we have to bring to the table not for what we lack. We should be pumping, inspiring and feeding off of our creative energies, our positive and constructive feedback...not venom and being shady when someone is trying to get us together for the common good.

It really disturbs me that we can't come together on issues. But I know in my heart if I am so passionate about the good of the world someone else has to share my same feeling...

Will my vision happen? I hope so. I would like to see that happen. I would hate to see one of us get an opportunity bigger than us and waste it being selfish...we are such a talented group of people and we shouldn't split because of envy or selfishness...we have gifts that must to be used collectively before it's too late. We have already proved that we can stand on our own two feet, thats the easy part.

I want to see this happen. And I know others would like to see it as well. So if you're in agreement hit me up.


Rahshek said...

Change is often most effective in numbers. If Rock the Vote and AARP can create an alliance, why can't the gentleman of the black gay community do the same? More power to you, and your idea to build a cluster. I stand behind you 100%, and more than willing to support.

Anonymous said...

i agree that gay writers need to stick together and help one another. hopefully you all come come to the top together.


aiight so when is the event?

disgruntled said...

Time will tell. I'm sure it will tell the same story we're all accustomed to though...

This will be another failed attempt. Great idea though, but as you said before...people agree it's a great concept but don't bother to pursue it.

I wish someone would prove me wrong though.

Like I said. Time will tell.

Rashid @ Old Gold Soul said...

Gay writers ARE sticking together.

You need to be there.

Larry D. Lyons II said...

i'm with rasid on this one. i expect to see you at fire and ink!

Anonymous said...

I think this blog will have a positive impact. You made your vision known without offending those who might not be able to see what you see. Good job.

D from the bbq