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Damn...Is It Me or...?

What? Alright? Is it me or is anyone else annoyed by Miss. Gabrielle Union? She just doesn't sit well with me, she such an extreme bitch. A bitch too much...

What’s really hood biatches?

Shot Outs to: The Gaskin, bitch you finally brought your ass out of hiding…a bitch has to get teary eyed and dark for you to shout a bitch a holler? My aunty Jacky and all like that. “My Little Secret” holding it down in Philly (How You Doin’?), I’ve got my eye on you!
Shawn-TaQuan, Stone-and all of my readers! I appreciate you. Shot Outs to all the Black Gay Bloggers, especially the ones that hate me! And the ones that think I don’t like them…I pay homage to you…I’ve so got a treat for you! I love you! There is so much space for us…we should just put aside our differences and dialogue (Like Stone said…) And yes Frank welcome your celebrity-you’ve got the punks imitating you, and I’ve got other bloggers trying to jack my style, verbiage, and the way I do things…how annoying is that! OH DAMN… did I just say that out loud? If there is one thing that Blogger031905 has taught me, its that “This is MY blog. My opinions. My thoughts. My life. Your reservations aren't my problem. Remember that while viewing this page. Otherwise, I'll put that verbal dick down on your ass real fast. Understand? You Better. I say all this with the utmost respect. Please have a Blessed, Highly Flavored Day.”

“Fake friends are like shadows, they are behind you when you are shining in the spotlight, but they are nowhere to be found when things get shady…”

Hill Harper is fine and I just want to hit a corner with him. I want to taste some of that Honey Suckle, drip drop that protrudes from his skin…oh so heavenly.

Well. Tuesday’s children are here visiting from Utah. I don’t know how and the hell she did it! Three kids! What. I though that her oldest, Kwame was going to be the only one forever. She sure did wait 7 years to have another kid. She was smart, let her coochie rest…and plus her bout with Sickle Cell didn’t always do her justice.

I’d never thought, this soon, that I’d be cooking breakfast for her kids at 7 a.m. with her not being there or on the phone listening to me mix pancakes, or peel potatoes as her kids waited patiently to eat.

That’s the thing. I always thought she would be there, well because she’s always been there. Tuesday dying has always and will be the furthest thing from my mind, because you just didn’t expect for it ever to be her. She was like a fixture. She was like that old Jesus painting that has always been in that same spot in you or your grandmas’ house forever. She was like the neighborhood crackhead that had seemingly survived every summer since your were born and was still there to bother your kids…

Tuesday’s kids are beautiful, they are so calm and mild mannered and not unruly like my 3-year-old sister Essence! Who’s favorite line is “You ain’t my momma or my daddy! You can’t tell me nothin.” What was mom thinking having another kid 20 years after me?

I thought that I was strong enough to talk about Tuesday and sort of come to terms with her death. But when Hakeem, her one year old, touched her picture and smiled, I broke down. He’s one years old and he remembers her-smiling…just the way you was. He pointed to the picture of Curtis and smiled. Hakeem will never know the kind of person Tuesday was. The one who was always there to listen, the one who I could gossip with on the weekends while you were off the brown juice-both basking in the disdain for our family…

Although life has it’s different ways of breaking us down…there is always something to get us back together, like our real friends, or digging in your nose, or scratching your ass, and going to the store in flannel pajamas, dark glasses, a baseball cap, flip flops, and all of your Tiffany jewelry on-while you step out of a Rover and everyone is looking at you like who the fuck is he. While all in your mind the paparazzi is trying to take pictures of you. I love my life…LOL am I delusional?

DAMN I hate keeping secrets! SHIT! 4 weeks until Atlanta! A week till I hit Minnesota…damn.
Alirght…The Black Blogger Awards are coming up. Make sure you check out Franks post
My nominations list for the Black Blogger Awards will be up soon, as soon as I compile all of the data and give people their proper credit, since Trent does believe in giving credit where credit is due…even if there is beef. Which I don't consume. Here’s a little Treat from “The B-Syde”

Trent’s Version of “Shut Up Bitch!” (A La Lil’ Kim)

I think he’s real cute
I think he’s real fat
I heard he’s insecure!
Shut Up Bitch!

