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No Shade on this side of the tree

An Anonymous commenter on a blog said:

"are you referring to that fat, non talented hack Trent Jackson with the shi**y book out? I see that he called you a whore on his page?

Are you going to let him dog you like that?

He's trash and you should read him"

I say: LOL. This is exactly why I have 8,000+ hits and over 3,000 books sold. Don't make me use figures again.

I just love walking around naked. I also love what I am doing now. Lounging around in these boxer shorts 2 sizes to small just so my ass cheeks can hang out of the bottom of the shorts like Mariah Carey's...thas hot.

HEY YALL! Welcome to another read of Live & Up Close with Trent Jackson, where every day you get closer to the man that entertains you all. You love me, you hate me, you hate on me! I just hate it when I run out of water in my house, my mouth gets all dry and shit like I been in the back alley smokin rocks with Tyrone Biggim and things...anyway on to my rounds

Shout out to all of the new readers! I love your emails and your nice motivates me so very much, I thank you-and welcome to the madness.

Shawn-Thank You for all that you do.

So while on a venture out of the house (cause you know I hate leaving the house, especially while the sun is out) I went to Jamba Juice, the smoothie joint. I walked in, I was on the phone as usual. I took a fag stance: left hand over mouth, right had to ear with cell phone, trying to decide what I wanted when the girl behind the register said, "Oh my god, is that a Tiffany ring you're wearing." It threw me off, because people normally don't know what kind of jewelry I wear and I don't broadcast either. So I am like laughing, not expecting her to know, " is, I see that you're a fan of her as well." We had a cute little conversation about Tiffany accessories and all of the inexpensive items that they house. So as we wrap up I proceed to pull out my Scooby Doo wallet and she says "Don't worry about it, it's on the house, you're into Tiffany!" How about that for the hookup!

Moving on...Fuck a hater. Fuck anyone who under estimates the creative genius of Trent Jackson! Including my momma. When I called people to get their feedback on a new idea, they started asking questions, why this, why that, did you think of this, blah blah blah. While they think they are looking out for me...they are actually taking the first sips of h8terade, while I am jotting notes and subtracting points from their tally. When I think of an idea, I act on it immediately. I don't think about financing it, I don't care if no one likes it, I don't care about target audiences and all of that. That (for me) comes later. I am better at visualizing and putting into action worrying about the rest of that shit later. For instance when I wrote my book, I wrote, and did all that other shit secondary-and I am successful. With all of that being said I am officially launching my plan to start "Abstract-TV." An internet based TV station that will launch the debut of a select few shows, you guessed it folks, I am going to actually produce a pilot of "The Blog World." Stay tuned more to come on that. Don't try to fuck with my idea cause a bitch has his shit in order.

I am also happy to announce that Hue-Man Bookstore, in Harlem, NY is back in stock of my book, after a nice if you haven't already got your copy of At This Moment, and you're in NYC-give them a shot out.

My witches stew is brewing...I have interviews coming up with Valentino, No4real, and My very special interview with Stone...isn't he hot? And like so deep? Like the ocean...?

I believe that there are great, genuine, positive, exemplary people left that I have encountered, and I feel that they are such a blessing to me, my creative drive, and my overall well being. I've learned that no matter what people do to you (or what you allow them to) there will always be one positive person that will change your perspective on life (for the better) forever.

I appreciate people who support this space, my work, my colleagues work. I appreciate every email, comment, and silent read that takes place daily. Without you there is no me. And without us there is no progress.

Thank you to Gaskin, Shawn, Brandi Jade (SOOOO MUCH U UNDERSTAND ME...)

People only talk about you if you're doing something right...well not all the time, some people are just fuckin stupid and they deserve to be made the example of. Hmmm...

Speak now or forever hold your muthafuckin' peace!
Until tomorrow-I love what I do for you...and I won't know that you're here unless you tell me.

P.S. Don't forget to watch I want to be a Hilton tonight on NBC and I just got my free sample of my Trojan Mint Tingle condoms...I'll try it out in a few weeks and let you know how it tastes...


Rahshek said...

My My My... you certainly keep people on their toes. I am looking forward to this series of your's for I am sure it will be of quality and taste done the "Trent" way.

Rahshek said...
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Ladynay said...

"I won't know that you're here unless you tell me.

Consider yourself told :-)

I guess I need to upgrade my computer so I can see this Abstract-TV without any issues!

Anonymous said...

t, like i told you " you are the next superstar in the making". tv show? i am there!!!

Stone said...

There will always be negative people but there will always be positive people too. Never feed the negative let them starve. Only serve the positive and if they do not want to eat a positive meal then let them die.

Valentino said...

Why...Ugh...I can't take it. People are having -get that bitch-convo in other's blog comment boxes?? Like Prodigal Sun says, " Boooooooooo !!! BOOOOOOOOOOOO to youuuuuu. "

disgruntled said...

talking shit on anonymous is so sissy-ish! get a life and get some balls.

Quaheem said...

It's about to be a WHAT!!!....(ya'll know the rest)...*smiles*..

get em Trent...

The Church Boy said...

"Their talk is foul, like the stench from an open grave. Their speech is filled with lies. The poison of a deadly snake drips from their lips.Their mouths are full of cursing and bitterness.They are quick to commit murder. Wherever they go, destruction and misery follow them. They do not know what true peace is."

-Romans 3:13-17 (NLT)

Keep reading them Trent! And just dust the haters off ya shoulders...