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Revisited Part 2: No4Real...FahReal

The only thing in life that is constant is change…and I’ve certainly witnessed the change in No4real! The last time we had a chat, he didn’t give much of anything…very secretive. If you haven’t noticed, he’s got a three-part Q&A on his site, answering the most personal questions! He went from being in the closet with his picture on the front door to learning and growing into his own skin…we talked about my book, his recent breakup with “Baby,” and a couple of other shockers…

No4real4real: Mr. Jackson – hello


No4real4real: LOL…I am great

Trent: that’s good how have things

No4real4real: just got in the home, things are cool, tired from work…been working 13 hours shifts this week

Trent: wow-go ahead and work that stack your cash

No4real4real: trying. I need to support my move

Trent: where are you moving?

No4real4real: the big apple

Trent: thas hot-I so need to be there…

No4real4real: I need to be where that action is! I am too hot for CT

Trent: of course!

No4real4real: so you met Freddy smith

Trent: yeah we're friends, lol…did you miss that memo? We’re in the same city… So did you read my entire book?

No4real4real: yes I did

Trent: did you like it?

No4real4real: I had a hard time with it

Trent: explain

No4real4real: okay I got lost in the dialogue, it didn't work for me, and I hated the ending

Trent: so you didn't like the book

No4real4real: I guess, I was just really disappointed at the ending

Trent: why?

No4real4real: needed more of a conclusion, it just seemed so rushed at the end

Trent: well...I'll say this, I'll send you my second book, don’t pay for it...LOL.

No4real4real: will the second book be better?

Trent: But...not to make excuses, but the end was kinda rushed...well a lot of drama was going on with my book and me personally, and I felt that if I didn't put it out when I did, I will have failed myself. The second book will be a lot better. A lot tighter. All of the questions that you had are answered-and there is another cliffhanger. And plus I had a bad editor

No4real4real: okay, I am ready to for that!

Trent: and being that I did this alone, it was difficult…

No4real4real: I am still mad Mav (The main character in my book) kicked it with Caleb!

Trent: and this being my first book, it was a learning process not only with my writing,
But with my company as well...but give me another chance at that though. Why at Caleb? (I appreciate this feedback by the way) Was there anything good about it?

No4real4real: I feel like he was too young for Mav to take it there!

Trent: LOL-everyone wanted them to be together…

No4real4real: BOOOOOO!!!!! That was the making of a great friendship and never should have been taken to a sexual relationship. Don't get me wrong Caleb was hung Mav could get that elsewhere.

Trent: said you had some questions about it...Are these the questions? And if anything.... what did you like good about the book-or was it that bad for you?

No4real4real: what did I like about it...I did find it funny though the experience seemed real enough…

Trent: but you were just annoyed by the dialogue?

No4real4real: yes I was. Many times I was reading it and couldn't find the transitions from one paragraph to the next like the paragraph was too long or something…

Trent: hmm...another problem I had with the layout and printing...but I could see that. When you’re a writer you kind of get tired of reading the same shit over and over, so that was sloppy on my part.

No4real4real: but there was a paragraph break to so it didn't seem as long, I am sure #2 will do better, I must say it is cool see y'all take your literary future into your own hands
That is hot…

Trent: everything is a lesson and now that I know what to do the second time it will be much easier. And I appreciate your honesty, because a lot of people tell me they like the book and only a handful tell me otherwise, and I always thought it was something wrong with that picture.

No4real4real: I am sure there are people who appreciate you as the cool person you are,
And don't want to hurt your feelings. In a way you have to respect that, but that doesn't help you art everyone can stand a chance to improve.

Trent: yes, its very doesn’t help me grow, and I have thick skin and I can handle it. I've dealt with rejection my whole life, so its nothing...but everyone grows, and this is my growing time. I knew that At This Moment wasn't going to be the one to make it right out the box. It's not going to happen until like book three. But I want a career that spans time, not just straight to the top...then what? You come crashing down? I want a slow rise to the top so I can learn the business as well as perfect my craft...but there are so many things that I want to do creatively, there is really no limit on my expression, so this isn't the only thing I have under my sleeve.

No4real4real: okay, so you do you expect book three to be your real introduction

Trent: no, you've already had a little of the introduction-the third book will be more appealing to the masses.

No4real4real: okay

Trent: on to you, unless you had something else to say?

No4real4real: naw I am good

Trent: First I want to thank you for your last couple of entries on your blog; I think people love that openness that you've been giving us...

No4real4real: my blog, really?

Trent: will there be more of that?

No4real4real: as a matter of fact there will, I must admit it did take a lot to open up the way I did. But I felt it was needed. I am going through a big change in my life

Trent: shish, let me ask that!!!

No4real4real: LOL
Trent: so...taking things one at a time. How did you feel about my blog world post?

No4real4real: Yo that was hot, I really enjoyed that concept, although I feel like you don't know me at all, but it did make for great entertainment.

