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Manic Monday...


I am so glad that you came to visit me nice seeing you. Making my numbers go up, entertaining you with my jargon and what not! How You Doin'? I hope yall had a hellavah weekend. Today is the last day to use my 25% cupons at Borders...gotta go get something.

Shot Out to Antone from the L.B. He likes to sit back and cackle at all of my jokes like the shit that flies out of my mouth is really that funny. I think he's a nice man.

How You Doin'? SmilinonthaLow? I've got some information on you...LOL

The Blogger Formally known as Valentino Of CT. Is back...! Don't call it a comeback he's been here before! Check him out and our part 2 coming this week!

Shout Out to Shawn-TaQuan from the Bricks and his husband...hmm I can't do that married shit. Although I want to be in love-I have yet to come across a man that can handle all of my personality and all of my stomach (LOL.

I came up with the most creative idea yet...I will announce my plans tomorrow, but just know that everyone needs to have speakers and a high speed internet connection by October when my new plans go into effect. The only thing I will tell you is that you are going to fall out your chairs in laughter! To give you a hint...You've never seen anything like it.

When is the last (or the first time) I came with a FIYAH ass post for a Monday? I can't recall. But my Monday posts are usually the most boring.

My weekend was whatever. I didn't work I just shopped as usual. I went past a few borders stores just to see how my book was doing...And being that this was Fred's first week out the gate with "Down For Whatever," it was nice to see the shelves stocked with his product. I even met a lady who bought his book, she didn't believe that I knew him, but of course I had to pull out the camera phone...

The Surreal Life...honey that house is a mess. I can't stand Janice Dickensons ugly messed up face, Michael Jackson-esque faced woman. She was so beat in her day honey...but just like white folk, goin' and messin' with shit that aint even broke. See the problem with white folk is that they don't go to church, they are all into that scientology bullshit. What is that about anyway...see. That's their problem.

I want to get fucked bad. I was talking to one of my mental boyfriends over the weekend and we were both sharing our interest in crossing over to the bottom. I've already made a vow to myself not to get fucked unless I am in a committed relationship. This is out of respect for myself. The frenzy of open sex drives me
B-A-N-A-N-A-S!! I don't like whores or people who indulge too much in sex. It's okay to be a slut, or not to have any sexual inhibitions-but promiscuousness, especially in 2005 is like yuck man what are you thinking about? I know a lot of my readers are into that promiscuous sex...But you have to slow that shit down! It's a matter of life and death. I mean who wants to be stuck with genital warts, or a drippy dick head, a loose ass muscle, herpes...or even..., well you know. Play it safe people.

Holiday-N (in all of her Heiressness) has spun an interesting two part story. Which includes me...I am so honored...LOL I am making other blogs now...Change gone come.

So off the scene a few people have approached me to do a tell all blog interview. I want to do it, but I don't know who I want to bear my soul too...Give me some advice on that. I won't reveal all of the sources-just tell me who you you think will capture Trent Jackson in his essence.

This week will be interesting I have my Part 2 interviews with No4real (OMG-Do we have to chat) and Valentino-about his transition to ATL and some things that I am just dying to is he doin' it with...well...and a very, very, very, very big BLOG SUPRISE! All this and more on the next episode of Live & Up Close With Trent Jackson!


Introducing Alexander said...



Valentino said...

MMhhMM I told you it better not be no mess...I feel so compelled to flirt with ShawnQT, thank you for reminding me he's married...ugh

SmilingOnThaDL said...

hmmmm... what do you have on me... Don't post it on here.. e-mail me, LOL! I think i know what it is!

Rahshek said...


The essence of your blog is truly something special. You have taken this blog thing to a new level. As always you give your readers something to look forward to, something to thinking about, laugh about, and something to take to heart.

In terms of the "Trent Tell all Blog Interview" I think I am ready for you. Besides an exclusive with Trent will give me a great launching ground for my personal blog (which has been lacking). Keep it coming.


Quaheem said...

On a totally unrelated topic...I love that song "Manic Monday"..and not just because Prince wrote

But anyways...Keep dishin it...cuz after a clean day a little DIRT don't hurt...*watches on*

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tea!!!

Shelley Halima said...

I think I'm hooked on your blog already, LOL.

The Church Boy said...

Boy - again, you are a mess. What's going on w/you and Chgocutie? Please tell us...