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Bobbi Kristina, Video Vixens and My 2 Cents

Is Bobbi-Kris getting cute or is it just her mommas make up artist? And speaking of her Mommma, Alright Ms. Whitney, you're looking good girl....Alright-okay!?
what's up everybody! It's another edition of Live and Up Close and there is a lot of shit going on in the neighborhood...but I'll keep my lips air tight like the pringles can before I make any premature accusations, make false moves, and possibly lose a potential friend.

So I've heard that the Black Blogger Awards are coming up...and of course, I know you guys want to see me win! So nominate me for some of the categories, alright? Love me like I love you! And I'll throw a party if I win! I'll announce my nomination list by the end of the week. Sidenote: Am I the only one who likes that Ciara & Bow Wow song, Like You? OMG...anyway.

Shot Outs to: The 16 year old Prodigy (You know who you are) who has a blog of his own...that I'll be revealing more in detail really soon. The kid is super hilarious and soon enough you'll all know about him. He reminds me of a young Trent, very promising future he has. Holding it down in Philly, shot out Philly! Stone, Valentino, and all my readers an nem like that! Shot Out to Aunt Jacky in Indiana...Miss. Jacky Jackson if you nasty!

So...I just finished reading Superhead's book: Confessions Of A Video Vixen. I give the book a C-, and for a few reasons. (1) She too many "black-outs" or instances where she couldn't "remember" what happened. I don't buy it. I am gonna need you not to have that many fuckin blackouts. I mean you remember vividly how you almost died, and getting your ass knocked around by Kool G. Rap, but you couldn't remember having sex with someone, give me a break Karrine. (2) Not only did she put her self in the most ridiculous situations but she used them as crutches and excuses to make the reader feel sorry for her. While I give her credit for playing stupid, she didn't win me over with this one. To me you have the decision to walk away from any situation you are placed in. If you make it out alive, you know not to do it again...but her cycle kept going. While her life was horrible and her childhood was shattered by a mother who clearly had issues with the father-she used her promiscuousness as a way to feel love and validated. My question that will always remain in my head is why she never tried to return to the islands after her mother moved away if this was the only place that she found solace? She left and ran the streets and eventually moved in with her father only to repeat the same mistakes that her mother made with men. If Superhead was so smart as she claims in her book, why couldn't she have made the conscious effort to rectify mistakes as she saw them happening? Especially in the book she mentions twice that she was making "the same mistakes her mother did." There were a lot of contradictions in her book...and while she says that it wasn't a "Tell all" she attempts to make it that by name dropping some of the famous men that she's slept with. I mean if you're gonna say something Superhead tell us the real deal, not some watered down, sugar coated sap that's printed to sell books girl, while the reader is left to assume what happened. That's how shit gets started! I understand that she was trying to tell her story, but I felt a big chunk was missing and she was leaving out a lot of information that would have made the book a better read. Overall the book was a page turner only to see what was going to happen next with her pimp, Ice-T, her sexual escapades with JaRule, Bobby Brown, DMX, Usher, Ray-J, Fred Durst, Shaquille O'Neal (Baby Dick), Irv Gotti, Vin Diesel, XZbit, and P-Diddy (How You Doin'?) The book was rather annoying and pointless. To me this book is nothing more than a how-to for young girls to become hoes, video hoes, strippers, drug heads, emotionally crippled, battered and people who can't break the negative cycles that haunt their lives forever. Although I do feel sorry what happened in Superhead's life, I think that therapy, not writing a book would have been better for her. I am currently reading: Beyond The Down Low, Interruption Of Everything, Skinny Women Are Evil, Down For Whatever, and One Day My Soul Just Opened Up. The Fonz, challenged me to thus I take the challenge.

Coming Up This week: My Version Of Lil' Kim's Shut Up Bitch, Suicide 101, My Book Tour and of Course My Friday Finale!

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Aunt Jacky said...

Shout out to you Nephew!!!

I love reading your blog,its one of my morning "things" now.As you know I kinda enjoyed "Deep throat's" book.She clearly has major issues,but all-in all the girl tried to replace love with the DICK. Not gonna work sunshine.Has she not learned that a niggas "level" of feelings only lasts as long as his nut???Get it together sweetie.I'll holla

Valentino said...

I love Like You...its so cute and the melody is so different...very summer romance before we go back to school.

HOLIDAY N said...

hey sweetie,
back from my vacation,I ain't go nowhere it was an ego
I personally know Miss KIKI Karrine Steffans and she is too many things,but I can tell you that the "blackouts" were legal issues.She writes EVERYTHING down,she had a blog before they were popular,back then it was called a journal.but if she told the stories that the people wanted to know,I'm sure she'd be laying in a car trunk.Loving the bow wow and ciara song too(it's like a kiddie version of jay-z and beyonce)

Chosen Brotha said...

Trent, tell me something. Is there any truth the 'rumor' that Ciara was born with both parts? Anyone else things she looks like a young version of Wanda Sykes? Any hoo, the song is decent.

Anonymous said...

Monday, August 01, 2005
its a gay, gay, gay, gay world.

The 60-second weekend-in-review....
Funny story: So Thursday night i'm walking in Chelsea pretending like i'm coming from the gym (which basically means i'm wearing sweat-pants with no draws, a white t-shirt, and a duffle bag) when my eye locks with an insanely hot little papa who's staring at my no-drawers-region. After cruising...i mean speaking with him for a few minutes, i realized that i was in the presence of non-other than the Chelsea's gorgeous French gay mini-pop star Quentin Elias. After making him promise me an interview, we went back to his house in Chelsea and uhm....chilled (smile). Thursday night after leaving I immediately called Larry Lyons, No4Real4Real, and Jason Cooper, with details. Lol. Quentin, you know it's all love here baby! See you soon and great meeting you (even though i havent heard from you in a few days!).
Friday was less exciting, didnt go out, but good things about Derrick L. Briggs' spoken word event in the village. Keep on keepin' on my brotha.
On Saturday night Stone came over and spent a few hours with me at my crib and eventually tucked me into bed like the gent that he is. I woke up Sunday afternoon with nothing else on my mind but Escuelita's SUPERBALL SUNDAY, hosted by Jack Mizrahi and the House of Mizrahi.
Sunday night's ball was hot (pictures to follow of course). As hilarious as all the drama onstage was the theatrics off-stage: No4Real4Real spent the whole night throwing himself at my roommate Jason, and as a reward eventually landed himself a spot in our home (where is currently laying across the hall as I write this message). No4real--you know I love you boy.
The moral of this story: nyc bloggers boys (and other gay artist in nyc that has a website for that matter!) are really all connected. it's crazy. these blog posts only tell half the story. if you only knew what goes on behind the scenes, when the computer screens are down.

TheBlacks said...

Guilty Pleasure: Bow Wow & Ciara's "Like You," -- I actually went out and purchased Bow Wow's "Wanted," CD just for that particular song!

IQ said...

1.) Hell to Da Naw, Bobbi Kris is still ugly as hell. Yes, Bobby she certainly is a Brown.

2.)Ciara and Bow Wow?!?! Ugg! She's more of an adolescent male than he is. Bow Wow should not be allowed to date atleast until he disappears from the scene for a few years.

3.)Didd U catch Superhead's radion interview with Miss Jones? A scandal! I am not sure how credible/complete here stories can be, both because of the legal issues and because Ma is scared to be swimming with the fishes.