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He’s vain and conceited, but his charm and that killer smile…will make you think it’s confidence. Two months on the scene and this creative, thoughtful, moody, critical, yet reserved, well defined composite of Bahamian chocolate has wooed us daily with his, melodic, erotic, thought-provoking verbiage that leaves us hanging on the edge of our keyboards, clutching our pearls, beating our dicks (or coochies), and gasping for air as we fantasize about him whispering those sweet poems in our ear...Wait, till you read this interview...he's gonna beat y'all readers up! LIKE BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM...

Step into the realm as we find out what minerals make up this Stone

Trent: finally!!! You’ve made me wait like 3 weeks!

Stone: Yeah-right too many tag games-bring it!

Trent: I have a few questions but I don't know what I want to ask first, why don't you start with telling people who aren't familiar with your blog a little bit about you...where you're from, where you live...general stuff like that.

Stone: Okay first of I am from the Bahamas. I originally moved here 5 years ago this August 17th. I live in the Bronx now and I love it here. I am a respiratory therapist.

Trent: are you single?

Stone: Yeah 100%

Trent: ...are you a top or bottom?


Trent: don’t answer that...

Stone: I believe in doing whatever to please the one I am in love with.

Trent: How do you feel about being a sex symbol?

Stone: I didn't know I was.

Trent: well let me be the first to tell you, you are so very attractive-and it's sickening you make all of the blogger boys get moist.

Stone: LOL well I am from a place with lots of water so I like getting people wet you could say…

Trent: WHAT?

Stone: I believe words are powerful. You can use them to do almost anything so when I write it’s with a mission of some sort. So if get them moist then I did my job.

Trent: yes...I know-your poems are very powerful, everything that you say is so powerful, you leave me in awe a lot of the times.

Stone: A poet should pull the reader in, shouldn’t he?

Trent: yes.... You cause such ruckus Stone; I think you've been in a lot of our masturbation fantasies at night. So being attractive do you think that gets in the way of people knowing Stone's mind...and other men or women objectifying you?

Stone: Well I am modest. I think sometimes people see the body and face and see something they like, but a lot of the times people do not look beyond that. So yeah sometimes they try it but I always let them know I am more than just a pretty face.

Trent: are very direct and I appreciate that so much. Do you think you being blunt and sarcastic intimidates people?

Stone: Sometimes-I think they think I am being mean, but I am sweetheart. I say how I feel about a person to them, it makes no sense in beating around the bush, and life is too short.

Trent: yes, you are such a nice man...You bring such a positive, introspective vibe to your blog. You bring such warmth and sincerity to your blog, and it separates you from all of the other bloggers…what got you into blogging and what do you want to accomplish in your space?

Stone: A friend who does not have a blog told me about it. So I decided to check it out. I just want people after reading, to know me really know me. Blogging makes it easy for me to share my world with the Internet world.

Trent: You're like an instant hit (celebrity over night) on the blog scene…what other blogs do you enjoy and did you know any of the NYC bloggers before you started blogging?

Stone: I love reading so many. I knew No4real for a good while before I started blogging other than that no one else. I really like reading his work. I like Franks, Love Divo he is an excellent poet, I like Derrick he brings something special to the table. Then there is Coley that is my girl a real gem just to mention a few and you of course!

Trent: I see how you put me last, it's all good, and I’m not for everyone Stone. I was actually hesitant to ask you for an interview at first, because I didn't know what you thought of me...

Stone: The Bible says '' the first will be the last and the last first" I do not know why you would afraid I am very easy to talk too. I just liked reading your page you seemed to be always starting something but in a good way!

Trent: okay...thank you. You brought up a word that most gay boys don't like, the bible. Are you religious? And what are your spiritual beliefs? And do they contradict your sexual identity?

Stone: Religious no spiritual yes I was brought up Baptist. I believe that God does not make mistakes I am this way for a purpose so it does not interfere with my sexual identity. I am creation of God prefect in his eyes who cares what the world says

Trent: okay...but the bible says something different. Is that the world? Or is that apart of religion...and what separates religion from spirituality for you?

Stone: relationship with God personally does that religion is man enforced relationship is personal, that is what makes spirituality different for me.

Trent: you're brilliant, you know that right?

Stone: I am but a voice. Not brilliant. Just a voice who speaks if you take the time to listen then you will hear something important.

