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Revisited Part I: Valentino-Of-?

We know him as Valentino-Of-Ct. Not so long ago he was the new kid on the block that had heads turning, eyes popping-and everyone guessing. I caught up with Valentino for a revisit of our now infamous interview. He’s settling in his new home in Atlanta, reconnecting with his father…and just enjoying life. This isn’t one of my juicy interviews; it’s more of a catch-up to see how our friend in blogville is fairing along after his two-week hiatus…

Trent: was your transition to ATL? Well how is it going thus far

Valentino: it is going well. I was still nervous at first and some living arrangements had to change

Trent: like what?

Valentino: I was gonna be staying with a friend, but then I decided not to, because friendships can change with that sort of thing.

Trent: did you like drive a big U-haul truck down there and butch it out, or did you fly down there and have all of your stuff delivered?

Valentino: I shipped my clothes and computer before hand, flew down with the rest and some more of my things are gonna be brought down when my sister moves.

Trent: oh you just went with no furniture? Damn that sounds like you were getting out of a bad marriage...

Valentino: lol

Trent: like Tina did...”He can have all that other stuff, as long as I can keep my name..."

Valentino: no I didn’t want to deal with bringing all that

Trent: So, what led you to ATL?

Valentino: Well we all know my love of NYC. NYC is extremely expensive and I didn’t want to Borough. If I'm gonna be in the city...I want to be IN the city. When I visited ATL back in DEC/Jan I found that it had similar qualities to NYC-plus I loved how it seemed like a place a person of color could come into their own, if they really put their mind to it

Trent: is this your first time moving away from home?

Valentino: yes

Trent: how are you liking it and is your family calling you every second making
sure you're okay?

Valentino: yeah my mother calls often, sounding so silly

Trent: do you like roam around the house naked?

Valentino: lol…no. I don’t understand why people say that, when they get their first place

Trent: its so liberating

Valentino: its not all that-I do walk around in my underwear though.

Trent: not the ones like mine with the ass cheeks hanging out.

Valentino: but I live in a sort of high rise so I'm thinking people are watching me or like in that movie sliver

Trent: lol…close your windows fool

Valentino: why? Lol… I need light

Trent: cause that’s what white people do! Walk around with open blinds so people can see their business

Valentino: lol-my blinds are closed

Trent: so tell me about the selection of boys there and are they any different from the east coast boys?

Valentino: they are somewhat different, so country

Trent: that’s cute

Valentino: and everybody goes to church

Trent: (rolls eyes)

Valentino: and the light skin boys think they are heaven

Trent: that’s everywhere honey…So-do you think the men are better quality or is it the you buy into the theory that men are different based on territory?

Valentino: no, there are just more here and the discretion is gone so people are trying to holla everywhere!

Trent: what? It’s fagville like that?

Valentino: somebody screamed out their phone number from a truck to my friend and me the other day

Trent: and they're all thugs huh?

Valentino: no thugs or I haven't seen any

Trent: QUEENS?

Valentino: assumed established

Trent: URGH.

Valentino: with their luxury vehicles

Trent: Looks like I need to go ahead and move to Brooklyn!

Valentino: the thugs look dirty

Trent: grimey

Valentino: cut off jeans and stuff

Trent: what? LOL

Valentino: well this is what I've seen so far, I'm sure I haven’t seen it all

Trent: LOL

Valentino: before people be attacking me

Trent: you know how they are once you say something on my spot they have it out for you anyway

Valentino: it shouldn't be that serious

Trent: they'll say it!

Valentino: lol, oh well

Trent: so where in the city do you live and do you have a spot that you frequent long have you been there?

Valentino: I've been here going on three weeks. I live in the buckhead / Lenox area which is like the ritzy /fancy area.

Trent: of course

Valentino: but I don’t live in a ritzy place

Trent: how much is rent

Valentino: my rent is 527

Trent: why not 525 or 530

Valentino: lol

Trent: such an odd number

Valentino: I know huh

Trent: so what’s your favorite place to eat?

Valentino: Checkers !?!?!?!?! I've been trying different restaurants; you're coming during Labor Day weekend right? Are you doing book things everyday?

Trent: no just Saturday and Sunday

Valentino: oh-u should host a party

Trent: you're gonna come sit with me half of one day and look cute right? PAHLEASE I am not on that level yet. If yall wanna throw me one and I'll pay for it…

Valentino: oh its easy to host a party, u make up the flyers and pass them out at ur booth

Trent: hmmm…thought

Valentino: not like a huge one

Trent: I don't think I am ready

Valentino: a small little hotel room thingy

Trent: that sounds fun

Valentino: but yes I'll sit at your booth

Trent: that’s sidebar...we could both use that to our advantage

Valentino: of course

Trent: so how do you feel about Ludacris and Bobby Valentino fucking?

Valentino: I don’t think bobby is that cute, so that disturbs me

Trent: he's cute but he looks like a little rat or something

Valentino: now if u said Ludacris and bow wow

Trent: so-about Bow Wow and Ciara you're fascinated with them-tell me why

Valentino: Ludacris looks like the smack you on the ass type, oh because ciara looks so much older bow wow still looks 12 to me what is he doing with that? I can't fathom it but I did see the new video...and they do have chemistry.

