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You Never Know...

Hell to tha nah

-Whitney Houston on anythang she don't like
Being Bobby Brown, Circa Summer 2005

Alrighty then! Shout Outs to all of my silent readers! I love to check my stats and see all of the "new" hits daily. I love my average of 200 visitors daily...nice. And big ups to all of my readers in Canada, Uruguay, Mexico, and New Zealand, I feel so international...Shot Outs to the multi-faceted Valentino, who keeps me laughing in the mist of the hateration. Anthony Davis, shoot me an email when you get a moment...sidebar.

So sometime today, my future ex-boyfriend SmilingOnThaDL will post my little chat I had with him when I visited New York last week, so check that out on his site sometime today. Also big-ups to Merv who has a nice summary of the events of bloggerville that has everyone pissed off. I love Merv because he's so neutral and such a silent reader.

Aren't we all in love with Stone? I am too! He takes us there with his melodic, erotic, thought-provoking Verbiage that leaves us hanging on the edge of our keyboards, clutching our pearls, beating our dicks, and gasping for air as we fantasize about him whispering those sweet poems in our ear...Wait, till you see my interview...he's gonna beat y'all readers up! LIKE BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, Friday Finale!

How about the new colors and the additional info on the right side of the screen? Okay...

Back around the time my book came out (February) I started to make my now infamous Wednesday night adventures to the club. And I spotted this nice looking guy, and I made a habit of going just to see if I was going to see him. And I did, again and again. He's so gorgeous to me. So while this guy has been my mental specimen and the motivation behind some of my new characters in my book, I finally mustered up enough courage (only because it was the Apple Martini and the Triple Cadillac Margarita)to speak to him...and he was so nice even though I was so fuckin drunk. We exchanged numbers and he called me...WOW. You don't know how good that felt...a fine ass dude called we're talking and all of that. So we'll see what happens. I figure it's about time that I find a cool guy to talk to. It seems like all of the available suitors are in that one concentrated Tri-State area (no pun intended Smiling...or Alphonso, or Stone, ShawnQT, Frank...NO4Real...)but anyway. I've been enjoying my single life and I am finally over that last mishap of a relationship filled with Dragqueens, Babies Mommas, and LIES. Trust me, Trent has had his share of relationship drama, he is the poster child for been there, done that, and got a T-shirt, we should talk about it one day. Which brings me to an idea....

Things are going. And they are going well. I've been meeting a lot of great people. I've been getting so fabulous emails from my readers and colleagues. I've been doing the power lunch think and having phenomenal discourse with people in the grocery store. You never know who you'll meet. You never know who's reading. You never know what they're thinking.

Today was Day one of my mental journey...I'll try to share as much as my reading as possible. Today this hit home

Day 1: Honor The Divine with Truth. (Taken From One Day My Soul Just Opened UP)

God is Life. God is Spirit. God is Mind. God is the only power that is in control of life, spirit, and mind.

God is within you and every living thing. Translated, this means that everything living is a unique representation of God's identity-mind, spirit, and life.

We've got nothing but time, and it is on our side. This is why we continue to be provided with the opportunity to repeat and re-create in our lives.

God does not punish us. We punish ourselves with guilt, shame, and fear when we choose not to act in concert with our inherently divine nature.

There is a divine order to everything in life. It is for this reason that exactly you are at any given time in life is exactly were you should be according to the divine unfolding of your consciousness and life.

Life is the unfolding of experiences designed to bring to our awareness the impersonal operation of the universal principles sometimes called natural laws. When we are aware that the principles are operating and govern ourselves to live in harmony with them, it becomes easy to understand the experiences we have in life.

God doesn't bless people. We receive the grace of the divine as a abundance, peace, joy, well-being, and love as a function of what we think, feel and believe about life, ourselves and he divine.

Our lives are a reflection of out conscious and subconscious choices. When we do not choose we live by default.

Everybody is born to fulfill a divine purpose, and God has given us everything we will ever need to fulfill that purpose...(Stone...You're right...)

I love what I do for you...
I won't know you're here unless you tell me.


Ricky said...

Love the new look Trent. For someone getting ready to go in to work this morning, that was uplifting. Like that you added One Day My the reading list, I have that on audio book and have not gotten a chance to listen to it yet. I am currently reading In The Meantime..., which is kind of where I am currently in my life right now. Thanks for the shot out yesterday on the Manic Monday post. I am off to work and just wanted to post before I hit my daily grind.

Anonymous said...

i love the new look. you always have something in store for us. like always i had my tea and my good read this morning. keep doing you.

Stone said...

well you met someone so give it all you got. Finally. LOL LOL If this all pans out We will have to be doing an interview of you and your new boo

Valentino said...

Hmmmmmm...Is this new boy who I think it is...You better do it! I like the new colors...They're cute or whatever.

Rashid @ Old Gold Soul said...

I really like the new layout, too! Green is my secret favorite color.

Larry D. Lyons II said...

"God doesn't bless people. We receive the grace of the divine as a abundance, peace, joy, well-being, and love as a function of what we think, feel and believe about life, ourselves and he divine."

absolutely smashing.
this is one of my fundamental spiritual truths, evident in the preface to my most recent blog post. i appreciate it because it rescues agency from the hands of some mystical, aloof, celestial figure and places it right back in your hands. of course, to fully embrace it, one must relinquish a considerable amount of judeo-christian conditioning, but i can honestly say that i'm a better person because of it.

thanks for bringing the fire.