Trent: do you get flirted with a lot in the club?

Stone: Not really, I don’t know why. People say I have mean face.

Trent: I was gonna say that you come off very intimidating even in photos. But you seem a bit irritated at the caliber of men our community has to offer...

Stone: True true

Trent: When was your first experience with a man?

Stone: I was 7 I was molested

Trent: do you mind talking about it?

Stone: no I am at peace with it I can discuss it

Trent: do you think the "hyper masculine" culture of the islands had anything to do with the perpetrator doing what he did to you?

Stone: I think he was just trying to discover himself at my expense, so I can forgive him now.

Trent: how much older was he than you? And do see him or still have to mesh with him?

Stone: he was mid-teens. I do not see him anymore nor would mess with him

Trent: What was life like growing up in the Bahamas?

Stone: It was wonderful man, the best years of my life. I was raised by my mother only, She was awesome-I loved going to the beach.

Trent: Do you have any siblings? Are your parents still alive?

Stone: One brother, one sister and both parents still alive.

Trent: how is your relationship with them? And do they know that you like men?

Stone: I am very close to my mother I think she knows and my brother and sister we aiight. But my mother that is my girl right there!

Trent: ...wait are you gay?

Stone: Yeah…lol. Why do you ask?

Trent: just haven't come out to them?

Stone: not really…

Trent: why?

Stone: just didn't have the need to, if they asked I would tell them, but no one asked.

Trent: do they still live on the Island?

Stone: yeah all of them.

Trent: so you're in the City alone...?

Stone: Yeah all by myself.

Trent: are you a citizen?

Stone: just a resident now.

Trent: So before you were violated did you know that you had an attraction to men? Or was it after the fact...And if so how did you deal with that and the "Hyper-Masculine" island culture?

Stone: Well before that No. After that the feeling charged. I was always hard on my mouth so I kept my own. I was tuff when I had to be so I survived.

Trent: I bet you can fuck really good.

Stone: LOL!

Trent: are you circumcised?

Stone: No.

Trent: I knew that already…

Stone: lol..All natural

Trent: wow...I don't know how I feel about that.

Stone: it’s good, plus it a myth we are not clean

Trent: Well I know you're a bit of a neat freak, borderline OCD but we'll talk about that later.... When did you first start writing?

Stone: Well I didn't learn to read until I was 16. It was shortly after that I started writing I had so much I wanted to say and put down.

Trent: WOW...So backtracking to the Bahamas is there another language down there? Or was there a lack of "formal" education?

Stone: very good educational system one of the best in the world. I think I was slow because of my molestation. I had issues with myself I thought I was dump so I acted that way.

Trent: why did you feel dumb after that happened?

Stone: cause I didn't tell anyone…molestation does one of three to a person…rebel, become introverted, or make one think less of themselves

Trent: I can identify with that, because I was molested. I didn't tell my mother until I was 16. It was more of an embarrassment/shame issue, and I was my escape-and I was very rebellious...

Stone: there are many of us victims out there.

Trent:'s shaped my experience...did you ever tell your mother or anyone in your family?

Stone: I told her when I was 18; it was the first time I ever talked about it-ever

Trent: what was her reaction?

Stone: she cried, it was very emotional.

Trent: and my mom went and did all that like that, then she went and got her gun.

Stone: my mother wanted to kill but it was the pass, I needed healing not more destruction.

Trent: my mom was very mad at me for not saying anything to her sooner...she's still mad at the situation to this day...Angry Black Woman. So do they speak English down there? In the Bahamas?

Stone: Yes the Queen English

Trent: proper and stiff…What do you feel about image in the gay community?

Stone: Not enough proper representation of real gay black men

Trent: expand that out, a little.

Stone: they have too many sissies (pardon me) on TV, not real people like you or me on there…

Trent: who’s to say I'm not a sissy?

Stone: LOL…Well like me then!

Trent: OH PAHLEASE-just cause you lookin' all butch in yo pictures don’t mean shit. You've been known to bottom out...

Stone: LOL-and if so, so what. I am still a man top or bottom!

Trent: What do you look for in a mate? And why are you single?

Stone: Honest, a good talker, fresh breath, and sexy. As for being single I think I like the right guys at the wrong time. I find myself attracted to guys who do not want a relationship, in one or just out of one strange. I always seem to get to the game and find it in session.