A yo Trent can write!
Man that fag is whack!
I think No4real is better
Shut Up Bitch!

I heard he sold 3K
I heard he ain’t sold shit
That book is tired anyway
Shut Up Bitch!

Why don’t he loose some weight?
Thas why he can’t get a date!
Why is yall all in his his shit?
Shut Up Bitch!

I got the bloggers talkin…
All these haters hawkin’
Bloggers bittin my shit errytime I’m postin' sumthin’
Damn can a nigga breathe?
Get off my bumper please! Yall keep me in
Yall conversation like real at ease

Yall mad cause I’m keeping it real
Callin yall out, not givin a fuck how you feel

Makin yall jaws drop
With my verbiage
Don’t get mad cause I’m international with my first story about to hit 5G

You ain’t payin my bills so you can’t say nothing…
Ain’t keeping it real and you still ain’t sayin nothin’

You say you hate me
But you still be jockin me
On my blog daily like the fuckin stalkerazzi

Always talkin bout how my book is like this…
Now you turn around and u wanna write like this…

Don’t come around here with that Chgocutie shit
Get ya shit straight or get shut down bitch!

I think he’s real cute
I think he’s real fat
I heard his dick is small
Shut up bitch!

A yo Trent can write
Man that fag is whack
I think Valentino’s better
Shut Up Bitch!

I heard he swallow cum
I heard he only suck dick
That niggas a bottom any day
Shut up bitch!

Why don’t he loose no weight?
Cause he eat all day!
Why is yall in his shit?
Shut Up Bitch!

When will yall get it? Trent’s the hottest ticket?
I’m made from the best; fuck the rest-get the fuck on you annoying pests

Imma do me, can’t nobody see me
I stay true to myself like my sexuality

I ain’t got no big bank like the PH.D nigga Frank
But I does what u caint, I’m everything that U ain’t.

I’m Trent J.
The biggest blogging bitch there is
Don’t hate me fag
It is What it is…

You Ain’t payin’ my bills so you can’t say nothin’
Ain’t keeping it real so you need to stop frontin

Don’t believe everything you hear…
Cause if it ain’t came from me its some bullshit see.
Niggas hate on me 365 days of the year-and in 5 short months
I done it all in my blogging career.

I think he’s real cute
I think he’s real fat
I heard his dreads were fake
Shut up bitch!

A yo Trent can write
Man that fag is whack
I think Karsh is better
Shut Up Bitch!

I heard he be eatin’ ass
I heard that he a hoe
That niggas a bottom any day
Shut up bitch!

Why don’t he loose no weight?
Cause he eat all day?
Why is yall in his shit shit?
Shut Up Bitch!

I keep climbin up the ladder
Yall neva stop my swagga
All this petty chitter chatter
Only make my hits fatter (like my ass)

Sex and the second city chose to talk about me
Said I’m in a Pussy Posse, what is that shit to me?
Tried to read me, but I’m literate…see I got him
He thought he was real slick, tried to compliment me
But turned around and was real catty-queenie.

Black Gay Blogger don’t like me.
He old and I’m Fresh
Damn it must be a shame when you’re no longer the best.

I think he’s real cute
I think he’s real fat
I heard he ain’t got no Rover
Shut up bitch!

A yo Trent can write
Man that fag is whack
I think Larry is better
Shut Up Bitch!

I heard he be lickin’ feet
I heard he liked ShawnQT
That niggas a bottom any day
Shut up bitch!

Why don’t he loose no weight?
Cause he eat all day?
Why is yall in his shit?
Shut Up Bitch!

Yall faggots hate to see another fag eat!
Quick to start an email rumor that got back to me.
I wish yall shut the fuck up
Cause in all of eternity, yall never get to know me!

I know I’m killin’ yall bitches!
I’m doin my own damn thing!
And I’m gonna make it.
Yall gonna try to say I’m being negative
But I am callin’ it like it t-I-is.
Mad at me cause Trent Jackson is “fake” and more popular than the realist…
I still love you though.
And when you see me in the streets “Shorty You don’t know me”
Trust Imma keep yall hoes talkin’ bout me!