Trent: yes...what is the biggest misconception people have of you? Keep in mind that we haven’t had talk other than our you're right I don't know you that well, that is just me being silly...did I offend you?

No4real4real: from the blog world it would have say the misconception is that I am stuck up and superficial, that is so far from the case…

Trent: what is the case?

No4real4real: I am a very confident person and I will never apologize for that-no you didn't offend me.

Trent: so...the question that we all want to know, how are you doing after the breakup?

No4real4real: LOL, very well actually.

Trent: okay...elaborate…

No4real4real: okay, I haven't been pressed since my break up. I must admit I have been in situations to meet new people and I have collected a few numbers since but no one has really captured my attention, after “Baby” people will have to come correct.

Trent: were you upset when he put himself on blast in your comment blog revealing his identity?

No4real4real: I have to admit I was a bit taken back by that

Trent: so was I…

No4real4real: there was no reason for him to do so unless he was tryin to get some attention to his blog

Trent: YAWN, anyway, next.

No4real4real: prior to that people didn't hit up his blog.

Trent: and they still don’t.

No4real4real: I am sure people went to his page but its not that entertaining so I am sure they lost interest very fast, my brother told me I should have erased his comment.

Trent: like me, I would have asked for an interview just for the messy factor, but being messy really isn't in me, so I left it alone.

No4real4real: do what you like.

Trent: You're a better person for leaving it up there...just like people always talk shit about me on my blog and others' blog, I leave them there as a reminder that I am not for everyone...just like my book isn't for everyone…

No4real4real: I feel you on that fuck them!

Trent: no I wouldn't even go that far. I mean I do this for me, not for anyone else. I know that I have a talent, regardless of what anyone may tell me, or how they may treat me, it's really not up to people its up to GOD and his destiny for me. So it really doesn’t bother me because someone will always have something to say, just like I always have something to say...But it is what it is...

No4real4real: that I like bernit told me on one of my earlier blogs," write as though no one else is reading it but you." That is the approach I took when responding to the questions, that is why I was as open as I was…

Trent: Oh, I enjoy your early childhood photos too…

No4real4real: those were tough to post my teeth were a wreck. That Boy Scout joint was really hard to post.

Trent: I mean I read the responses to your questions...and I know why they were what your teeth were a wreck, but that’s what braces are for right? When was your turning point when you finally looked in the mirror and said, you were attractive, you’re beautiful and you started to accept yourself for the person you are today, or has that moment even come yet?

No4real4real: well that moment has come and gone. I will have to say it happened when I attended that senior prom as a sophomore in high school. I went with this chick and didn't smile in the photos. Her mother is still mad at me over that She said I am too attractive not to smile in photos, and that I messed up her daughters prom pictures, a moment you can never get back- an insecurity that is not longer valid

Trent: had you been told your were attractive before then?

No4real4real: yeah…I think I kind of believed it but I always felt my smile messed it up

Trent: because of what your mom said?

No4real4real: yes very much so and all the ridicule I used to get in grade school

Trent: YES! So-you couldn't identify with the relationship Maverick had in my book with his mother and what happened to him in school one tenth?

No4real4real: now that I was with, even down to the conversation he had with her while watching TV, I swear that was so my mother and me, the distain between the two of us was sickening.

Trent: you to tell me one good thing. I think you secretly like my book but for some reason you’re trying to read me on it…but anyway, how is the relationship with your mother now?

No4real4real: a little better, that was goin to be a LOOOONG bog within itself, but I can share. I am the oldest of three boys when my mother had her second child I was 5 years old, ever since his birth she has been abusing drugs, and she still does so to this day, to track her addition I use his age. Prior to her drug use my mother and I had a great relationship. Many of my family members were jealous of it. But that was to all change, so I had to grow up really fast. I used to take care of myself and my brothers, we did well for what he had, I been through it all, multiple evictions, lights and gas cut off, my mother taught me to steal from grocery stores so we could eat. From kindergarten to high school I attended 13 different schools, well 14 including my high school.

Trent: OKAY SEE, now you need to write a book!

No4real4real: not that serious, just what I know, I wouldn't have changed a bit, I love who I am and what got me to this point.

Trent: I want to commend and thank you for what you just said. That means so much that you say that, you have just helped and spoke to so many people.... You and I have a whole lot in common.

No4real4real: thank you, I applaud you for your self-assurance.

Trent: I applaud you for yours. What you just told me summed everything up; I think you have given everyone a better appreciation of who you are. Everything makes

No4real4real: that is a bit of my story, we can chat for hours, but a book is not venue. I
See myself speaking…

Trent: yes-you mentioned that to me before, you just inspired me to do something

No4real4real: what is that you are to do?

Trent: I get these ideas that just pop into my head, but I'd rather not speak on it...let me hone into it more. But yes, I definitely see you in that capacity-I just visualized it.