Trent: hmmm...I'm happy for anyone who does a relationship and a celebrity relationship even more...I think they are the new Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri…how is your love life going

Valentino: hmmm…its going

Trent: going?

Valentino: I think there's a circle of friends all vying, who's gonna get him first type of thing

Trent: do you want to get got?

Valentino: no, they're all a mess

Trent: lol. So you don't enjoy your singledom

Valentino: oh I do enjoy it, I'm not looking for any shackles right now

Trent: understandable

Valentino: someone to hang out with is cool, kiss, hug, laugh, but nobody to be holding hands with in the park…I cant take all that right now

Trent: Unless it's after dark in the bushes of Piedmont...oh I forgot about you and that free-spirit sex! So you've visited the infamous Piedmont Park...what did you leave out of your blog that you want to tell me?

Valentino: nothing. I have not experienced any of that that they say or even saw it, but if u wanna stand behind trees and suck on dicks and things then do you

Trent: lol, you'd rather just take them back to the penthouse studio

Valentino: no penthouse studio and no park people…I did see Ty Lattimore walking through there

Trent: wow

Valentino: yeah

Trent: he's not that hot

Valentino: not at all. I said that’s what u wanna look like walking through the
park? To myself

Trent: lol-I wonder how many silent readers I have...

Valentino: a whole bunch

Trent: LOL, I wonder if he's one of them

Valentino: lol-wouldn't that be something…my father told me to carry a knife

Trent: oooh I have the perfect gift for u

Valentino: oh did you reach the part in Alphonso's book where the drag queen slips
a blade from under the tongue

Trent: LOL-I haven't read night yet

Valentino: oh-my baaaad

Trent: But I think that the book is phenomenal. I’m so glad you’ve read it. I am
going to finish it this week and Fred’s too…I can discuss it with you when I’m done!
Because I don’t know of anyone else who has read it or reading it… what is your take on Alphonso’s book...I think he is brilliant and he brings a new fresh vibe to the gay black literary scene.

Valentino: yes he does-I loved it, it is much different from everyone else

Trent: I think that it is safe to say that it's one of the best reads, if not the best read of the year

Valentino: it really is, I think its good for young readers

Trent: yes...its definitely appealing to the urban crowd…the hood boys up top from the BK

Valentino: right

Trent: does he not have eyebrows? Lol (Not Alphonso and inside joke that Valentino and I have..)

Valentino: don’t u start

Trent: so since our last chat, is there anything you wanted to clear up or add?

Valentino: about?

Trent: anything

Valentino: not that I can think of

Trent: so moving out, on your own, to ATL what is your biggest learned thus far

Valentino: I haven't really learned anything yet, I was pretty much independent
before, I just lived with my mother

Trent: wait how does that work?

Valentino: I still cooked for myself, paid bills, got my business in order. The only difference is that she's not in the other room

Trent: something tells me you miss that

Valentino: not just yet

Trent: I'm Trent Jackson don't act like you don't know the name! Thank you for the update and I'll see you in ATL over Chick-Fila

Valentino: lol, I have date at smoothie king in ten minutes

Stay tuned for tomorrow-Bombs Over Baghdad and No4real is throwing them!


SmilingOnThaDL said...

Great Interview... It's always great to hear people moving to a completely different place and enjoying it. Hopefully that will be one day...

I'm jealous Valentino, LOL!

Holiday N said...

That was a good interview/update.Not everything has to be scandalous and heavy,loved it like Gucci.

Pammie said...

GREAT INTERVIEW! Living here in Atlanta, I found it funny that sexuality has nothing to do with the drama that is ATLANTA, lol just whether or not you got 'flava' again - good interview - if you want to see Atlanta from the 'otherside' feel free to drop by.

Valentino said...

MMhhMM you better had posted and edited it love you..Had a great time again !!!

Ricky said...

Great interview Trent, I liked hearing about a person's transition to a new setting. I will be making that transition from no man's land next year to somewhere I can let my hair down when i graduate next May.

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt you saw me walking around Piedmont park. Especially if I am so "not" hot, its funny my name would even come up.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to personally address the blog interview where my name was mentioned. Its funny to me that someone that looks like you, Trent, would say that I am not that hot. After seeing your pictures on your blog, you have little room to critique anyone's looks. You should really stop hating.

To Mr ( and I use the term lightly) Valentino, I do not know you. You look like the typical Atlanta fag. I am not sure why my name was even mentioned, since neither of you is on my level. But I can assure you that you did not see my creeping in Piedmont park. I can see why you might need to use my name to boost your stock in the Atlanta scene, but instead of hating on me and talking so badly about Atlanta, you should work on improving yourself....starting with your negative personality. While your pictures are just aight, your words reveal you to be a sad and lonely person. Always good to see a grown ass man moving out on his own. Mom and Dad can not support you forver.

Basically to wrap it up, if you two bottoms can keep my name out your mouth, we will be fine. Life is too short to spend hating on me because you can not get to my level.


Anonymous said...

Why would a major porn celebrity leave a message like this on a blog of all places? If that was really Ty, I am so a former fan.