Wink Wink Ladies!


Ladynay said...

I am sure your rendition of Miss Kim's song will stir conversation...but what else is new?

Aunt Jacky said...

Are we at Friday already???I thought this was Thursday boy!!!Anywho,as usual the blog starts the A.M going.And as for the "remake", Well, you already know.Must I keep reminding those that don't?????

Valentino said...

LMAO...Let's make a video!!! I thought that was hot.

Introducing Alexander said...


Stone said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Holiday N said...

LOL(I love a good rap battle)BUT..
There is just too much drama goin on and not in a good way.It's just blogging.None of us have reached the status of the big blogs like Rod and some of the white ones,where over 40,000 a day read us and advertisers are knocking down the door trying to get a piece of our blogs.It's not worth your energy Trent.
You are one of the best for your type of blog and it's still new and there's time and room for everybody to become the shit.Let's keep it fun till we each get to that point where our blogs create an income,then it's ON..I will cut a bitch tryna take my money...LOL

Stone said...

I heard he starting shit
I heard he on ego trips
Could be a little dick
Shut up Bitch

Sure Trent to write
Yeah and others might
No need to be starting fights
Shut up Bitch

Yo no one trying to hate
Maybe you need a date
Nigga should masturbate
Shut up Bitch

Yeah that’s my boy
Damn he needs some toy
Maybe it’d give him joy
Shut up bitch

Anonymous said...

stone the rap was fierce...

and you know gabrielle union to call her a bitch? do you?

bitter fat boys trying to give pause when they barely can look above the quagmire of negativity called their life to even COMMENT on the possibility of a strong black woman in hollywood being a stank bitch...

scandalous..simply scandalous. and, have you sold anymore copies of that low budget faulkner rip off you call a book yet, boo? are you going to post about the 3001 hits you get?

Frankly Speaking said...


why do u always instigate? doesnt that take time away eating?

ps, love ur blog, will give u a shout out tomorrow!

No4real4real said...

Okay I see you up to your tricks again. Give it to them...

Karsh said...

OK, so someone sent me an e-mail about this post...why are you trying to come for me when I haven't come for you or dropped one negative word in your direction? What is that all about?


Anonymous said...


Ryan Canty said...

wow you are officially a mess and not in a good way.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching you for awhile well reading you. Listen brother keep doing what you doing do not mind the haters when they stop hating then you stopped posting. You beautiful man inside and out so remember that. Be Strong Tex.Bro

Bernard Bradshaw said...

Someone sent me a link to this post. And as lame as that song was--I couldn't help but chuckle.

Trent, in my post I didn't try to compliment you neither was I catty or queenie.

I put it out there. You ARE part of a versace crew/pussy posse--with all your shout-outs and "it's all about me".

Guess what? NO ONE HATES YOU. You're not that important. Just because you have a blog (where you take part in a big egocentric circle jerk interviewing all of your friends) doesn't make you a celebrity papa.

I know you're trying hard. But don't try so hard to be shocking and abrasive. Its obvious--and such a transparent attempt to keep a hold of your 15 minutes of (dare I say it?) fame.

So say what you will. I'm done with it. Any more attention to this matter fuels your attempts to be popular.

I wish you the best.

Bernard Bradshaw
Sex and the Second

The Divo said...

Trent this deserves a phone call ... I need enlightenment.

Seeking for the Truth.

Sharing Peace within!

Anonymous said...

William Faulkner called: He says your fat ass needs to quit stealing his writing style and to get your own!

Stream of consciousness/second person narratives are BEST done by professionals, not faux writers like yourself barely reaching mediocrity...

IQ said...

LOL... Oh my. This is interesting. I didn't think so many folks would interpret this so many way. I guess I'm still too green to the blog world to understand the history between you all, but it's interesting that this blog shyt can create, or at least perpetuate, such emotion among everyone. I got a lotta blog reading to do to get up to speed.