Trent: I KNOW RIGHT…Why does that always happen to me too? We have to talk about this sidebar…

Stone: yeah we do…

Trent: I don’t want people putting two and two together…getting my business, and all like that.

Stone: lol

Trent: so you're a Virgo when is your actual birthday?

Stone: Sept 17

Trent: that’s hot. So-how was the Whole September 11th ordeal for you. You were fresh
To the city and all of that...then 6 days before your birthday...

Stone: I saw it first hand, I was down there that morning…

Trent: oh so you where one of the people running from the cloud of smoke!!!

Stone: I had nightmares for days about people jumping from the burning building…

Trent: oh shit. That’s drastic. Do you want kids?

Stone: None…gay

Trent: LOL…okay...and all like that. But you were into the whole bending a boy over and having him touch his ankles.

Stone: hellz yeah !!

Trent: so what’s your favorite position?

Stone: I have a special one I made up…

Trent: tell me about it…!

Stone: it cannot be explained…you have to be there

Trent: so you would let me watch?

Stone: for a friend sure....

Trent: are you extending me into your layer of extra skin?

Stone: yeah!

Trent: In your "In Between" post you talked about image-and how you became a person that you felt would get accepted and loved for looking a particular way. Do you regret your decision to gain weight and what is your advice for people who don't necessarily have the "look" that gay men perceive to be attractive and the package everyone wants?

Stone: I do not regret it, but I would say do what makes you happy and if they cannot love you for you then you love you for you.

Trent: do you love yourself now?

Stone: I love me more everyday!

Trent: what’s your favorite food?

Stone: I love Thai and Indian Food

Trent: Now let me ask you, what skin products do you use because your skin in absolutely flawless, is your skin really that flawless or is that a Photoshop doctor up like the morphed photos?

Stone: I have great skin but I do use Photoshop too…

Trent: lol, see…

Stone: keeping it real.

Trent: a lot huh?

Stone: if you mean a lot great skin yeah …lol

Trent: You're so photogenic, how do you prepare for photos?

Stone: I just say, " I am the sexiest nigga out there where the camera at" then I pose.

Trent: and that you are…very conceited too.

Stone: "as a man thinks so is he"

Trent: you know…you speak in riddles and clichés...why do you do that?

Stone: some things you can just come out and say others things its best for a person to think about it and find the meaning themselves. Personal discovery is far more rewarding that a map with the X mark.

Trent: I like understand that people have their own interpretations...even if you say somethin’ plain as day…

Stone: yeah so let em figure it out!

Trent: lol...I think you do it just so you can figure them out. You ain’t slick Stoney!

Stone: LOL I have a few tricks, but I will not tell…

Trent: you can tell me...but I think I figured them out already.

Stone: we will save that for another interview…I need to keep some of my mystery.

Trent: LOL...a personal interview...I would love to see your body language and see how you use your verbiage in person...and hear that accent roll of your tongue.

Stone: hope you have a good heart

Trent: you hope I have one?

Stone: yeah '

Stone: I do not want to kill ya…lol...Don’t want to give you heart attack

Trent: that’s what I am talking about...body language...and all like's good. I think I can handle you. My informants have told me about you at parties and things…how did you feel after this past week's discussion on AIDS/HIV?

Stone: It was good but I wrote about it a month before Frank.

Trent: do you think that some of the kids took it out of context?

Stone: yeah some took it personal…but they will understand later

Trent: gotcha.... What kind of music are you into and who are some of your favorite artists?

Stone: R&B, Hip-hop. Jazz, I like lots of things. Artists 50 cent, Anita Baker, Annie Lennox, Beverley Knight, Bob Marley so much more

Trent: nice have an I-pod?

Stone: yes 1908 songs and counting'

Trent: last question, what is your biggest life lesson thus far?

Stone: " Not everyone that smiles at you is a friend"

Trent: are you trying to say I'm fake?

Stone: not you silly
Trent: LOL

Stone: it’s not all about you

Trent: Okay Whitney

Stone: lol

Trent: anything you want to add stoney?

Stone: no Trent love, that is about it for now

Trent: okay.... I thank you for this moment...I think your fans will be happy…you give so much...and your blog speaks rivers!

