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Damn a bitch get all philosophical and deep with it, yall hoes come out the wood works and give me props...What is that about? I sit up and run my mouth like a Fag, yall treat me just as such. What tha Fuck?

"How You Doin'?" But in all honesty I sincerely and genuinely thank you so much for all of the love and support you've given me this week. I appreciate it. I talked about things that I have in my mind because I am just like everyone else. I go through the same things everyone else does. Death, rejection, coming into your own...We're all affected by the same universal shit. I remember what it was like to go through those things and the only way I am truly able to get over those particular difficult moments is to talk about them and help others through their trying times. I am honored to have helped and or touched those with my thoughts this week...And to all of those who email me on the side, your comments mean so much...I never knew that I could have this great of an affect on you...So I am glad to be in the position.

KEVIN C, A supporter of mine from ATL. EMAIL ME PLEASE. Anyone know how to track him, send him to my email box, thanks.

So yes, looks like Marques Houston has been offered 1 Million dollars to really get Naked for PlayGirl. Not a publicity stunt, it's serious. He needs to go ahead and show us his dick so the fags can lay out and faint and give each other bottom hi-5's and play with our boy coochies at night and imagine he is in the darkest crevices of our holes...But I am content masturbating to Frank over Marques. Would love to have it, but... Well, see Marques is more readily accessible, he stays within a 2 miles radius of my house...

And who is this Trey Songz boy? Do I have a slight crush on him? Arch his eyebrows and he can walk Face or Realness or whatever it's called. Frank what do you think?

I was going to talk about my Suicide tale but I decided to lighten up the tone this week, enough seriousness has been going on. But it will be effective in it's time...I think a lot of people consider the act, and only a few go through with the attempt, how many make it out alive? I have something to say.

Friday's Finale is with DIVO! OMG....All I have to say is be here tomorrow to read the exclusive because we had a good chat! And I love and respect his gangsta (As No4Real would Say) and he is like so bomb to me! WOW, WOW, WOW....

There are a lot of people going through different things. Today, tonight, whenever, lets be mindful of our blessings, pray for those who necessarily don't see the same light we see, ask for continual strength-and lets ask for understanding.

Wherever you are. Whatever you're going through. Know there is a way out. It's not the end. You may not see it. Just trust and know you go through everything for a reason...Take it from someone who knows.

I won't know you're here unless you tell me.

Thank You to DIVO for speaking, the moment will be bigger than you and I. Valentino-Of-Ct, you need to be my partner in Crime...You are so you know what (lol, Gayle's Kidz), ShawnTQ-taste Like Chicken? Tara-Vivid Images of A----! (lol) And to (The Anonymous Blogger) There will be times that you will be dark, deep, down and out. It's okay. But the beauty of clarity is seeing your blessings, your accomplishments, and what GOD has done for you and what he will do for you. It's okay to have flaws and not have it all together...The longer you pretend the unhappier and the more repetitive your mental anguish will be. You can run from yourself for only so long....

Until next time,

I love what I do for you.

Trent J


Rahshek said...

And I love what you do, for it gives me something to look forward to in the morning, when I am reading the morning papers and the daily blogs. Keep blogging in style.

Anonymous said...

your words are so encouraging. when i come into my busy office i grab my tea and sit and read your blog. its like my morning newspaper. what did i read before you? the alt journal which is sooo boring. like i say always "keep doing you"!!!

Valentino said...

LOL...Don't let the public know our plans...oww! You're so fab.