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So a few more hours till my book reading tonight with In The Meantime Mens! How Yall doin? Alright! So I promise not to Ghqueen out in Target anymore! He shouldn't have gotten besides himself! Don't let nobody step to you like that! But I am glad that yall thoroughlly enjoyed the story....

Shot Outs To: Holiday-N! Happy 25!!-She's such a sweetie! SmilingonDaDL...I think I have a crush on him...LOL, He's such a nice man-and just so together...I have to watch how I refer to him, I don't want to mess up my good streak! Shawn-TaQuan...where the hell are you? And speaking of that where are You Stone?

Speaking of SmilingOnDaDL, I had a sit down with him in his Ikea swivel chair on the Upper East give him the other side of Trent Jackson...during our two hour impromptu interview session on the Upper East Side...check for that on his blog on Friday...I'm pretty sure a few mouths will drop.

So as I was sitting here watching Kanye West's Through The Wire video-I felt inspired...a few reasons. He is another prime example how you can turn tragedy into triumph-you can go through something and still come out fine and okay.

It motivated me to keep going-even though sometimes I don't feel like getting out of bed...and making calls to make sure people got my book, to see if I got a review, checking to see how many books I've sold, blogging...talking to other people about writing, motivating people daily to not let anyone deter them from their dreams.

I thought about the mentoring program that I do Tuesdays & Thursdays. I work with at risk young adults-who live in some of the economically impoverished areas of L.A. I thought about how every Tuesday and Thursday those kids expect me to be there-because I am one of the only positive things that they see all year long. And how inspiring that must fortunate I am to be in the position to inspire our next generation to lead a healthy, productive life...I know it can be done.

If you would have asked me 5 years ago if I would have been this capacity I probably would have answered yes. I knew young, that I had to change my own life for the better.

My father getting murdered, wasn't an excuse for me to be sorry and fail.
My Grandmother getting murdered by my cousin, wasn't to be used as crutch for people to feel sorry for me. Me being molested, wasn't for me to feel bad and less of myself. Me being overweight and people calling me fat didn't mean I had to buy into their idea of what beauty is or accept the label they called me. Having a fucked up and turbulent relationship with my mother wasn't an excuse for me to go out an treat women different or less than because my mother treated me shitty. People laughing in my face, talking about me, saying I was dumb and silly for wanting a writing career wasn't an excuse for me to get sidetracked and do something different because they didn't have the power in them to change their life. But I made it anyway.

I am successful because those very people and situations challenged me to be better-and silence them. Not because I had to prove anything to them, but because I saw my vision and knew what I had to do for myself to be happy.

As I sit here and look back at my life...and how God has been good to me continually inspite of my short comings-I can say that I am grateful for everything I've been through. It's made me better...and I say it all the time, you can go through the fire and come out pure as gold.

But my only irritation at this point in my life is where is my man at? LOL...I guess thats another thing I have to be patient and understanding about. I almost smell him coming...

At times Trent Jackson can be rude. He can be offensive...but I am here to provoke thought. I challenge you, my readers, just as I challenge myself to be a better person. Sometimes I can be tactless, not to justify me being like that, but it gets your attention, and it makes you very purpose for this blog. I don't mean to be an asshole...I'm not one...I'm real...and if being real is being an asshole, being offensive, being tactless, I don't apologize for it one bit. I care about each and every person that is resposible for my 10,000th hit. And I want the best for you. I want you to be happy, safe, healthy, and productive. You are a peice of me...and I mean that.

Go Out Into the world and make your positive mark! Not because I said so...but because you stand for something more...than what you've been told.

I love you for visiting...and make sure you join me tomorrow for another eidtion of Live and Upclose with Trent Jackson as I talk about my book signing, Alphonoso Morgan, Fred Smith, My Homies...and whatever else may happen in Target!

I won't know you're here unless you tell me...How about that new picture?


ShawnQt said...

Thanks for making my day, I love the PHOTO! It's so full of life.

PS. No problems today, going to take it easy. Generate some positive energy.

SmilingOnThaDL said...

Man, thanks for the love! It was great meeting you know who, LOL! I see your biting off my topics, LOL!

The success that you are embarking on today, is nothing compared the to the great achievements you will receive tomorrow. So keep moving forward!

And why the chair has to be from IKEA? LMAO!

Ricky said...

Thanks for that Trent. As a person who is at a crosswords in his life that was good to hear man. Exactly why I love reading your blog as well as others.

Stone said...

I am right here boo