Stone: thanks man it my pleasure…

Trent: and start callin’ me after 3 P.M. New York time please! Those early morning wake up calls are a mess!

Stone: okay baby…

Trent: baby? You’re tellin’ too much of our business now!

Stone: lol

Stone: okay bitch…is that better?

Trent: LOL-I KNEW YOU HAD IT IN YOU! Damn queen! Stone is a butch queen I tell you!

Stone: lol-stop it

Trent: I'm sorry

Stone: its okay

Trent: you know I love you!!!

Stone: I am Stone remember…

Trent: I know...Hard like a rock, sharp like a knife

Stone: yeah "hard"

Trent: You’re tellin’ our business again! Don’t write a check you can't cash-bye boy

Stone: good night


Darnell said...

Trent darling,

I love your interviews! You are so FAB! I can just imagine you and your subjects sitting on a couch talking! You need to be on TV!

You are simply too much! And Stone is fine!!! I think there is something going on between the two of you that youre not telling everyone, hmmmm

Aunt Jacky said...

Great interview Nephew,

He seems to have a very good head on head on his shoulders.Very intelligent.He's okay on the eyes as well.What's a girl to do???......Keep up the good work!!!!!

Ricky said...

I must agree that was very good interview. As always Trent you brought it. Stone is definitely easy on the eyes.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blog! Great interview.

Valentino said...

That was great!! Ok so when you get a show, what job can I have? said...

very cool monologue! thanks :)

Anonymous said...

boy, when is the show coming to a pc screen near me? you and your interviews are great. remember me when you blow up. oh my bad you are already there and growing. so i do know

Quaheem said...

wow...funny yet intense...


HOLIDAY N said...

Sexy,smart,flirty, and scandaliciously fab. Loved it Trent Jackson.
I would so Terry McMillan him!

The Divo said...


My Literary Father. I love his swagger. He is the most breath taking man that I ever have come in contact with. You can feel his presence from 235 miles away.

It's crazy. He is a man whos par is absolutely insane. His words are like fine calligraphy on linen parchment.

Ok. Trent (or what ever your name is.)

You did a good job here, I may have to take 5 just for the fact that the thought of My Literary Father, I get all deep, and cerebral.


"The future is more promising once you acknowledge that it, to you, is not promised."

Dirk said...

Yes...Stone is the man!

Anonymous said...

Monday, August 01, 2005
its a gay, gay, gay, gay world.

The 60-second weekend-in-review....
Funny story: So Thursday night i'm walking in Chelsea pretending like i'm coming from the gym (which basically means i'm wearing sweat-pants with no draws, a white t-shirt, and a duffle bag) when my eye locks with an insanely hot little papa who's staring at my no-drawers-region. After cruising...i mean speaking with him for a few minutes, i realized that i was in the presence of non-other than the Chelsea's gorgeous French gay mini-pop star Quentin Elias. After making him promise me an interview, we went back to his house in Chelsea and uhm....chilled (smile). Thursday night after leaving I immediately called Larry Lyons, No4Real4Real, and Jason Cooper, with details. Lol. Quentin, you know it's all love here baby! See you soon and great meeting you (even though i havent heard from you in a few days!).
Friday was less exciting, didnt go out, but good things about Derrick L. Briggs' spoken word event in the village. Keep on keepin' on my brotha.
On Saturday night Stone came over and spent a few hours with me at my crib and eventually tucked me into bed like the gent that he is. I woke up Sunday afternoon with nothing else on my mind but Escuelita's SUPERBALL SUNDAY, hosted by Jack Mizrahi and the House of Mizrahi.
Sunday night's ball was hot (pictures to follow of course). As hilarious as all the drama onstage was the theatrics off-stage: No4Real4Real spent the whole night throwing himself at my roommate Jason, and as a reward eventually landed himself a spot in our home (where is currently laying across the hall as I write this message). No4real--you know I love you boy.
The moral of this story: nyc bloggers boys (and other gay artist in nyc that has a website for that matter!) are really all connected. it's crazy. these blog posts only tell half the story. if you only knew what goes on behind the scenes, when the computer screens are down.

IQ said...

Excellent interview, ya'll.

I'm sorry that I'm just now catchin up on things...been hella busy here in the Bluegrass State.

Brutha certainly is Stone Cold Sexy. Intelligent, Articulate and Flawless Skin...what more could a blogger ask for?