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The Hit List Revisited

Alright....What's really hood bitch?

Shot Outs to: My little secret! 3 more days right...? All of the readers! Thank you! All of the nice kids in ATL showing me love three weeks before I land! I caint wait!!!

So the last time we read Trent's Hit List it was cute or whatever. I mean trying to find new cuties is hard. So here is my new summer list...we'll do another one in the fall, and again in the are the picks...

Dan White! The new Cutie on Barbershop the series on Showtime. He's hot and he's definitely going to keep me watching...he was enough to make me upgrade Showtime to my DirecTV pack. Or was it me supporting the black show?

Alright for Gary Guidry, the super producer for I'm Ready Productions, the hit producer behind Friends & Lovers, Cheaters & The Maintenance Man. Yes Gary I'm ready for you...anyime.

We all have to admit that we have a crush on Raphael Saadiq.I saw him the other night at the Joi concert and he was lookin' to fuckin good...Damn...can it be just me and you?

We all can't be Common!His style, his commanding presence makes him everything but common....GO!

Can I pimp all over the world with Luda? (How You Doin'?) He was cute in an indirect type of way when I was whisked away by his Neptunes tracks and fast spitting verbiage my freshman year in college...Splash in this waterfall, alright?

The Big, The Bad, The Bold, The Blitzful Jerome Bettis...steel this!

Okay so what he had a little snafu with Coke. He can sniff my....hmmm. Alright for NFL'S Jamal Lewis

What...Okay. Two word Trey SongzGhetto, cute, packin, airbrushed and hoodfine.

Bobby Valentino...I'm so Curious. Some says he looks like an Ape. Others don't like his style. But he's hot and yoked up...and if his man would move bitch get outta my way I can have my moment...

Then there is Terrence Howard...The man that we all love to hate. He's always playing some villainous role that makes us hate him more. When we finally start to like him in Four Brothers, he gets killed. How fucked is that? But his stock is rising and I loved him in the Best Man...with my favorite HollyHood Chocolate Chunk Morris Chestnut.

Okay....Tomorrow, Where are they now?


TheBlacks said...

Excellent list Trent -- The LA Blacks 'preciate it!

The Divo said...

I know been a long time, but you know how to get me.

I love your list... Big Upps! to Raphael Saadiq. That is my hero.

I wanna be like him one day.

Hopefully I will get on the list, Oh Wait a minute, you put me on a TV Blog Show.

Miss Ya Buddy, Holla Back!

Until Next Time,

I came in Peace and in Peace I leave.

Ryan Canty said...

love the list trent...but you mean, JEROME BETTIS..not jamal.

and he looks even BETTER in person...

Trent Jackson said...

I was half sleep when I did the list...xcuse the typo...

Anonymous said...


As always... Rachael said...

I don't knwo any of the people on your list... which has me feeling tragically unhip. Should I get cable?? Even if I had cable, it would take some damned good programming to rip my ass from blog-land...