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Hear Ye, Here Ye!

Alright! Alright! Alright!

Yes it is another Manic Monday, "How You Doin'?" And so what y'all think I am Wendy Williams, I am pretty sure there are other reasons why you read me...or at least try to. I'm Trent Jackson BIATCH!! (Wait...a tic, I changed that name...)

I love giving people shot outs on my blog. Number one it's my muthafuckin blog and I do whatever the hell I please, even if that means excluding you in my shot outs cause you're full of shit and you're a jealous, intimidated, whack ass hater who has to imply things, instead of calling shit out directly, unlike me, who doesn't have the wannabe, sap-ass, apologetic, cut you on the slide, antics that you present with every attempt of a blog that you write. So take that! LOL. Shoting-out is my way of saying Thank You! Acknowledging those who support, help, uplift, and understand me! On my journey of life. Without some of these people inspiring, motivating, and helping me see things...I wouldn't be able to do this.

Shot outs to: Valentino! Alright!, Marz and all like that, Fred, Jeff and Sam. Yes big ups ot the new man on the block, Clay, who has a nice blog over there on the eastcoast, check him out...I'm sure an interview is brewing with his cute self...hmmm....

So the boy from Wendy's hasn't called me, I am over that particular session now, setting my eye on something new, manly, and able to handle all of me in my rotundness, alright? Big ups to....for holdin' me down.

So why did my uncle have me on high alert tellin' me Mark was dead and all like that. I canceled my book tour dates waiting on a positive ID from the coroner all last week, coming to find out it wasn't him.

Sunday is usually my day for catching up on work, recouping from hangovers from my social outings with other socialites and aristocats. I've been trying to get this second book done, finish my book dates, balance my personal life, get this pre-production stuff for my reality show done, and work on a few side projects, when my doorbell rings. See I am not one for answering doorbells unannounced. It's either, someone you've been avoiding, an angry ex, an angry blogger, the paparrazi, the Jehovas Witness or some crackhead asking to wash your car for 5.00 (Yes I still live in the hood, that big royalty check ain't came yet.) It was my cousin who's been M.O.P. (Missing On Parole) for the last 4 know the one who we thought was dead.

When I got up and answered the door I realized that, yes my life, is in all of it's glory, haze, and inebriation, is an illusion. And that if these people don't stop sending me through crazed dramatic DynastyKrystleCarrington-Esque episodes my life will end, but yes, I live for all of this stuff, and like Fred said, I do "Lead an interesting life."

I stood there and asked him "Where the Fuck?" Had he been and what was he thinking running off like that? I told him I worried I was, concerned and hoped that he hadn't returned to homosexual heaven. Because if he had went back I wasn't sending a card, note, or semblance of good news. I wasn't even visiting, once was all you were getting from me. Hmmm...

He apologized, but my best-friend/assistant Erika told me where he was, and he confirmed when he said "I was only getting some pussy!" Damn can I get dick for 4 consecutive days? Nevertheless, we went to see Four Brothers tonight, which was a good movie and we had a drink and finished catching up on our lives as they happen.

My weekend was phenomenal. Friday night I went and saw my homegirl, Joi perform at the Temple Bar in Santa Monica! She was off the hook as usual. Saturday Fred Smith and I convened at the Black Men's Health Conference held at the U.S.C. Davidson Conference Center, hosted by In The Meantime Men's Group. Fred and I did signings with their group earlier this summer. We also signed a few books over the weekend. I was also able to meet Herndon Davis, author/activist and T.V. host., Dr. David Malebranche, who is an expert on HIV and AIDS and mingle with a number of successful, positive, Gay, Black, Men. It was such a great event. Jeffrey thank you for having me and Fred!

So yes...Today I learned that trouble don't last last just long enough for you to realize that you're strong enough to endure the temporary anguish that it causes...temporary.

Day 21: Honor Others With Forgiveness
I am now ready and willing to receive the perfecting presence of Spirit in my live.
I now open my mind and heart to the divine understanding of spirit.
Now I FORGIVE myself for every thought, word, and deed I have embraced or undertaken that has kept me from the realization of the truth about myself, and the perfect unfolding of the divine plan for my life. I am now ready and willing to receive the perfecting presence of Spirit in my life. I now open my mind and heart to the divine understanding of spirit. I now FORGIVE everyone for every though, word, and deed they have embraced or undertaken that has kept THEM for the realization of the truth about themselves and me, and the perfect unfolding of the divine plans for our lives.
I FORGIVE all! I release all! I am now free from all except the perfect and divine plan and purpose for me life!
For this I am grateful!
And So it is!

Let Us All Remember...

God has always forgiven us
We can FORGIVE ourselves.
To FORGIVE is to be free.
Being angry or hurt will not get me what I want.What I withhold from another will be withheld from me.

until tomorrow friends! I love what I do for you! And I won't know you're here unless you tell me! 15 minutes will never hold me in...and I am bigger than the closet!


Valentino said...

Damn...well aiight for getting pussy for 4 days...I hear that...Thanks For the shout !!!!!muah

Ricky said...

Sounds like you had a cool weekend of sorts.

Clay said...

awwwwwwww thanks for shouting me out!!!!

Stone said...

hey boo lookin in on you as alway

Bernard Bradshaw said...

Blah blah blah, me me me, I wan't to keep holding on tightly to my fifteen minutes of blogebrity. Let me explain why I have shout outs. I'm insecure. I said hello to that other whack ass blogger, but his apology wasn't sincere. I'm Trent Jackson biatch, and I'm fabulous. Blah blah blah. Anyone who says something I don't like is a whack ass hater. Maybe if I keep screaming this at the top of my lungs someday I'll believe it.

Because nobody else does.

Bernard Bradshaw
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