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YAWN...Another Manic Monday

"You can't be what I need you to. I don't know why I fucked with you..."

-e. badu
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movement 3, green eyes

Happy Monday everybody! I've got so much to let me get down to business. Shot Outs to: Frank, Smiling, Divo, ShawnQT, Alphonso, Fred, Ebony, Sam, Ric (in Missouri)Holly, Reesey & Erika. Yall are the bomb.

Speaking of SmilingonThaDL, my exclusive interview that I did with him is going to be up sometime between today and check that out....especially if you're not feeling me after this weekends little fiasco.

Some of yall bloggers really do take stuff to heart, I'll say that much. Yall just get so bent out of shape about shit. And do be quite honest, the ones who are "messier than I will ever be" are really working my reserve nerve (not really, it just sounds funny). Yalls blood pressure just rises, pancreas doin all kinda gymnastics and things. And then yall wanna have the nerve to have beef with me for my truth. OH PAHLEASE GIRL. And you would think that you would have enough balls and tactless taste to talk about me on your blog bluntly, but you can't even do that shit halfway have to go around and pussyfoot around the issue. If you want to call me or anyone I am associated out on your blog, do it the right away and not the round about way. I guess everyone's verbiage isn't as strong, swift, and sharp as thing that you'll learn, it's all about delivery, it's all about conviction...which is what some of you lack, including your creative vision, it's as dead as the skin cells on the bottom of your foot. But hell everyone can't be me, but please don't hate me cause you ain't me...not to be conceited or convinced, it's more than clear that you're jealous of some attribute that I have or else you wouldn't be referring to me as you are. So have fun reading this! Blogging Buster ass Bitch!! LOL I wish you anonymous trolls can see the look on my face as I write these things...for the record this isn't a contradiction. It's more of a blanket statement, you know like the one Frank made that got some of your pussies burning like that valtrex commercial...If I see something I don't like again, I'll then call you out, but there isn't a big need to act impulsive, premature, or irrationally...we'll see how you handle this.(always have to keep the haters on their feet, give them something to do and talk about while they sip lattes & Martinis on their weekend boogie, and do their three-way calling and BCC emailing... I can just hear some of you now...) And this last statement was just for the ratings factor....

So I it seems my stock is rising, My name is coming up on blogs (I love it) and there is even group discussion about big gole men! How about that for getting a taste of celebrity life? I was at the Clubhouse on Saturday and about 10 people came up to me (while I was dancing and what not) and got my autograph asked to take some pictures and wanted to talk to me about my book and some of their writing projects. It was really cute...most of the people were cool but there was this one lingerer that just couldn't take a hint...and my friend Sam whispered in my ear, "Damn he stinks" and me and the Hypnotiq and all of the other libation I consumed didn't work well with my composure and I just laughed and walked off to the bath room to wipe off my fat sweat grease, and the guy was gone when I came back, thank GOD! I was startin to get scared...touchin on me and shit.

I've started the pilot for my reality show! It's crazy! I got into it with one of those window washing guys at the gas station who kept referring to himself as Tiger Woods, who claimed to be advertising windex for my dirty windows on my car. The man just started spraying and carrying have to see it (soon, I'm sure) and I met this trans-sexual in the mall, who is really sweet and nice...and some other funny stuff too, like how I walked up to a random dude and asked him for my number, who gave it to me and then found me in the mall and asked for it back...! I think you guys will like it. I am getting the website and everything up now and working with some of the other bloggers to get this off the ground, so stay tuned...The cameras will be in full effect for ATL.

All in all there are beautiful people in the world. This weekend I've learned once again that there are still positive, beautiful people left in the world. And if we use our past experiences (of negativity) to dictate our future interactions with people, we block our blessings.

I and few other of my blogger friends have been getting a lot of hateration over the past weekend. It's really repulsive how black gay men can be towards each other-ugly, and yall like to point the finger and say that I act ugly towards yall (and that is such a lie, but I'll let it slide thought)I was speaking with Alphonoso during the past week and he told me "There is enough for everyone..." I couldn't agree with that statement more. So in times like this...keep your head up and focus on your shit and don't let nobody stop your flow...I understand that a few of us have bitter tastes in our mouth after this weekends AIDS/HIV discussion. Although we have our own opinions and people feel that I have made others feel "alienated" or said things that were unwarranted I hope that people can see where I am coming from and know how to read between some of the lines...I also hope that you to continue to read my blog and I challenge you to comment on my space or email me privately if you agree or disagree with me. Like I said in my post we're all here to challenge one another to be better-and that means being able to be frank and free in our dialogue and being able to come together for a sound resolution to discussion that we may participate in. This also means to understand who we are and the experience that makes us the people that we are, this is what makes us different.

This week, privately, I am going start an exercise of mental/spiritual cleansing, and you're welcomed to follow along with me...I just acquired some books to help my mind breathe like these two books that'll be completing soon One Day My Soul Just Opened Up is a 40 Day and 40 night daily inspirational journal that helps you dig into your pure essence and move you to a space of strength and personal growth, something similar to what Smiling prescribed a few weeks ago...So I'll keep you updated. I'm also working in my other Journal, All about me. It's a book that also helps you dive into your soul and find your likes and dislikes...really interesting. If you like exercises like this definitely pick up the books. Iyanla's book is 14.00 and All about me is 12.00. Nice self therapy for cheap! Until tomorrow...

I love what I do for you!
I won't know you're here unless you tell me...

Peace Out


Anonymous said...

Girl you tired

anthony davis said...

I'm here Trent as I am every day. You don't need to be mentioned on other people's blog to have celebrity status,you are celebrity.By the way when are you going to do an interview with Stone? I just recently discovered his blog and the brother has a way with words that just move me.

Valentino said...

I really don't understand why anyone is getting attacked for their own thoughts...This isn't't Blog short for Web Log as in online personal journal...

procrastination_xtravaganza said...

Uh, I admit it, I haven't read your blog, or even this entire post, as I'm still in vacation mode after some time in the Caribbean, but as the unofficial spokesperson for all-the-stuff-I-like, just wanted to let you and your loyal readers know that All About Me comes in a Gold Millennium edition as well, with (now outdated) questions about your hopes and dreams for Y2K. Last I checked both editions were the same price, and you get a few extra pages of questions, so why not.

I'll try to fully get into your blog soon.