No4real4real: aiight - thanks
Trent: you are too have served it...

No4real4real: lol

Trent: no really.... you have such a moving story; you can still go through anything and come out fine. Which is the point that I was attempting to convey in my book-and you telling me this, in my head I am saying...either I am not an effective writer or he was just trying to read me from the gate…which I think you are…

No4real4real: I have to admit that theme in the book did strike a cord with me, but I was still lost in the dialogue…

Trent: your assignment is to read my book again!

No4real4real: I can do that, as a matter of fact I will, still don't think Mav and Caleb
Should have kicked it…but that is my opinion

Trent: so Ms. Holy Roller, what is the latest dish with Ms. Mammala?

No4real4real: LOL-she is cool, we are doing much better. She is planning on purchasing a house with her sister. I am proud of them (meaning her and her sisters)

Trent: have you guys had a sit down discussion about dick sucking and all of that?

No4real4real: Yo I am still waiting for the discussion; my home girls I came out to I had that conversation with

Trent: so it sounds like that you're working out your issues with your coming out...I remember you saying you had planed on working it out, is it working out like you planned it?

No4real4real: so far it is coming along, as far as I know Holy Roller has yet tell anyone

Trent: hmmm

No4real4real: if she respects my feelings and allows me to do it on my own I would be very surprised; funny thing is she outed me about three years ago

Trent: what happened with that

No4real4real: LOL, long story short, I was away in college and we had a three bedroom apt. I gave up my room so my brothers could have their own room; I had a walk in closet

No4real4real: Holy Roller was the only one with a key. I asked her to retrieve something for me; I figured that would go off with out a hitch. A few months later I was back home and my grandmother asked me why so many boys were callin the house for me-why weren't any girls calling

Trent: lord

No4real4real: mind you I was president of my frat…I didn't press the issue knowing I had nothing to hide. Fast forward two weeks, I went to the barbershop with my cousin P-Funk

Trent: the names you have for people

No4real4real: he is the eldest male cousin I have…I idolized him, wanted to be straight like him and bone mad chicks, he was my barber-while in the chair I was looking to catch up - he was looking to catch me out...I told him about another male cousin Screamy. Screamy is the sensitive one and obviously gay…so Screamy was speakin on my mother, since she was currently in a lesbian relationship.

Trent: WHAT????

Trent: STOP!!!


Trent: LESBIAN???

Trent: BI???

No4real4real: LOL, I suppose

Trent: WHAT????

Trent: OMG!!!!

No4real4real: BI would be a better conclusion


Trent: WHAT?

No4real4real: LOL

Trent: SHUT UP!!

Trent: NO!!!

Trent: STOP!!!
Trent: ITS…?

No4real4real: ROTFL

Trent: NO!!!



No4real4real: LOL


Trent: STOP

No4real4real: I will


No4real4real: okay

Trent: SAY NO MORE-SO YOU'RE IN THE CHAIR, talkin about flamey…

No4real4real: yeah I was in the chair

Trent: or whatever and he’s raggin on Yo momma…

No4real4real: he was speaking on my mother

Trent: yes…and all of that.

No4real4real: I was telling P-Funk that I felt like he shouldn't have been speaking on my mother, knowing how Screamy was ridiculed for years about his sexuality - although he wasn't out…who was he too bad mouth my momma when he dealt with that his whole life

Trent: HELL TO THA NAH…see…no. You need to call me, this is too much, you've already overloaded the Trent Jackson sensors, and you know I can only handle so much just to let you know I am using your Speedo picture as the picture for the interview

No4real4real: no worries

Trent: showin all that cock imprint

No4real4real: lol

So…No4real and I got to talk to each other on a more personal level. Aside from all of that he’s a nice guy-and I can’t wait for my photo op with him in NYC. No4Real will appear again…there is a lot more where this came from, standby for that moment…The Trent Jackson Saga continues…See yall on Monday!

**Before you go...check this out...Such an honor this is...**


Ladynay said...

Nice interview! I am slow....what did you want a web cam for? LOL

Holiday N said...

Y'know what?I really really like NofoReal.He has this self-acceptance that's becoming so strong.It takes a lot to be so revealing and truthful and I appreciate him.
I feel like in both life and blogging, when it's all over,could that person say they were relevant,did they teach,learn,grow,or entertain?I feel like he'll be one of those relevant ones.You too sweetie!

IQ said...

The interview was great. It's exciting to get to know these folks whose words I read.

...Plus the Speedo pic is finger lickin' good. LOL

Adam said...

I was reading the interview, but then i stopped(random)

prodigalsun said...

Pfunk? Flamey? LOL

U stoooopid... lol

Anyway, again, you are my hero for revealing as much as you do. I am going to be just like you when I grow up.

SmilingOnThaDL said...

That's my Big Brotha! Love him to DEATH, LOL!

TheBlacks said...

Excellent post!