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7 presumed heterosexual Bloggers picked to live in the Midwest in a remote town, with minimal amenities. No bars, no starbucks, no other black people-just 7 black egos in a tricked out, Real World Las Vegas style house. Roughing it.

So a few of my in the closet readers came out yesterday to bask in the ambiance of Trent. The Heiress posed this question: What 7 Bloggers would you pick to live together in a Real World like setting?

Now you know I couldn’t pass up this! I had to comment on it. Now this list is really gonna put me on full blast, because I can only be honest. I cannot lie (unless money is involved) so these are my real answers…I feel that there will be a lot of mouths dropping and angry emails too! I don’t give a FUCK though. It is what it is people.

My Seven Picks Are:

ShawnQT. He’s nice. He’s mild and more of the time he’ll be playing the neutral role and the peacekeeper. He’s not one to keep shit up and he likes to live with no added drama. And I want to see his penis. He finds the good in everyone, but he’s always being taken for granted. And A few people might try and get the best of him. But he ain’t no punk tho! Lil’ man can put it down!

The Many Faces Of Frank Leon Roberts...which one will he show? He is intelligent, charming, witty, attractive, and the perfect instigator. The type to start shit between roommates and watch them duke it out while he’s on one of his adam4adam runs. He’s always got something to say and he doesn’t mind saying it…and I think I have some type of secret crush on him since he is the only blogger that has theme music (in my head) every time I see a picture of him. But other than that there is some shadiness living under his surface and it would be fun to see him exposed and deal with 6 other egos…Plus 10 of his own.

DIVO. I’m pretty sure he’ll live up to his name…He’s the confrontational type. He’ll also be the one speaking in riddles, burning incense and candles, listening to India.Arie, Erykah Badu and all of the other cosmic children trying to find balance in a house of crazy fags. He will try to come and leave in peace but hell be put to the test a lot…we’ll probably end up seeing him in the confessional talkin’ about “Nah-me-yo-ho-rain-gay-keyo"

No4Real-He’s conceited and has to have a mirror, a credit card, and a cell phone handy at all times. I’m pretty sure everyone in the house will get tired of his pretty boy antics. He’ll always have to be proving to everyone that he really isn’t “Shallow” and “Fake” so half the time he’ll be happy and the other times he’ll be indulging in his perfection to make everyone else mad that they don’t look like him. And I secretly want to publicly argue with him…plus he secretly wants his own doll because he think he looks better than everyone else. He’ll be mostly likely be the one walking around cryin’ all the fuckin’ time talking about no one likes him, and he’ll swear that everyone will be jealous because he looks the best…(lol)

Blogger and the numbers. One we just want to get him on the show to see what he looks like and if he’s really gonna talk as much shit as he does on his blog. He’ll probably end up being the most quiet one in the house taking note and keeping an eye open to see who’s fucking who at night. He’ll get close with one of the other roommates who’ll serve as his punch bag (outlet) and his confidante, but pretty soon he’ll turn the tables and go to head with his faithful friend. I think he’s my equal in a lot of ways.

What is a reality show without the thought provoking, pseudo-bitch mode sideshow of Larry Lyons? He’ll slay you with intellect, slay you with his moodiness and temperament and then try to be cool with you like nothing happened between the two of you…it’s his way or the highway. Compromising will be out of the window with this guy! He’s either for you or against you. Plus he’ll be the one to tell everyone off, the other roommates will secretly refer to him as “momma” because he’ll remind everyone of their mad black mother.

Then There’s Me of course! Who is a mix of everyone. You never know what you’re going to get from him. He’s quiet yet loud, blunt yet controversial. He likes to keep the peace and loves to stir up drama all while testing the whole house to their limits…He’ll be walking around talking trash offending everyone and claiming Frank is acting shadey towards him because he’s fat. While all the while he’ll be a cool one. The one that cooks, complains, cleans, tells all of the crazy stories, and will be competing with Larry to see who’s the wittiest and the nicest one of them all.



Shot Outs To: DIVO, SHAWN, DONNIE, ESBOOGS & Katherine at the Tiffany Boutique!


Anonymous said...

STILL YAWNING...but you do get a few points for attemping to be witty

The Divo said...

#1. Anonymous got issues. And to think he made the cut. As for the thought of a reality show with those characters, I would love it I absolutely respect all of them dudes. I would love to see who would crack under pressure, who would the alliances be, and who would be a reflection of their blog. YO,this idea needs to be pitched to MTV. I cant wait to move in. Then I can see how folks really operate. Innovative post Trent, keep em coming. Peace Recovering, News @ 6.

Rahshek said...


I certainly would be glued to my TV set if that one made it on air. Talk about your talent and drama all built up in one show.

Ladynay said...

I am like everyone else. I would love to see a reality show like this! Someone with the connections need to make a pitch!

Quaheem said...

This wins the prize for most original post of the day...

That would be a hell of a show too..u would start wit 7 but u certainly wouldn't finish with 7...

No4real4real said...

Lord goodness - where do I begin...

Actually I will save it for the follow up.

"You think you know
But you have NO idea!"

prodigalsun said...

Interesting collection of potential castmates... I would swap out one for Holiday if she could stomach the idea of sharing a house with 6 other people... She would definitely add a level of fabulosity... and there has to be at least one natural woman who loves 'the gays' in the mix.

Introducing Alexander said...


You got the money why don't you do a pilot.

Frank León Roberts said...

Ok, Anonoymous has SERIOUS issues--let me find out that Trent is getting so popular that the kids are sending him Hate Mail! LMAO.

Trent, this post is FUCKING BRILLIANT! This is the funniest and most original post i've ever seen...

Frank León Roberts said...

Ok, I just read this again and I am falling out. When we host the Black Blogger Awards this fall, his thread will definitely get a nomination from me for Most Original Blog Topic!

I have so many QUESTIONS, i just made a new blog topic for your post....

HOLIDAY N said...

LOL...Love it
That's exactly what i hoped/expected your answer to be like when i posed the query(look at me using query).That house would be a mess...add me,and a cute/straight/bi-curious boy and baybeeee watch the sparks fly.
Me-who used my $165 creme de la mer lotion?
Trent-bitch you paid $165 for lotion?
Divo-(singing)what the world needs now is love...
NofoReal-(hands all greasy)wasn't me!
Frank(Leon)-(talking to himself while typing on his laptop)The plight of the black man...Does anybody know where the party is 2nite?
(cute straight boy walks out shower nude and all arguements stop to watch)

disgruntled said...

Oh believe it! Menage a trois. Dog fights. Food Fight. Jacuzzi time after it all butt ass naked.

Oh so lovely.

Mucho Drama cause I don't like smart mouths either!

Where do I sign up? You bitches don't want NONE!

ShawnQt said...


I was shocked by this post, you crazy you know that! I feel that is just too much testerone in one house! You know how the first week on Real World everyone starts hooking up... see why you starting something? Do we need to find out who is secretly straight in the house? Who is the one that gets drunk and starts acting out? Which one has home issues with there parents? Does someone have a man back home, and will leave them the first week on the show to see what's out there? What will our job be? OHHHHH where are we going on vacation? SO MUCH TO KNOW! Need an Update... UPDATE! Shout out to all the cast members, lol, this is cool.